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Remove dropdown arrow from read-only combo box

Remove dropdown arrow from read-only combo box
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Is it possible to get rid of the dropdown arrow in a combo box and make it look like a text field?
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Is dropdown list of combo box down?

Is dropdown list of combo box down? Icon
I want to make the form to act different at MouseDown event in a combo box depending on whether the dropdown is currently down or not. Is there any way to do it? I could not the property of a dropdown list state for a combo box.

SendKeys & Dropdown

SendKeys & Dropdown Icon
I'd like to get a combo box to drop down automatically AFTER the user SAVES his first combo box selection.

That is, I don't want the dropdown to happen on the first selection.

In the coding for the SAVE button's "on click" even, I set the focus back on the combo box. Then, I was going to use SendKeys "{F4}" to force the combo box to drop down.

But that doesn't seem to be working.

I suppose I could use the Got_Focus event for the combo box, but then I believe the dropdown would happen on the first use of the combo box

Combo Box drop down arrow invisible on reports

Combo Box drop down arrow invisible on reports Icon
I'm a little rusty and maybe I'm missing something here, but. when I create a Combo Box on a report, the drop down arrow doesn't show in Report View. It shouldn't be like that, right?

I'll create a blank report, add a Combo Box and a RowSource. the drop down arrow is there in Design View, but once I switch to Report View, gone. I do still get auto-complete on the control as soon as I start typing.

And if I copy the same Combo Box to a form, it works just fine and the arrow shows.

Is there some reason why Combo Boxes shouldn't work on a report? I had never used them on reports before, but I can't think of one.

I'm using Access 2010 and Win 7.

Combo Box without the arrow?

Combo Box without the arrow? Icon
I want my form to LOOK cool. Can I have a Combo Box without the arrow? Or at lease the features of a Combo Box with VBA code to perform the same actions?

I want the field to auto fill like a combo box and if needed to pull up a list. I could put code in OnUpdate for auto fill and OnClick for a list.

Combo Box, selecting multiple items in dropdown

Combo Box, selecting multiple items in dropdown Icon
I am new to access and trying to build a database right now. I have created most of my necessary tables, and I am creating a form to populate information from these tables. Part of the form needs to be able to have a dropdown list for the user to access the data from select tables in the dropdown list.

I am currently using a combo box and then linking to the necessary table.

I need to be able to select multiple items in this dropdown list, but in my current dropdown, I can only select one item. Is there a way to allow multiple selections in thedropdown to be displayed in the form? Is a combo box the correct method for what I am trying to accomplish?

Minimizing combo dropdown on click

Minimizing combo dropdown on click Icon
I have a record selecting combo box as the first control on my main form with a dropdown event on Change to help narrow down the record of choice as text is entered into the combo box. Works great if you use the Enter keystroke to finish selecting the record. However, if you use a mouse click, the record is selected and form populated, but you have to click outside of the dropdown to get the dropdown to disappear.

I would like a mouse click on the selected record to also get the dropdown to disappear.

I have tried changing the dropdown event to On Dirty and Before Update, but then I don't even get the dropdown, which works fine on On Change.

Is there code for On Click to minimize the dropdown after selecting the record

How to skip selecting dropdowns null in last two fields of Synchronized Combo Boxes

How to skip selecting dropdowns null in last two fields of Synchronized Combo Boxes Icon
I have a series of seven synchronized Combo boxes that work.
The last two combo boxes are VDwgNumber and VDwgRevision. About 85% of the time, there is no VDwgNumber and VDwgRevision and the drop down list has only one null value. (Also, if VDwgNumberis null, there is no VDwgRevision and it will be null as well.)

Currently, when I get to the VDwgNumber combo box and the VDwgRevision combo box, I have to choose the "null" value from the drop down even though the combo box itself is null. If I do notuse the dropdown nulls, it will not return a ValveID which is the control source for the last combo box.

I have both combo boxes set to dropdown on the got focus event but I have also tried without displaying the dropdown lists on got focus.

Why is the null in the combo box no recognized the same as the null from the drop down list? Is there a way to get Access to treat it as the same?

Combo Box: You can't assign a value to this object

Combo Box: You can't assign a value to this object Icon
I am trying to use a combo box within a subform. In form view, I can see the drop-down arrow and when I click on the arrow I can see the desired selections. However, after I make a selection I am getting the following error message:

You can't assign a value to this object.
*The object may be a control on a read-only form.
*The object may be on a form that is open in Design view.
*The value may be too large for this field.

Combobox AutoCompleteMode SuggestAppend

Combobox AutoCompleteMode SuggestAppend Icon
I am trying to find a way to know when the suggest dropdown list is showing and when it goes away.

So Say you have typed "cos" and the suggest append dropdown list shows "cost" when you type the letter T the dropdown list goes away at this point I would like to be able to change the index of the combo box instead of waiting till the combo box loses focus.

Is there an event or property that I can check to see if that list box is showing?

Closing a combo box

Closing a combo box Icon
This one is driving me up the wall. I have several combo boxes on my form, which are locked depending on the value entered in another field. When the user clicks on one of these combo boxes, a message pops up telling them they can't make any changes. So far so good. But if they've clicked on the down-arrow on the right of the combo box, once they've OK'd the message the full dropdown list is displayed. How on earth do I stop this happening or at least close the list again programmatically?

I have variants of this in my On Mouse Down events:

If Me!Status.Value = "Cancelled" Then
MsgBox "You cannot amend a record for a cancelled document." _
, vbInformation End If