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Reducing white space (padding) of Text Box field control

Reducing white space (padding) of Text Box field control
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Access 2007 is not obeying my request to reduce right-side padding for a right text aligned control. I have gone as far as setting this one field control's Right Margin / Right Padding properties both to 0, the text align is set to right.

Yet Access insists on leaving some white space at the right side of the field control, and the data is large enough it is spilling offthe left edge of the field control.

So, in Access, what should the Right Margin / Right Padding properties control?

Is there another property I have not thought to adjust to be able to reduce field white space?
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Me!Textbox1.BottomPadding = 2

Also, can you reference the "stack" through

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[AmountPaid] - Unbound text box control.

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It doesn't affect the printing of the report, but when a user is looking at the report in Access, they can see the white space andI have been asked why it is doing that (really annoying).

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I only want the user to be able to change the data in this text box control if they are on Page 1. If they are on any other Page, then I would like to Lock the text box control.

If there was a Got Focus event for a Page then I could do what I need; but there isn't!

Is there a way to determine which Page of my Tab Control is active

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I have created an unbound text box on a form. I have set the format properties to transparent for the back style and the border style. Everything looks correct in Design View and Layout View, but when I switch to Form View, the box shows a white background and all the text in the box is highlighted in black. I can click off off the box and unhighlight the text, but there's still a white box. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong

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I meant to include that I am using Access

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