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Receive email from POP3 server with Access!

Receive email from POP3 server with Access!
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Is there a way for access to receive emails from a POP3 server (in this case and store emails in a table.

I have access 2003, and at the moment have Windows Live Mail - If I have to change to Microsoft Outlook I probably will.

Then I plan to have a query so only specific emails will be used in the database
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Connecting to Email Server

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Why does it take between one and two minutes for me to access the server of my email provider (WOW) through Outloook 2003?

Recently, it takes me 1-2 minutes to get access to the server from which my email comes. Prior to that, access occurred virtually instantaneously. Don't understand what has changed and why the delay. My provider (WOW) says the problem is not theirs.

Selecting email account from exchange server for automated email

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Is it possible to set which email account from the exchange server is used when sending automated email from access.

Also is it possible to avoid the security warning from outlook without a paid add in or dll, as I have a multuser environment.

Can Access email via Yahoo or PowerShell ?

Can Access email via Yahoo or PowerShell ? Icon
Forum, Access 2000 on XP sp3

We are emailing direct from Access and very pleased with.
Our Outlook Express screen pops up when Access wants to send an email.
Outlook Express holds our dns server info.

Have just got PowerShell to work so it tidies up some of our filing from the Access .pdf files saved with our Stephen Lebans code - great stuff.
PowerShell also forwards our incoming faxes by email - the code refers to our DNS Server.

Now the Problem.
We want to travel over Xmas and do work with our database on a notebook.

So can we use Yahoo for emailing from Access?
Yahoo of course is web based and we won't be taking our dns server with us.

Powershell is supposed to be able to send mail via Yahoo but can Access also do this?

It would need to hold our login name and password plus the smtp server name.

Or would it be easier to get an email address in New Zealand and use that?

Trust the post makes sence and appreciate any advice etc

CDO Gmail Email Failure

CDO Gmail Email Failure Icon
We are using MS Access database to send email to a recipient. We have designed it in Visual Basic that is supplemented with any Access application. Each user has to give its gmail email address and password.

Suddenly, some users can't send email now. On clicking the 'send' button, after a while, the database displays this message "The message could not be sent to the SMTP server. The transport error code was 0x80040217. The server response was not available".

But some users can send email. What is the reason for this message and how can it be solved

Resume Parsing into Access

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I work for a recruiting agency and use Access to manage applicants. I receive tons of resumes via email and have to manually enter candidates' information (name, phone number, email, etc.). Is there a way I can import a resume from a file and have Access parse information into a form to help eliminate the manual entry

Email using contacts in Access 2010

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How do you send and receive emails using contacts in your database through Access 2010, also file/lookup email history by contact

Automated import from daily email

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I am curious to know if I can run sql on the back end of a access database and grab an excel attachment from a daily email I receive and put it into a linked table into my database.

automatic import of data

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We are building a database to keep track of safety observations.

Everyday, excel files will be emailed to me with observation material (20 items).

I would like access to automatically ping my email, see the excel file and add to, not overwrite data in a table.

This would save tons of data entry as I may receive up to 50 email a day with the file. Also, would each file that comes in as an email attachment have to be named the same

Automate Emails from Query - SendObject

Automate Emails from Query - SendObject Icon
I have a Access 2000 DB where we would like to send emails to recipients from our data base with an accompanying letter. We had hoped that we could create and run a query to filter recipients, then using that data send a word document to all recipients listed in the query (in groups (50) emails at a time to the server. Our server blocks any more as spam). We have up to groups of 250 to send. Also, the mailserver will not accept the bulk email if there is a mistake in any of the email address destined for a local recipient (on the same mail server). In other words I have to trap the error and correct the incorrect email address before the job will complete thru the mail server.
It is a bit beyond my expertise to program. And maybe it's a bit of pie in the sky.
Would someone from the forum would have had this challenge

Encrypting Forms

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Looking for some assistance regarding encrypting/protecting forms before distributing to a goup for edits/additions. I know how to encrypt the entire database but need to protect just the form before sending.

Ideally, the individual would receive an email, be prompted to input a password before openning, and then be able to edit the form fields (all within the body of the email) as needed before submitting back to me. Once I receive the completed form, I would be able to review the edits, accept all changes, and automatically input the new information into the original database