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show all record in form

show all record in form
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I have form "FrmLap" but that showing just only one record if I want to see all record what I should do?

I have main form "FrmMain" in that there is subform "SubLap" that is in datasheet view where I can see all record
and when user click in record selector on any record I can open just that specific record in "FrmLap" form but I want to see all record and when "FrmLap" open it should display that record.

suppose in my datasheet there 10 record if I click on record number 5 , I want that form should open with all 10 record but it should display record number 5 and if I click on next recordit should also show me record 6 like that.
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Close form and open the next record but have the same record show.

Close form and open the next record but have the same record show. Icon
I have a form that is set In a split form that I use as a search form. It has the same fields that I have on my main form nthe problem that I am having is that once I select the record I find in the split form I want to be ale to close that form and to have the main form show that record.

Form Refresh stopped working

Form Refresh stopped working Icon
In access 2003 I have a simple bound form with a few controls for name and address. The query in the recordset returns only one record so as to reduce network traffic.

I have a procedure that edits the query criteria so as to return just one record and then requeries the form to display the next record. Only problem is I cannot get form.requery to produce any effect.

If you run the query you see the new record while the form still shows the old one. Only when you re-open the form does the new records show. I've tried editing and saving the query manually to make sure that's OK but still no joy.

Is there any way to display the new record without re-opening the form? The query that is the record source of the form is:

Message box if yes add a new record in the opening form

Message box if yes add a new record in the opening form Icon
In the main form I have a button.On the click event the Msbox ask you if you want to add a new record or not in the opening form.
If yes I would like that the opening form was opening on a new record instead to show to me the last one. I tried with DoCmd.gotorecord,,acNew. but it doesn't work at (in fatc theopened form shows me the last record instead a new one)

Moving to new record from a different form

Moving to new record from a different form Icon
I've got two forms. Form A which displays 'Customer purchases' and form B that allows the user to add customer details quickly (a sub form)

The issue I have is that I need requery form A upon closing from B to show the data added. This results in form A moving to record 1 rather than a new record that was previously selected.

Only thing I can think of is setting the onload of form A to:
DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNewRec

Deleted then added record won't show in form

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A record was deleted from an owner table which has a property table related to it. I couldn't add it back using the form, but could in the table. Nowmthe record exists with a different record number in the table than in the query & won't show at all in the form. Also, the property form will not I'm a rare user, but someone wants to pay me to fix this problem & I created it, trying to see what happens when a deletion is...

#Name? error in Access Form when trying to add new record

#Name? error in Access Form when trying to add new record Icon
I have a Form A which is accessed via another Form B only (I.e. not possible for user to go directly to a Form A and add values).
So when the user clicks on a button in the Form B he is taken to the Form A. In case Form A has a record (CONTAINER) correspondent to key record in Form B, then the correct record is filtered based on the code:


However if there is no correspondent record in Form A there is a code on the Current state to create a new record showing the correspondent record name from Form B:


The first part where there are correspondent records works fine. The trouble starts when no correspondent record is found - Form A shows #Name? instead of a record name from Form B.

I have checked Control Source, Label names - everything is in order. Don't know where else to look.

Show all recordset in form/subform

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I have a form that is set as single form and the subform is set to datasheet view. I want to show all records instead of just the last record that I created in the embedded Macro. No matter what I do I can't get all records to show. I like to have a new record on top with the rest of the records after.

Updating Form

Updating Form Icon
I have 2 forms. One has all the fields locked so no one can change anything from inside the form. I have a button on the form that opens up an identical form but not locked so one can enter a new record.

When I save and close the 2nd form, the 1st form will not show the new record until I close and reopen it. Is there a way to update the 1st form after saving the new record in the 2nd form. See attached view of the two forms.

Opening Record from a Listbox

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I have created a form which allows for the user to search through records which are displayed in a listbox. My question is what do I need to do so that double clicking on a record in thelistbox opens up a different form with that record's details?

My listbox has no control source and is set to show 5 columns including the primary key. The form I want to open from this listbox has the same table listed as its record source. How do Igo about doing this?

Record selector symbols

Record selector symbols Icon
To show the status of the current record in a form or datasheet, Microsoft Access displays the following symbols in the current record selector. You can use the RecordSelectors property to specify whether a form displays record selectors in Form view. Read/write Boolean.