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Record selector symbols

Record selector symbols
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To show the status of the current record in a form or datasheet, Microsoft Access displays the following symbols in the current record selector. You can use the RecordSelectors property to specify whether a form displays record selectors in Form view. Read/write Boolean.
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Record Locks checking by VB6

Record Locks checking by VB6 Icon
As we know, once a form's Record Locks is set to Edited Record (2), if user1 starts editing of a record, it will show the Locked Indicator state in the Record Selector when user2 edit the same record.

2 Questions
Q1: Instead of relying on the Lock.Indicator in the Rec.Selector, is there any VBA function that can return this state?

Q2: Is there some code to block other users from editing a particular same record

Capture event - record selector

Capture event - record selector Icon
I have a main form and subform for which I need an audit log. I.e. log changes etc. All is fine on the main form, works fine, but I have a query regarding the sub form. The sub form is a continuous form with record selectors.

The user can select the record by clicking on the record selector and pressing their delete key (on the keyboard) to delete that record. I'm havingtrouble coming up with any ideas on how I can firstly capture the event of selecting a record via the record selector (for which I then want to log the fields as they are) and secondly thatthey have pressed the delete key (for which I then want to log the deletion)

New record not staying selected

New record not staying selected Icon
My code grabs some information from the current record and passes it to a new record, then hides and shows some buttons and instruction labels. The strange thing is that when it is done I can't edit any fields until I click on the record selector button, which I don't even want on the form.

It's an unintuitive and annoying extra click; I'm not sure exactly why it's happening and haven't found any simple operation to mimic clicking the record selector.

Multiple Linked Selectors on a form?

Multiple Linked Selectors on a form? Icon
I don't have a lot of time to devote to learning Access Forms for this project so I'm hoping someone has a quick and dirty solution for me. I have a table with a number of fields. Most importantly, ID, Name and Notes.

I want to create a form for end users to enter notes for a record. Some users will be look up the record by ID and some will want to use Name.

Is there a way to link separate controls together, so that if I select the value I want in one, it will pull up the notes field for that record AND update the other selector to reflect the correct value?

For example:
If I pick ID 1234, I will see John Smith in the Name selector and John Smith's Notes field. If then decide I want to look at/edit Jane Doe's notes, I can select her name from theName selector and her ID 9876 will update on the ID selector.

I've been able to get 2 separate combo boxes to control the same notes field on the form, but I can't figure out how to connect the values in the combo boxes.

I want separate combo boxes so that the user can search by typing either the ID or the name (the lists are pretty long) and if I include both the ID and the name in the same combo box, Ican only type in which ever field is first.

Change form property with VBA

Change form property with VBA Icon
When I click in a text box on one form it opens another form using the following code:

Private Sub Reference_Number_Click()
Dim stDocName As String
Dim stLinkCriteria As String
stDocName = "frmProjects"

stLinkCriteria = "[Reference Number]=" & "'" & Me![Reference Number] & "'"
DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , stLinkCriteria
End Sub

The problem that I have is that after the form opens, when I click on the record selector on the bottom of the form it just shows one record and if you click forward it comes up with a blank form waiting to be filled in. If I click on "Filtered" right next to the record selector and make it unfiltered then it works fine and I can click through all my other records.

Question: Is there anything I can add to the code above that will open the form "Unfiltered" and by the way I would also like to disable the add new record next to the selector

Changing the record source in a form

Changing the record source in a form Icon
I have a form that is tied into a table. I have imported a new table that I want to connect this form to. Both tables are the same, the new one is updated info that needs to be changed. This is what I have done.

In design view (form), form selector, under data - record source, I changed to Product List table, Under the Format tab - changed to Product List. saved.

Went into form now getting error code: Under all fields #Name?

Went back into form selector - changed format - record source, back to Products. Still getting the same error:

Form multiple record selection/manipulation

Form multiple record selection/manipulation Icon
In its simplest format assume a form that shows the available appointments for a specific day. Assume two bound fields (date, name), and for the specific day 10 available records at 30 minute intervals, say beginning at 09:00, 09:30, 10:00 . ending at 13:30.

Sometimes I need to assign more than one 30 minute appointment to the same person. Taking a specific example I would like to assign 10:00, 10:30 and 11:00 to the same person.

Once I enter the name in the 10:00 slot, I would ideally like to click on the record selector to the left of the 10:00 slot and drag the cursor to the 11:00 record selector and have the name replicated in all 3 time slots.

I tried using MouseDown. This can identify the name value in the 10:00 slot. I dragged the cursor and hoped that MouseUp would identify the value in the 11:00 slot. It did not. It identified the value in the 10:00 slot.

Any ideas on how to perform this multiple record selection and manipulation

OnCurrent Event not firing when using Split Form

OnCurrent Event not firing when using Split Form Icon
I have a form that contains a tab control. I want the tab control caption to include the number of records in the datasheet within that tab. I coded this in the OnCurrent property on the form, so that the "dynamic caption" changes based on the current record on the main form. This all works.

The problem is.If a type in the record number in the record selector or navigate with the record selector arrows, the dynamic caption reflects the current record count, etc. and it all works. But if I navigate to the record with the Split Form, the dynamic caption doesn't change. I thought the OnCurrent event always fires when you change records, but it apparantly isn't working when navigating with a split form. Anybody know of a workaround

Clicking on label opens up new record

Clicking on label opens up new record Icon
The first form of my DB is a record selector where you select from text boxes different criteria. But for some reason, whenever I click any of the label headings for each of the txt boxes, it creates a new record

Clicking on Form Background Adds New Record?

Clicking on Form Background Adds New Record? Icon
I have a form that is a record selector with different text boxes that the user can use to select and open a specific record. For some reason whenever a click on the outside edges of each of the text boxes, it adds a new record.