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Removing a lookup field from a table

Removing a lookup field from a table
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I'm working in Access 2010. This is essentially an HR database intended to track training and job postings. I used a lookup in my Postings table to identify type of posting, eg. incumbent, relief1, relief2.

I want to print a report that lists employees down the left and shows their posted positions under the relevant "type."
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Lookup for a field using only unique values.

Lookup for a field using only unique values. Icon
How can I set a field in a table as a lookup, but only get the unique values from the table that is being looked up?

For instance say I have a table that consists of three fields, A, B and C as below.

Table 1:

1 2 3
1 1 1
1 2 2

Now, say I create a new table with fields called X and Y, as below.

Table 2:

What I want to know is this:
If I make the X field in Table 2 a lookup of the B field in Table 1, how can I make the lookup return only the unique records in this field?
(I.e. The lookup in the X field of Table 2 would only show (2,1) and not (2,1,2).

Querys and Lookup fields

Querys and Lookup fields Icon
I have a table with multiple Lookup fields . I am trying the create an append query to copy data from this source table to another table.
From the fields that are lookups in the source, I end up with a number in that field in the target table, instead of text (I need text)
I've tried making that field in the target table a lookup field also, pointing to the same lookup table, but the query responds with an error about an INSERT INTO query cannot contain a multi-valued field. But I would really rather have text anyway.
How do I query text from a lookup field instead of the numerical value?

Use a lookup field to influence values in another field

Use a lookup field to influence values in another field Icon
I've been out of practise with using Access for a while,

Basically, I'm looking to create a table that holds event information. One of the fields I've successfully included is a Lookup function to pull info from a contacts table. This table also has statistics in it.

What I'd like to do on the events table is lookup a contact name in one field, and then in another field within the events table, pull over the relevant statistics based on my selection.

Now, I've been able to get the lookup to pull across of this already, but as far as I can tell, you're only able have one column displayed (bound) in the lookup - is this right?

If you've any suggestions I'

Insert Into vba help!

Insert Into vba help! Icon
I have a form tied to a table. One of the fields in the form is a lookup field full of choices from another table.

When the user clicks Save and Next I need to save the form and then update a 3rd table with many values from the form. The issue I'm having is the syntax error when trying to insertthe data from the lookup field into another table (whose same column is the exact same lookup)

What it is expecting is the ID from that lookup field's table. I tested this by placing a random number (e.g. 22) and it will place the text in the table for that value.

Is a Lookup Field the same thing as a lookup table

Is a Lookup Field the same thing as a lookup table Icon
From reading some of the threads, it's clear that Lookup Fields are not a good idea in tables.

I have found many resources online with examples of different databases and in one I am going through right now, there is one that has a People table (for both people and companies) and a Type table.

The Type table categorizes the type of relationship between the person/company in the People table and (presumably) the user/company keeping the database (relationships such as: Friend, Family, Professional, Auto, Hospital, Art Supply, etc).

**In the description for the Types table, there is a statement that says "The Types table is commonly referred to as a lookup table."**

My question is this: Is a Lookup Field the same thing as a lookup table, as described?

Look up tables vs fields

Look up tables vs fields Icon
Could someone look at the jpeg below, is this what I am NOT supposed to do? I admit I am still confused between lookup tables and lookup fields. The dropdown row on that table gets its values from another table whose sole purpose is to feed that field information, the lookup table has a linked relationship to this one. But I've read another post where he was doing what I did here and was told not to do it.

I guess I thought it was okay if the lookup field was bound to another table but may of misunderstood. I have read the often linked evil of lookup fields webpage but it didnt clarify my confusion

Can't copy into field after disable lookup feature

Can't copy into field after disable lookup feature Icon
I'm very new to MS Access so maybe I mess up some term, but I'll try my best to explain what the problem is.

I have a DB with several tables in it. Some of fields in this tables are connected with other fields and they suppose to be filled with values from connected field. It's a lookup fields.
I need to copy data to these lookup fields from an excel file.
So I delete this connections at DB designer. Then at table designer I change field type from Lookup Field to Field at Lookup tab. And when I try to save these changes I get message saying that afeter saving this lookup field will be read only. And I really can't write anything in them.
Is there a way to put data to these lookup fields after I make them normal

Add or change a lookup column

Add or change a lookup column Icon
Sometimes, the value you want is tracked in another table. For instance, suppose you want to record the customer for an order in the Orders table. However, all customer information is tracked in the Customers table. You can create a lookup column that displays the customer information in a combo box or list box control. Then, when you select the customer in that control, an appropriate - such as the customer's primary key value - is stored in the order record.
This article explains what a lookup column is and how to create one.
In this article
* What is a lookup column?
* Create a lookup column in Datasheet view
* Create a lookup column by using the Field List pane
* Create a lookup column in Design view
* Understanding the bound value and the display value in a lookup column
* Introducing the Lookup field properties
* Using the Lookup Wizard
* Change a lookup column
* Change a field to a lookup column

Table creation advice

Table creation advice Icon
all, super newbie here. I am using Access 2007 to create a network circuit tracking database. I have two tables [Circuit] and [Segment]. There are two segments per circuit. The Segment table lists the connection details for that segment. The Circuit table then lists the segments that comprise that circuit.

Circuit.Name - primary key
Circuit.1 - lookup field, Segment.Name of 1st segment
Circuit.2 - lookup field, Segment.Name of 2nd segment

Segment.Name - primary key
Circuit.Name - lookup field, key field from Circuit
Segment.A - one end of the segment
Segment.Z - the other end of the segment

What I am trying to do is as I enter new records in Circuits, the lookup field for Circuit.1 and Circuit.2 only show those records that are not already present in the Circuit table.

I thought I might be able to use a Query for the lookup field, but it doesn't look like it. And I need the information to remain in the Circuit table even after it is removed from that query lookup

Field In Form Lookup

Field In Form Lookup Icon
I am not well versed in form creating. I have a database that I am creating. I am building a form and a field on the form I need to be a lookup field that is based on query results. This form also needs to update a table that has the field that has the lookup value. Is this possible.

After first I created a table that had a lookup value from the query but I got an error message that it would not allow me to do this