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Record Locking Issues in Shared Database

Record Locking Issues in Shared Database
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I have a database where multiple users may be signed on at a time. I'm being told that if more than one person is in the database they receive the following error message " can't save design changes or save to a new database object because another user has the file open.

To save you design changes or save to a new database object, you must have exclusiveaccess to the file."

I have checked and the appropriate box is checked to allow sharing in the database. No record locking.
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Record Locking Issues

Record Locking Issues Icon
It is a data entry setup. For years now its been fine, no issues. Now of a sudden whenever someone is entering data they locking everyone else out for about 5 seconds.

This causes the data entered to to blanked out. How can I change the page locking size.

Record Locking Multiuser

Record Locking Multiuser Icon
I have created a multiuser database. In order to prevent more than one user editing the same record I have set the record locks to "edited record" This seems to create a lot of unwanted record locking issues for the users: Some records get locked and the only way to unlock them seems to be closing and reopening the database.
I have thought about putting some unlock buttons on the forms but it would not work because I have another automated way to lock the records: when the record is complete a supervisor enters his/her name on the form and this action locks the record to users (I do not want to allow any changes to the records after the supervisor review).

About sharing an Access database on a network (MDB)

About sharing an Access database on a network (MDB) Icon
Learn: Ways to share data, The locking information (.ldb) file, Editing data in a shared database, Saving design changes in a shared database.

Microsoft Access Multi-User Application Record Locking

Microsoft Access Multi-User Application  Record Locking Icon
Record locking occurs in two environments, the Microsoft Access Interface and the ADO Recordset Object. We have already established that record locking is in effect mostly in network shares. But what is record locking exactly? Well it is a mechanism that locks records when they are being edited by a particular user so that other users cannot edit them.

Multi user environment

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Can someone help?
Im currently using my database in a multi user environment just about 3 users. But we can't edit at the same time. It always give the message that someone is already using the database. I have put it in shared mode, record locking, I have it on our shared network, but for some reason only one person can use at a time.

Am I missing something.
I'm currently using Access

Sharing an Access Database on a network

Sharing an Access Database on a network Icon
I have Access 2003 and have created a database which I want to share on our network. I have gone to Tools, and then Options, and then to the Advanced tab. I designated the 'Default open mode' to be "Shared" and selected "Edited record" for the 'Default record locking' option. I've placed the database onour shared drive and if I open it up, no one else can. I want multiple users to have the ability to open it at the same time if needed - what am I doing wrong?

All I need is a simple password!

All I need is a simple password! Icon
I'm running Access 2010 and have a FE/BE database that I would like to secure. I thought I could basically put a password on the BE that would stop anyone from going into the folder and opening the BE directly. However, upon reading some security info on the MS website (link below), it seems that to set a password, the database also has to be encrypted which messes with the record locking settings. To quote from MS.

"When you encrypt a database with a password, the encrypted database will use page-level locking, regardless of your application settings. This may affect the availability of data in a shared environment."

Is there anyway to just set a password on the BE so it prompts the user before opening!?!

Multiple users in database at same time

Multiple users in database at same time Icon
Can you have multiple users w/read and write access in an Access database at one time? From the Help option, it appears that you can, but I have tried a few different things and nothing has worked so far. I set up the Users and Group Permissions in Tools, Security to allow them to do updates to everything. I also set up the database to be a shared database in Tools, Options, Advanced tab and no record-locking (actually this was the default). If we have more than one person in the database, the second user cannot access it and/or receives an error message when they try to update a record. Any suggestions would be

Record Locking IN database with multiple users

Record Locking IN database with multiple users Icon
I'm finding that the database I created for the office is starting to experiance "Record Locking". I can see why this would happen if more than one user was trying to edit the same record. But we are experiancing the problem when a user could be in the input data screen and another is editting a record within the database.

Is there a way to stop this? I have the settings set to "No Lock" within the options but this doesnt stop this problem from occuring.

If anyone could help that would be great since its slowing down the work time of the users here

Shared Database not Sharing

Shared Database not Sharing Icon
I have an Access 2003 application that allows 4-5 people in it at the same time but accessing different records. Everything was fine until about 2 weeks ago when the application started locking up indiscriminately.

When this occurs, the size of the mdb file skyrockets. I run a compact and repair and re-open the application but it seems whenever 2 people are in the system at the same time the locking occurs.

I have tried splitting the database and it still has the problem. This database has two tables in a 1 to many relationship. The database compiles cleanly.

I have gone so far as to go into the main table, open it, They can with no problems.