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Record Locking Issues in Shared Database

Record Locking Issues in Shared Database
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I have a database where multiple users may be signed on at a time. I'm being told that if more than one person is in the database they receive the following error message " can't save design changes or save to a new database object because another user has the file open.

To save you design changes or save to a new database object, you must have exclusiveaccess to the file."

I have checked and the appropriate box is checked to allow sharing in the database. No record locking.
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Record Locking Issues

Record Locking Issues Icon
It is a data entry setup. For years now its been fine, no issues. Now of a sudden whenever someone is entering data they locking everyone else out for about 5 seconds.

This causes the data entered to to blanked out. How can I change the page locking size.

Record Locking Multiuser

Record Locking Multiuser Icon
I have created a multiuser database. In order to prevent more than one user editing the same record I have set the record locks to "edited record" This seems to create a lot of unwanted record locking issues for the users: Some records get locked and the only way to unlock them seems to be closing and reopening the database.
I have thought about putting some unlock buttons on the forms but it would not work because I have another automated way to lock the records: when the record is complete a supervisor enters his/her name on the form and this action locks the record to users (I do not want to allow any changes to the records after the supervisor review).

About sharing an Access database on a network (MDB)

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Learn: Ways to share data, The locking information (.ldb) file, Editing data in a shared database, Saving design changes in a shared database.

Microsoft Access Multi-User Application Record Locking

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Record locking occurs in two environments, the Microsoft Access Interface and the ADO Recordset Object. We have already established that record locking is in effect mostly in network shares. But what is record locking exactly? Well it is a mechanism that locks records when they are being edited by a particular user so that other users cannot edit them.

Sharing an Access Database on a network

Sharing an Access Database on a network Icon
I have Access 2003 and have created a database which I want to share on our network. I have gone to Tools, and then Options, and then to the Advanced tab. I designated the 'Default open mode' to be "Shared" and selected "Edited record" for the 'Default record locking' option. I've placed the database onour shared drive and if I open it up, no one else can. I want multiple users to have the ability to open it at the same time if needed - what am I doing wrong?

Shared Database not Sharing

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I have an Access 2003 application that allows 4-5 people in it at the same time but accessing different records. Everything was fine until about 2 weeks ago when the application started locking up indiscriminately.

When this occurs, the size of the mdb file skyrockets. I run a compact and repair and re-open the application but it seems whenever 2 people are in the system at the same time the locking occurs.

I have tried splitting the database and it still has the problem. This database has two tables in a 1 to many relationship. The database compiles cleanly.

I have gone so far as to go into the main table, open it, They can with no problems.

Edit MS Access 2007 or 2010 Locking Settings

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I am trying to build a database for shared access, and I want to edit the locking settings so that when one user is editing a record no other user can edit it.

The problem is I do not know where to go on Access 2007 or 2010 to make these changes?

Issue with file locks

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I have a customer that was running a access database 2003 on an XP machine. Shared between 3 people. It has a split database and was running fine. We have now placed the database on the server SBS 2008 dual processors and 16GB ram.

Our issue is one person can access the shared database but when two or more people access the database its seems to file lock but the evidence it is not locked.

It seems to be locking out but the only change is the database was placed on the server.

Database Splitter - Subscript out of range

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I have mostly done very rudimentary uses of Access to date for my own isolated use. I have a database that my client would like to share across multiple users. We are having difficulty with table locking just having whomever open the shared file.

I have tried to use the "Database Splitter", but with no success. It creates a ". . .be.mdb" file, but before it is finished displays the "Subscript out of range" message.

I followed the instructions and copied the database file to my laptop to split it, but that gave the error.

I tried to split the database from the "shared drive" on the network. Same error.

What else can I do? What might be causing this error?

problem with Locking file

problem with Locking file Icon
But there's no one in the database. I had every user that the locking file displayed to log out of the database and shut down there computers.

The database is still showing that it's locked. How do I solve that issue?