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RunSQL Macro Action

RunSQL Macro Action
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You can use the RunSQL action to run a Microsoft Office Access 2007 action query by using the corresponding SQL statement. You can also run a data-definition query.
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Hourglass Macro Action

Hourglass Macro Action Icon
You can use the Hourglass action to change the mouse pointer to an image of an hourglass (or another icon you've chosen) while a macro is running. This action can provide a visual indication that the macro is running. This is especially useful when a macro action or the macro itself takes a long time to run.

RunMacro Macro Action

RunMacro Macro Action Icon
You can use the RunMacro action to run a macro. The macro can be in a macro group.
You can use this action:
-To run a macro from within another macro.
-To run a macro based on a certain condition.
-To attach a macro to a custom menu command.

CancelEvent Macro Action

CancelEvent Macro Action Icon
You can use the CancelEvent action to cancel the event that caused Microsoft Office Access 2007 to run the macro containing this action. The macro name is the setting of an event property such as BeforeUpdate, OnOpen, OnUnload, or OnPrint.

SingleStep Macro Action

SingleStep Macro Action Icon
You can use the SingleStep action to pause macro execution and open the Macro Single Step dialog box.

Getting to Know Macros

Getting to Know Macros Icon
You can easily add conditions (which make the macro run only under specific criteria) to your macros. You apply a condition to a certain action in the macro sheet and when you run the macro, if the condition is not met, the action is skipped and the next action in the sequence is run. You can make conditions apply to multiple sequential actions by putting an ellipsis() in the next action's Condition column.

Test a macro by using Single Step mode

Test a macro by using Single Step mode Icon
By single stepping through a macro, you can observe the flow of the macro and the results of each action, and isolate any action that causes an error or produces unwanted results.

VBA vs Macro

VBA vs Macro Icon
I have the following code in the AfterUpdate event in a modal form. but if I try putting the code in a macro with the Requery action I get an error 2950. Isthere some reason I can not use the Requery action to update a different form? Or, am I referencing the subform container incorrectly in the macro argument?

Echo Macro Action

Echo Macro Action Icon
You can use the Echo action to specify whether echo is turned on. For example, you can use this action to hide or show the results of a macro while it runs.

Access Macro Autokeys

Access Macro Autokeys Icon
I converted the macro of my data base from 2003 to 2007. Now when I try to open the autokeys to edit I get "The command or action 'GoToControl' isn't available now. Then I get an action failed box with error 2950. How can I get my 2003 macro?

A2007 Macro issue

A2007 Macro issue Icon
Got an error message “cannot run macro X” while was working on creating some tables in my database. What I was working on had nothing to do with the particular form the macro calls or the macro itself. The macro is simply a “close Y form “. When I went to check the macro, noticed that there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation point inside on the line for the close action.

I checked all the macros and this appears on all the macros that use the “close” action. The macros work when I run them from the forms and it dosent seem to cause any other problem when just using the DB.…. operating info, running DB from server.