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Save Calculated Values From Form to Table

Save Calculated Values From Form to Table
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How do I store calculated values from form to table without making a query? In few of my fields I have expressions and every time I save it only the data I filled in will be saved in the table but not the calculated ones.
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Access 2010: User Function displays #TYPE! on Form - How to Hide?

Access 2010: User Function displays #TYPE! on Form - How to Hide? Icon
I have an Access 2010 Form that is used for inserting data into a Table. The Form also shows calculated values (from User Defined Functions) in Text Boxes, these calculated values are not saved in the Table.

When I move to a New Record with no data inserted on the Form, my Text Box calculated values show "#TYPE!", obviously because no input variables have been inserted in thedisplayed New Record.

How do I stop the display of #TYPE! and have the Text Boxes remain simply blank until appropriate data is inserted into the New Record.

Calculated (vba) textbox in access form empty with value

Calculated (vba) textbox in access form empty with value Icon
I have a form in access that has several textboxes with calculated values (VBA function, returns variant(always currency) value). When I open the form (and other forms that use calculated fields like this), it won't show the contents of the textbox. The textbox always has a value (either 0,00 (valuta type field) or calculated price (subtotal, BTW (taxes) and total price)).
It starts showing the values in the textbox when it gets the focus (cursor on it/click on it) for every field, until I go to the next/previous record or close the form. When the form is closed and later reopened or gone to the next record (see onCurrent function), if the calculated field has focus when switching records/(re)opening only the field with focus shows it's value. All other calculated fields keep hiding their values until they get focus (once) again.

Anybody knows of this problem and how to solve it (permanently)?

BTW, I'm using windows vista 32-bit with Access 2007 on this project

Calculated Controls for Data Entry

Calculated Controls for Data Entry Icon
Okay so I've got some fields that need to be filled out pertaining to financial issues that I hope to make easier and more efficient. I have one field that represents the "Base Cost" that I expect to fill in myself.

The second field is a calculated "Acceleration". This value is almost always 0.3*[Base Cost]. I can enter =[Base Cost]*0.3 in the control source for the field in my form and it looks great in the form.but I need this data to save the "Acceleration" value to the record in the table.

A second concern is that occasionally there are deviations from the [Base Cost]*0.3 formula and I need to be able to enter those and have it save to the table.

The same applies to my "Total Cost" field, which is simply =[Base Cost]+[Acceleration].

I put this into the calculated control and it works just fine but doesn't save in the corresponding table.

Expression builder help

Expression builder help Icon
I'm having a little trouble.

I 've got my form created and the table created and I'm pulling the values that are typed into the form into the table. Most all the values that are typed go directly into the table, butthere are a couple that have to be calculated.

I can get the value calculated, but I can't get it to import into the table, or I can get a value to import directly to the table. But I can get both to work at the same time (this is all for one box).

Here is the expression I use to calculate the value (but this value will not import):

The value needs to be imported into the "1 Total Cost" field in the table.

Calculating average in table

Calculating average in table Icon
I am in the process of developing a data table and am experimenting to see if calculated fields work correctly before actually entering real data. A form
is used to enter data and place it into the table. The form correctly places data into the table. I have a problem with one of the calculated fields in the table. There are six other numeric fields (columns) which I need to average.

The data represents multiple physiological measurements on the same person. Each field (column) is important and the average of the values is central to the data.

I need to calculate the average of the six fields and permanently store the average as a field in the table since the values will be used in a report and it will also be exported to a statistical program.

Calculated field

Calculated field Icon
I am having problems with a calculated field, I have two tables, the first is a client information table with many different fields, and the field I am having problems with is a field "totalbanked" which I am trying to get a value from the second table "cashflow".

The second table is used to record many cash flows which are linked to the first table with a one to many relationship.

eg it has an id which is linked to the main form and a fee value that can be added. What I would like to have on the main form is a field that sort through the data in the cashflow table and returns only the values that have corresponding ID in the subform to the ID in the main form, and then sum these values.
I have tried to use the following in the expression part, but it does not work. =Sum(IIf([cashflow].form![ID]="ID",[cashflow].form![fee],0))

Using calculated fields from query in a form/report

Using calculated fields from query in a form/report Icon
I have information from calculated fields in a query that I would like to be able to filter and display in a form or a report.

The calculated fields are part of a pivot table/pivot chart that I use to sort the data that is collected. the problem is that these are not any run of the mill calculated fields, we're talking about an IIF statement that has four different conditions that is based on another calculated field in the query.

Ive tried to create forms and reports from the query but the calculated fields wont transfer over.

Am I stuck recreating the calculated fields in a the form or is there an easier way

How do I reference a Calculated Field?

How do I reference a Calculated Field? Icon
I have a form that is a search form to filter results and open another form to display the results. Things work fine when I'm comparing entered values to columns in my table, but now I'm trying to add a little more functionality and running into trouble.

On my form that is displaying the data, I have a calculated field (a number). I want to add a search criteria that says. If calculated field is > "entered_value" Then .

What I can't figure out is how to reference the calculated field in Visual Basic. When I did dates I just referenced the column, but since this calculated field doesn't have a column (and from what I have read I should not create a column to store it), I can't figure out how to reference it

Is there something better?

Is there something better? Icon
Currently if I want to loop through rows of a table and perform a calculation (and save it), I do a MAKETABLE query which includes a new column to save the calculated value, then run itall through a recordset in VBA.

Can anyone help in advising a method without creating a table? This would save on memory

How To Recalculate All Records

How To Recalculate All Records Icon
I Made a command button to recalculate the field values (For Emergency if somewhere accidentally was left not calculated)
here is My Code:
Me.Sumall = Me.Quantity * Me.Unitprice

It works only the current record (Which I See on the form)

My task was: To search the given field values and if there was not calculated then to be recalculated that field values (With Given Criteria