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Requerying Subform Issues!!!

Requerying Subform Issues!!!
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Have a main form that contains a subform. The main form data comes from a table and the subform gets its data from a query. The main form has a combobox that I use to write criteria to the query of the subform.

The combo box operates properly. I see all my data in the combo box. My issue is when I select data in my combobox, lets say the number 99, nothing happens in my subform.

If I change records of my main form and come back to the previous record, the "99" is showing in the subform along with the other data I want.

I want the subform to change as soon as I select my data in my combobox. I wrote some code so when the combobox updates, it requerys the subform. But what happens, the subform requerys, and just the field that my combobox writes to updates, the other fields are blank.

Then, if I change main records and come back, the data is there. What am I missing?
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I have a subform that is linked to the main form by 3 parameters, and produces several sums. It will not stop requerying, and keeps going to the first record.

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Parent - [F_TL_SUMMARY]

My code - Forms![F_TL_SUMMARY]![F_TL_SUMMARY_DETAIL].Requery

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I have a table called 'Tasks', where a date is entered along with a short description of the task.

I then created a form with an ActiveX 'Calender' on. I also created a subform, this is a datasheet view of all records in the 'Tasks' table.

When I click on a new date on the Calender, the subform should be requerying, thus showing all records relevant to the date. However, it doesn't work. It only shows the correct data once I press F5 to refresh.

I have set the following code in the Calenders' 'On Updated' event.

Private Sub Calendar0_Updated(Code As Integer)
Me!TasksSubform.Requery End Sub

Is there something glaringly obvious that i've missed off

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I am having a huge problem with a subform which when entering data into it randomly puts the cursor to the first field of the first record within the subform. The consequence of which is that the data in the first field gets overwritten if you are not careful. It is not consistent so please play around by clicking various fields within the subform.

The form in question is FrmRepairdetails with the subform SFRMRepairDetails.

I have spent ages searching forums for an answer but they all talk about requerying or refreshing causing problems but I do not believe this is the case with my db

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I don't believe I have my forms are linked properly. My main form contains employee ID, this is a lookup field which is calling the employees table. When I enter the employee ID, all my other controls auto-populate. I then have a command button which opens my subform Issues. I have the employee id control in my issues form equalled to the employee ID in my Employee details form (master form). However, when I go to add new employees and I click the subform Issues, all the records are there, I would like to have a new record when there is no employee id equalled to the ID in the employees table.

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The form and subform each have a DQRFileID field to link the records in a one to many relationship.

I was prompting for the client number (from the query in the recordsource) in the form and it displays the client info but not the subform issues that have been added.

Is there something I'm missing?

(Using Access 2007)

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Hopefully this is a simple one. I am running an append query to update my database. I am then requerying it to display the record. On requerying it jumps to the first record in the database. I need it to go to the last record.
Can anyone suggest the code to just simply select the last record please

Search Box Requerying Subform problem

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I'm trying to build a text box to filter a subform. I have the main form "Navigation", the subform "Loan Search subform" and the textbox "Search"

When I run the Loan Search query with Search populated, it filters and works correctly. When I try to have it requery automatically, it doesn't seem to.

I have tried every combination of

Forms![Navigation]![Loan Search Subform].Requery
Me![Loan Search subform].Form.Requery

that I can think of. Some throw error messages. but no requery occurs.

Subform results

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I have a form that has 2 comboboxes. These 2 cbo's are suppose to be the criteria for my subform.

The subform record source is as follows:

SELECT tbl_CurrentInv.Itemname, tbl_CurrentInv.Itemsize, tbl_CurrentInv.Itemvendor, tbl_CurrentInv.itemBay, tbl_CurrentInv.ItemAsOfDate, tbl_CurrentInv.ItemDateArrived, tbl_CurrentInv.Item_OddBox, tbl_CurrentInv.Item_OddMatt, tbl_CurrentInv.ID FROM tbl_CurrentInv WHERE (((tbl_CurrentInv.Itemname)=Forms!frm_Test!Combo0.value) And ((tbl_CurrentInv.Itemsize)=Forms!frm_Test!Combo2.value));

Combobox 0 is itemname and Combobox 2 is itemsize

the SQL was created through access based on the query screen. I typed the Forms!frm_Test!Combo0.value etc in the query screen.

I have verified that the table contains the data I am querying for, but no records show up in my subform. I have tried requerying the subform but still no records