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requery combobox in web database Access 2010 - using a macro

requery combobox in web database Access 2010 - using a macro
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This question applies specifically to a web-based Access 2010 database. It does not apply to a client database. all of which apply to client database forms - not web compatable forms.

Web-based forms do not allow VBA code - they use macro's only - and only have "On Current" and "On Load" properties in the Event property box. This meansthat they do not accept code.

The context:

On the 'Projects' I want users to select a teacher name from a combo box. When the name is not on the list, there is a button that opens the TeacherDetails datasheet form. This datasheet form is bound to the Teachers table where the FirstName and Lastname fields are 'calculated' into Teachername.

The Projects table has a lookup field 'TeacherName' to the 'Teachers' table.

As I understand 'requery,' once the user has added a new teacher name to the Teachers table and closes the TeacherDeatils datasheet form, I want the Teacher table requeried so that when theuser returns to the combobox on the ProjectDetails form the new name appears.
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Working with Access 2010 web database which will be published to sharepoint. I wish to make a combox selection which will display a number in a separate textbox.
in the textbox's control source :


or perhaps

Me!textbox.Text = Me!combobox.Column(1)

But it is not working at all. At best I receive an error message telling me my form is not web-compatible.

I attempted the macro route, thinking I could use the "settempvar" option but it seems that there are a lot of functions missing when in the web compatible mode. furthermore whenI go in the expression builder, where my loaded form is located, then select my combobox name, I only have columncount, columnheads, columnwidth ; nowhere to select my combox selectionvalue.

Access 2010 - Creating a Data Macro

Access 2010 - Creating a Data Macro Icon
Office 2010 Developer Training Course > Access 2010 > Building Solutions with Access 2010 Lab using the Contacts Web Database template.

I'm at Exercise 4: Creating a Data Macro and for whatever reason my macro is not working at all.

I created the macro and confirmed it matched to the guide and I had no errors when I saved it, so that has to count for something.

The macro is suppose to be invoked when the 'Status' variable is "Offer Outstanding" more than once in the database.

Yet I can select it multiple times without any instances of the macro displaying any warning message as it should.

Navigation Form control syntax 2010

Navigation Form control syntax 2010 Icon
I have a load of forms that now have been put into navigation forms using Access 2010 wizard. I know have found that most of the controls such as cascading comboboxes don't work and other comboboxes ask me for the parameter values when I open the form. I am unsure of the syntax for referning to these as I know the navigation forms are subforms and sonme of the comboboxes are in subforms themselves. I have as an example a combobox (cmboDepartmentID) that is asking me for the parameters whenever I open the formEvent ( through the navigation menu) this then has an unbound combox (cmboSubteamSF) on a subform (SubFormSubTeam). I have tried to work out the new reference but it isn't working so far I have as requery on the cmboDepartmentID:
Forms!frmMainNavigation!NavigationSubForm!Form!Sub formSubTeam.Form!cmboSubTeamSF.Requery but this doesn't requery and the combobox is blank. Can anyone point me in the right direction please

Requery Issues

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I am pretty new to Access and have already received some good advice from this forum (thanks kipcliff!).

I am having some issues with requerying a combobox on a form. I have two tables, tblPatient with pkUMRN (not autonumber, a 8 digit alphanumeric code) and tblAdmission with pkAdmissionID andfkUMRNAdmission (linked to tblPatient_UMRN).

The control on the form (frmMaster) is combobox tblAdmission_UMRNAdmission, and entering a known UMRN code autopopulates the form with data from tblPatient. Entering an unknown UMRN in to the tblAdmission_UMRN combobox starts a Not In List event macro that opens a form (frmNewPatient) for UMRN/tblPatient data entry as new record.

My problems are:
- I get the error notification "the text you entered isn't an item in the list" as the frmNewPatient pops up. How do I disable this error message?
- The frmNewPatient opens a new record. Is it possible to copy across the UMRN entered in the frmMaster combobox tblAdmission_UMRNAdmission (ie the the unknown UMRN that initiated the NotIn List macro) in to the tblPatients_UMRN control in the frmNewPatients? Or does it have to be re-entered manually?
- After I enter the tblPatients data via the frmNewPatient, save and close, the tblPatient updates but the combobox tblAdmission_UMRNAdmission doesn't update unless the frmMaster is closed and reopened.

I have tried running requery macros linked to Event On Got Focus for frmMaster and Event After Update on the combobox. I have tried these requery macros both with and withoutUMRNAmission set as the control.

Refresh or requery data

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If you are sharing a database over a network, other users could be changing data while you are viewing the same data in a datasheet or form. Microsoft Office Access updates the data that you see at set intervals. However, you can immediately display the most current data by refreshing the records. You can also perform a more thorough update by requerying the data.
What do you want to do?
* Refresh data
* Set the refresh interval
* Manually requery data
* Use a macro to requery data
* Use code to requery data

Requery a form from a macro

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I'm trying to automatically requery a form after executing a macro. I know there's a lot out there about requery, but I can't seem to get it to work. It's clear that the best way to do this,

I have a form called "Formulier_afspraak_nieuwe_patient" that I'm trying to requery from the converted macro Macro_toevoegen_nieuwe_patient()

Access Web Databases: 2010 vs. 2013

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Access web databases are dead. But there’s no cause for alarm. Now we have Access web “apps”. With the introduction of Access 2013, Microsoft has made substantial changes to its vision of how to put Access database applications on the web. The differences between Access 2010 web databases and Access 2013 web apps are major, and you should consider them carefully before embarking on an Access web project.

Cannot requery combobox from another form

Cannot requery combobox from another form Icon
It's a hot day here in the UK, but I've promised to finish some Access programming for the database that handles bookings for our training courses at work, and I can't update a combobox oneone form from a button on another form.

Form A is a waiting list of people who want to attend one of our several courses.
Form B is a bookings form where the operator selects a course from a list, a person's name from a combobox then clicks a button to make the booking.

I'm trying to make things easier for the operators by allowing them to highlight the entry for person X in form A, then click a button on form A that opens form B and writes SQL code (whichcontains a where statement that identifies the ID number of person X) to the recordsource property of the combobox.
The code then requeries the combobox to populate the rest of the columns and other controls on form B.

The problem is the combobox on form B doesn't seem to requery. I'm writing to the bound column but after .requery the columns contain nulls, but if I click the combo box it drops down toshows only one person correctly identified by the ID value I've written to it.
I can write values to text boxes on form B easily from one form to another, but the combobox has 16 columns (don't ask) so I don't want to go down the route of adding many extra hidden text boxes to form B.

DoCmd.OpenForm "BookCourses"
Forms!bookcourses!cmbFindDelegate.RowSource = strSQL1 & strSQL2

Access 2010 Web Form with regular Tab control ?

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Are Tab controls of any use in Access 2010 Web Forms? In web forms the tab change doesn't appear to expose any properties to know what tab was selected. I tried using the navigation control first but didn't want to always requery my main page automatically as the navigation control does.

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I have a web database, with a form that submits data to a table (table1). I also have another simple table (tableForCombo) that contains names, which are being shawn in a combobox.

I want the user to
open the form,
pick a value from that combobox and
store it in another table.