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Requerying Subform Issues!!!

Requerying Subform Issues!!!
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Have a main form that contains a subform. The main form data comes from a table and the subform gets its data from a query. The main form has a combobox that I use to write criteria to the query of the subform.

The combo box operates properly. I see all my data in the combo box. My issue is when I select data in my combobox, lets say the number 99, nothing happens in my subform.

If I change records of my main form and come back to the previous record, the "99" is showing in the subform along with the other data I want.

I want the subform to change as soon as I select my data in my combobox. I wrote some code so when the combobox updates, it requerys the subform. But what happens, the subform requerys, and just the field that my combobox writes to updates, the other fields are blank.

Then, if I change main records and come back, the data is there. What am I missing?
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Subform keeps requerying

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I have a subform that is linked to the main form by 3 parameters, and produces several sums. It will not stop requerying, and keeps going to the first record.

Form & Subforms

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I am somewhat new to designing Access databases. I have one master form that contains employee details and another subform that has employee issues and another subform that contains meetings about the employee issues.

I don't believe I have my forms are linked properly. My main form contains employee ID, this is a lookup field which is calling the employees table. When I enter the employee ID, all my other controls auto-populate. I then have a command button which opens my subform Issues. I have the employee id control in my issues form equalled to the employee ID in my Employee details form (master form). However, when I go to add new employees and I click the subform Issues, all the records are there, I would like to have a new record when there is no employee id equalled to the ID in the employees table.

View Form/subform data specific client

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I have a form which displays client information and a subform that displays 'issues' logged for each client. We want to be able to prompt for a specific client number and display the 'issues' that have already been added for that client and be able to add new 'issues' as well.

The form and subform each have a DQRFileID field to link the records in a one to many relationship.

I was prompting for the client number (from the query in the recordsource) in the form and it displays the client info but not the subform issues that have been added.

Is there something I'm missing?

(Using Access 2007)

Search Box Requerying Subform problem

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I'm trying to build a text box to filter a subform. I have the main form "Navigation", the subform "Loan Search subform" and the textbox "Search"

When I run the Loan Search query with Search populated, it filters and works correctly. When I try to have it requery automatically, it doesn't seem to.

I have tried every combination of

Forms![Navigation]![Loan Search Subform].Requery
Me![Loan Search subform].Form.Requery

that I can think of. Some throw error messages. but no requery occurs.

cbo box to subform + add records

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I want to have a combo box select a record and display that record's information in the subform. This can be based directly on the table, or from a qry (I already have a query because I use an expression for a concatenated lname & fname & dob elsewhere). I've accomplished this by having the cboSelectedPatient on the main form, and appropriately linking the master & child link properties, and requerying "On Update". ...

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Main Form is SalesOrder SubForm is SODetail Query subform. The linking filed is SO#. Which is hidden on the footer of the subform. When I look at the tables the subform has the correct SO# as the main form. When I look at the form on the screen the forms are seperated correctly. however ,when I do a print preview ALL the subforms show up with each main form.

Has to be simple what did I forget

Filter on Subform Not Displaying as Expected

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I'm filtering a Main form based on a field in the Subform. I seem to have that working correctly but it displays in an unexpected way. I have two contracts with Open Issues. Contract # 1 has 3 Open Issues and 1 Closed Issue and Contract # 2 has 1 Open Issue. When I look at the query results the Main form is based on it shows these 4 Issues with all details correctly but when I display them in the form, my Main form shows 1 of 4 records.

As I step through the first 3 records (Contract # 1) neither the Main form nor the Issue form changes. It only changes when I get to the 4th record (Contract # 2).

I was expecting the Issue subform would display a different issue as I stepped through the Main for records (4 records) but it just shows 1 of 3 records (displays only the first record in the subform) in the Issue subform for the all 3 records in the Main form so I am seeing the same information three times! OR I was expecting the Main form to display 1 of 2 records (only 2 contracts have Open Issues), then I would have to step through the Issue subform to see the Open Issues for that contract.

If I use a combo box in the Main form to filter what I see in the subform, are the results I am getting correct? I would prefer the Main form to show 1 of 2 records.

Referencing Controls on Forms

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I have a main form, 2 sub forms, and 2 text-boxes on the main form. I have a search box now for the first subform. Works perfectly. Once the users filtered based on name, I want them to be able to select that filtered record which would filter another subform.

My first attempt was to assign the ID that was selected to a textbox on the main form, then automatically requery the second subform based on that value. I used this way on my search box. I'm sure there is a way to go directly from clicking the value to requerying the second subform, but I don't know it. If you do,

That being said even the indirect first attempt isn't working. It all has to do with the ".", "!", and ordering of this stuff. I'm not sure what . and ! mean. Cananyone explain them, It has to do something with Parent child, but beyond that I'm at a loss.

Me.[Collateral] = Acct_Reference_id
Me.[Navigation]![textbox] = Acct_Reference_id

I did find this very useful site [LINK]. It shows what code you can use depending on where you are and what you're doing. Even with that as a resource, I'm still at a loss.

Accessing a subform control from another subform

Accessing a subform control from another subform Icon
How do I reference a subform control from another subform?

Main Form: frmOfferCreate
Subform 1: frmVendorSelect
Subform 2: frmSku Select Activate

Subform 2 has a hidden button (cmdChangeVendor) (should only be visible if you use subform 1). When in subform 1, when I hit continue, it runs a macro that runs queries and opens subform 2. I want to set the property of the button in subform 2 to visible.

You can also access subform 2 from another location, so I can't use the On Load property.

In the macro I have:
Action = SetProperty with Control name = subform string, Property = Visible, Value = Yes

I have tried the following subform strings:

Remain on record that I was editing in a form after requery

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I have created a form for user input (comprised of text boxes and list boxes) and a subform that shows the results of some calculations that are performed on the user input. If I make a change to the user input and requery to see the updated results in the subform, Access jumps to record #1, no matter which record I was editing. I then have to manually go back to the record I was editing (and first I have to remember which one that was out of hundreds) to see the results and make additional edits.

Is there any way to automate the process so that Access automatically goes back to the record that I was editing after requerying? I would imagine there is,