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Record selector symbols

Record selector symbols
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To show the status of the current record in a form or datasheet, Microsoft Access displays the following symbols in the current record selector. You can use the RecordSelectors property to specify whether a form displays record selectors in Form view. Read/write Boolean.
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Capture event - record selector

Capture event - record selector Icon
I have a main form and subform for which I need an audit log. I.e. log changes etc. All is fine on the main form, works fine, but I have a query regarding the sub form. The sub form is a continuous form with record selectors.

The user can select the record by clicking on the record selector and pressing their delete key (on the keyboard) to delete that record. I'm havingtrouble coming up with any ideas on how I can firstly capture the event of selecting a record via the record selector (for which I then want to log the fields as they are) and secondly thatthey have pressed the delete key (for which I then want to log the deletion)

New record not staying selected

New record not staying selected Icon
My code grabs some information from the current record and passes it to a new record, then hides and shows some buttons and instruction labels. The strange thing is that when it is done I can't edit any fields until I click on the record selector button, which I don't even want on the form.

It's an unintuitive and annoying extra click; I'm not sure exactly why it's happening and haven't found any simple operation to mimic clicking the record selector.

Multiple Linked Selectors on a form?

Multiple Linked Selectors on a form? Icon
I don't have a lot of time to devote to learning Access Forms for this project so I'm hoping someone has a quick and dirty solution for me. I have a table with a number of fields. Most importantly, ID, Name and Notes.

I want to create a form for end users to enter notes for a record. Some users will be look up the record by ID and some will want to use Name.

Is there a way to link separate controls together, so that if I select the value I want in one, it will pull up the notes field for that record AND update the other selector to reflect the correct value?

For example:
If I pick ID 1234, I will see John Smith in the Name selector and John Smith's Notes field. If then decide I want to look at/edit Jane Doe's notes, I can select her name from theName selector and her ID 9876 will update on the ID selector.

I've been able to get 2 separate combo boxes to control the same notes field on the form, but I can't figure out how to connect the values in the combo boxes.

I want separate combo boxes so that the user can search by typing either the ID or the name (the lists are pretty long) and if I include both the ID and the name in the same combo box, Ican only type in which ever field is first.

show all record in form

show all record in form Icon
I have form "FrmLap" but that showing just only one record if I want to see all record what I should do?

I have main form "FrmMain" in that there is subform "SubLap" that is in datasheet view where I can see all record
and when user click in record selector on any record I can open just that specific record in "FrmLap" form but I want to see all record and when "FrmLap" open it should display that record.

suppose in my datasheet there 10 record if I click on record number 5 , I want that form should open with all 10 record but it should display record number 5 and if I click on next recordit should also show me record 6 like that.

How to identify which record in a continuous form was clicked on?

How to identify which record in a continuous form was clicked on? Icon
I have a continuous form with an image and a text box on it. When the image is clicked, some text should appear in a text box. The problem is that the text appears in the text box of the incorrect record.

Suppose the first record is the 'current' record (i.e., having the record selector to its left), and the user clicks on the image in the third record. Then the text appears in the first record, not the third.

Is there a way to find out which of the records was clicked on? Or, can I change the current record to be the one whose image was clicked on

record selectors on a form

record selectors on a form Icon
I am working on a form which displays data one record at a time one field over another. These fields are bound to the recordsource of the form.

I have an unbound textbox on the form. I am using this to find records to be displayed on the form, depending on string entries which I make in the unbound textbox. This is fairly standardand the vba code is functioning quite well.

I have removed the record selectors from the form. I am having the following problems:

1. When I try to make the record selectors appear again on the form, by marking the record selector option to yes on the format column of the properties, I am not managing to make them appear. Quite strange. There must be a reason which I am not conscious of.

2. Since on occasion there may be two or even more records that match the string which I am putting in the unbound textbox I will need the record selectors appear so that I can view the possible fits. How can I make the record selectors appear and disapper using vba ?

I would like to edit this entry. Just to be sure the record selectors which I am referring to is the small control box which appears at the foot of the form, showing the number of records and a mechanism like< > so that one can move from one record to the other and to both ends.

Primary Key and form

Primary Key and form Icon
I have a (pre record selector) form with one text box to enter a primary key to then open the main form to the specific record.

[CODE][Private Sub CmdSearch_Click()
DoCmd.OpenForm "Internal Survey Form", , , "Propref = '" & Me.txtPropref & "'"

It still opens to a blank form if there is no record matching. How can I prevent the main form opening and have a message saying no record found?

Button to copy fields then a button to paste them into another record.

Button to copy fields then a button to paste them into another record. Icon
But I was merely looking as I was not upto the stage of incorporating it. I am now at that stage,

What do I need to do to be able to copy certain fields in one record via a copy butto and then go to another existing record and by clicking another button, Paste, will fill in the copied fields.

I have different fields like:
Survey Date - Which is a date selector.
Surveyor - Which is a combo box.
KitchenRenewYear - Which is a text box.

If Someone was willing to start me off with how to do this then I can use the code for the remainder of the fileds I want to copy.

Automatically correct spelling and insert text and symbols by using words in a list

Automatically correct spelling and insert text and symbols by using words in a list Icon
You can use the AutoCorrect feature to correct typos and misspelled words, as well as to insert symbols and other pieces of text. AutoCorrect is set up by default with a list of typical misspellings and symbols, but you can modify the list that AutoCorrect uses.
What do you want to do?
* Understand the AutoCorrect list
* Add a text entry to the AutoCorrect list
* Add a text entry to the AutoCorrect list during a spelling check
* Change the contents of a text entry in the AutoCorrect list
* Rename a text entry in the AutoCorrect list
* Use AutoCorrect in InfoPath

unbound subform requery/new

unbound subform requery/new Icon
Have an unbound subform ; it is a continuous form; it is set for Data Entry in its form property.

when the main form first opens is well - the subform is blank; after the user populates some info into the subform - then I need to press a button on the main form and "refresh" the subform to a blank slate.

gotonew record just moves the record selector to the bottom new record - leaving the existing data showing.

other than closing the main form manually - and reopening - - I don't see a way to reset this subform.