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Round the decimal portion on a field not the integer

Round the decimal portion on a field not the integer
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I need to round the decimal portion on a field. When I use the ROUND instruction for a field, it rounds the integer portion. For example: 2.589 , with the instruction the result is 3, and I need it to be 2.6 Please tell how can I do it.
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How to NOT Round decimals....?

How to NOT Round decimals....? Icon
I'm trying to create a form view of a table for data entry, and I have a field for gram weight, but it keeps rounding my value. I try to enter any decimal value and it will round it to the nearest integer.

I have both the table field and the form field set to 2 places for decimals and have tried changing the format from long integer, to double, to Single, to decimal. some round up.

Some round down. But nothing lets the value stay as I enter it. I'm aware I can change it to a text field, but I need to perform a calculation on the value I enter.

Numbers won't Round

Numbers won't Round Icon
Im trying to construct a query for a report that calculates the internal volume of pipes in litres accurate to two decimal places, but when I view the query the volumes come back with 13 or so decimal places. Im using a function to calculate the internal volume like so.

InternalVolume = Round(((Mysgl_Length * 0.25 * Pi * (Mysgl_ID / 1000) ^ 2) * 1000), 2)

Ive set the field to a general number with two decimal places and even used the Round function within the query. The question is why wont the numbers round down to the number of places Im specifying

Integer value without rounding

Integer value without rounding Icon
How do you get just the integer value of a number without any rounding?

If I round (179.839996) I'll get 180 - it rounds up to 180. I juest need the get the the numbers to the left of the decimal without any rounding

Changing decimal places

Changing decimal places Icon
The results of our analysis may have decimal places ranging from 0-4. I have a field in the table holding the analytical results to tell how many places right of the decimal to print.

How do I use that integer to format the control printing the result on a form. I don't wish to have separate reports for differing decimal places.

Rounding to 2 decimal places

Rounding to 2 decimal places Icon
I am computing a value based on a %. If I round and the answer is say 100.125 the result is 100.12 instead of 100.13.

If I add 0.005 I will get the correct value for this, but if I get an answer of say 100.3848 and I round it after adding the .005, my answer is wrong.

My problem would be solved if I could test the number of digits after teh decimal place.

using the right(Cinput, 1) function to test the last decimal, it returns either the 2nd, 3rd or 4th digits depending on how many decimal places there are.

decimal rounding up to next whole number

decimal rounding up to next whole number Icon
I have some unbound text boxes on my form not attached to any tables coz I'm doing

calculations. I want my total to round off to the higher whole no. ie: 1.23 to 2

I have format set to fixed and decimal to "0" I can't find any other property to do this. I think in table design
one can do this with integer setting, but as I say my text boxes are not bound to any table.

Creating a custom round function

Creating a custom round function Icon
I have an Overtime form for the employees. My problem is that while calculating the value, I need the following rules to apply:
If the fraction portion of the number is below 0.5, then I want to round the number down.
If the fraction portion is greater than or equal to 0.5, then the fraction should be 0.5.
For example, a value of 6.7 hours should display as 6.5.

Droping the fraction of a double into an INT

Droping the fraction of a double into an INT Icon
I have more experience with other computer languages, that, when you cast a double type variable into an integer, you merely lose whatever came after the decimal point.

Now me having this experience, crafted the solution of a problem that depending on this behavior, only to notice that this function:
someInt = CInt(4.51) '(or higher)
will actually round the number to 5 for me. I was depending on the different behavior.

Any simple way to just lose the decimal

Decimal Values on a form

Decimal Values on a form Icon
I have data entry form and need to enter some decimal values like:

12.36 and 14.67 but

even though I change the auto decimal to "2" and the format to standard its show the form field like then 00.00 but when enter any deicmal data it comes up with round up

Round the time to Integer values

Round the time to Integer values Icon
I would like to Round the time what I have bellow to integer Values (10 min peridos ) for example

May I pefrom this by creating Query or Table is enough?