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Report system resource exceeded

Report system resource exceeded
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I am working on a budgeting database and am currently creating a report that compares the budget to the actual costs for one department. There are a bunch of stacked queries to arrive at both the budget numbers and the actual numbers, and the results are also attached to the values of a form (setting the date range and which budget number to compare).

The budget and actualnumbers are joined in a union between a left join of the two and a right join of the two (Many to many).

The query itself runs, slowly, However, when I try to make a report of the query (and I made a fresh one with no totals or anything) I receive a "system resource exceeded" error.

I traced the queries the first time I did this and found one step that is the third from the bottom of the actual costs side of the query that I made into a table (the table will be able to be appended just once a month) and used this table in all of the subsequent queries instead of the original query.
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System Resource Exceeded

System Resource Exceeded Icon
I've been creating a fairly complex (the equations and calculated fields anyway) Access 2007 database for the company I'm at right now for the past several weeks. I have run into numerousissues and have been able to overcome them (with help from Access World Forums of course).

Here's the deal. I've broken Access. System Resources Exceeded error messages are popping up when I am just 3 fields away from being completely done with the database.

There are many, many calculated fields in different queries (about 50 calculated fields in about 30 queries).

I don't have too many tables (32 is the max) for a query. I don't have too many joins (16 is the max).

"System Resource Exceeded" On One PC But Not Other PC's

"System Resource Exceeded" On One PC But Not Other PC's Icon
I am getting a "system resource exceeded" message when running a macro in a database on one PC but the same database and macro do not generate the message on other PC's.

The PC that is giving the error message is a Win7 64bit PC with i7-2600k CPU, 16gb RAM using Office 2003.

Two other PC's both running Win7 64bit with Office 2003 and less RAM and less powerful CPU run the macro OK without any error message.

Is there some trick to configuring the BIOS or Access for use on a sandybridge motherboard/CPU that I am not aware of? All PC's are clean fresh installs of Windows and Office 2003 with all microsoft updates applied.

If it is not some configuration issue that I am not aware about then I am assuming I have a hardware issue from either the motherboard or RAM or CPU on the PC that yields the error message?

File sharing lock count exceeded. Increase MaxLocksPerFile registry entry.

File sharing lock count exceeded. Increase MaxLocksPerFile registry entry. Icon
I try to add id field to table and get this:

"File sharing lock count exceeded. Increase MaxLocksPerFile registry entry."

So I try to troubleshoot with MS recommendation (note that I'm actually using MS-Access 2010):

In Microsoft Office Access 2007 that is running on a 32-bit Windows operating system, use Registry Editor to locate the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\12.0\ Access Connectivity Engine\Engines\ACE
# n the right pane of Registry Editor, double click MaxLocksPerFile. # On the Edit DWORD Value dialog box, click Decimal.
# Modify the value of the Value data box as required, and then click OK.

I change value to 5000000 and I still get this in Access:

"File sharing lock count exceeded. Increase MaxLocksPerFile registry entry."

I try to change value to 9000000 and I get this from Windows XP:

"The decimal value entered is greater than the maximum value of a DWORD. Registry Editor will truncate the value entered."

So I'm not sure what to do. I'm just trying to add an id field to a table.

Conditional calculations in a query?

Conditional calculations in a query? Icon
I have two tables with the necessary fields in bullets:


* ID (Primary Key)
* Resource Start Date
* Resource End Date
* Percent Utilization


* ID (Primary Key)
* ResourceAlloc (tied to ResourceAllocation Primary Key)
* Weekx (x = 1-52 for a total of 52 fields)

How the data entry works is that a person will fill in the [Resource Start Date] and [Resource End Date] for a given resource allocation. For various reasons, I need that represented in individual weeks as well. it would be something similar to:

Week 1:
If ResourceAllocation![Resource Start Date]#1/7/2012# Then
tblRA2012!Week1.value = ResourceAllocation![Percent Utilization].value
End If

can I do that conditional type of stuff in a query? I don't know enough of about SQL yet to put it all together,

Checking data between dates

Checking data between dates Icon
I have a list of resources I want to use. I need to be able to allocate a resource for a period say between 5/02/11 and 13/02/11. What I need to so is, if the resource is used or booked, is not allow it to be allocated until after the end date as above.

Report not created for new id

Report not created for new id Icon
Recently I released my first access-build system. For the most part it works really well, except for one thing that I can't seem to figure out. Since the last release (2 days ago) there is one report that is causing problems.

Logically, for each Id a new report should be created. For this report however, A blank report shows up if the printbutton is hit, and looking at the preview mode of the report, there isn't a report for the last record at all.

DB Design Conundrum

DB Design Conundrum Icon
I have a DB Table with a dual key of ProjectName and AssignedResource. I have built a form based on the table that shows me all of the projects a given resource is assigned to. I wouldlike to create an HoursForecasting table but am unsure of how to structure it.

Ideally I would like to show a list of all of the projects a resource is on and give them fields to fill in on a weekly basis for next weeks, 2weeks and 3 weeks out forecast.

I have tried to create a table with Projectname, Resource and Week# as the keys and nextweek, 2week and 3week as the repeating data. The problem is that the table is not populated, so whenI open a form to inut the data nothing exists.

I could prebuild the HoursForecast Table everytime a project or resource is added, but I am wondering if my overall design of the tables could/should be improved?

Option to Add Win32 resource file to project

Option to Add Win32 resource file to project Icon
Can anyone tell me if this option is available in VB.NET 05/08, I want to add Win32 resource file (.res) to project but I can't find any option to do that, and the option was in C#. This not a regular resource, it was created using native resources template.

Below are the screenshots of Application tab in project property from C# and VB IDE. The option that I'm lookingfor is in red box on C# screenshot

System freezes when MS access report is run by more than one person

System freezes when MS access report is run by more than one person Icon
I use MS access 2003 report to retrieve data from mainframe application. when run by single person it runs OK but since we need to retrieve report for nearly 20 clients when 3 of us run the report system freezes.

Then everybody has to close and it allows only one person to run the report. But in US the same report is run by different persons and there is no issue in it. Pleaseassist.

One Report Format For Independently Executed Reports From Queries

One Report Format For Independently Executed Reports From Queries Icon
I am developing an inventory database. Presently, I have multiple queries that can be run (system name, serial number, unit type, etc.). Rather than create a report for each query, I'dlike to use just one since the same information is reported regardless of query criteria.

Is there a way to customize the report title/label. Instead of a generic label like "Query Report", for example, set up the label to use the name of the query, I.e. set the labelto "System Name Query Report" when the System Name Query is executed and "Serial # Query Report" when the Serial # Query is executed?