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question about creating lookup forms

question about creating lookup forms
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I'm creating a database to track our participants in Access 2010.

I have a few fields that I want to assign lookup values to.

School (MLK High, Central High, Northeast High.)

Interests (Visual Arts, Drama, Sports, Literature.)

Color (Red, Blue, Green.)

I could create a table School, another table Interests, another table Color, and then have the source for each one to be SELECT Color.ColorName FROM Color and then SELECT School.SchoolName FROM School and then SELECT Interests.InterestPicker from Interest. this is how I usually do things.

But then I wondered if instead of three separate tables, I could have one table called ParticipantData with fields called School, Interests, Color. and then have my lookup queries be SELECT ParticipantData.School from ParticipantData, and SELECT ParticipantData.Interests FROM Participant, and SELECT ParticipantData.Color FROM ParticipantData

Are there advantages/disadvantages to one way or the other
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This tutorial has been designed to give an introduction to some of the basic features of MS Access. The tutorial will cover the following topics:
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Lookupform(s) Icon
I'm in the pre-stage of building an application with about 15 lookup tables. In stead of building 15 lookup forms, I'm thinking about making one generic lookup form and changing the record source depending on the table needed. I would have to add code for validation purposes.

Is this doable or should I make 15 separate forms?

Can't see choices in lookup drop-down

Can't see choices in lookup drop-down Icon
I am creating a database that includes two tables of names, one for our Admins and one for our Inspectors. In the other tables/forms, I am putting text boxes as lookup fields so that the user can select their name from a dropdown as they complete the various forms in the database.

Except, when the down arrow is selected for the lookup, you can't see the names. The dropdown acts as if there is text there, the Admin table has 2 names and its dropdown has blank spaces for 2 names. The inspector table has 3 names and its dropdown has blank space for 3 names.

When you position the cursor where the name text should be in the drop-down and left-click, the name magically appears in the text box. I used the lookup wizard to create the fields and I can't figure out why I can't see the text, but it acts like its there.

Field In Form Lookup

Field In Form Lookup Icon
I am not well versed in form creating. I have a database that I am creating. I am building a form and a field on the form I need to be a lookup field that is based on query results. This form also needs to update a table that has the field that has the lookup value. Is this possible.

After first I created a table that had a lookup value from the query but I got an error message that it would not allow me to do this

Lookup tables made slow

Lookup tables made slow Icon
I used lookup tables (using the lookup table wizard) when I designed my DB. Now that I've split the DB it's caused some serious slowness when forms are first open and of the tables start looking elsewhere to pull data.

Is it possible to break the relationships created by the wizard and then recreate the relationships and have the lookup be done by the form withouthaving to completely rebuild the DB?

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Learn how to create a Lookup List to populate field data and to ensure consistency. This article shows you how to add lookup fields to a Microsoft Access table. First, it shows you how to use a wizard to add the lookup field, and then it shows you how to add the lookup field manually.

Putting three list boxes once selected into one column

Putting three list boxes once selected into one column Icon
I have a MS Access 2003 database with several tables, queries, forms etc. My question is I have a simple form which has 5 boxes on it listing information from tables and queries. One of the boxes is linked to a lookup where I can get it to display three values but once the user selects which one they want it only displays the first value.

I want it to display all three under the one column so to speak. The Lookup lists Order, Forenames and Surname but only lists the Order when selected.

Is there any way I can get three values under the one column rather than having to put three boxes with three lookup's and then the user having todo it three times to get the information?

Is a Lookup Field the same thing as a lookup table

Is a Lookup Field the same thing as a lookup table Icon
From reading some of the threads, it's clear that Lookup Fields are not a good idea in tables.

I have found many resources online with examples of different databases and in one I am going through right now, there is one that has a People table (for both people and companies) and a Type table.

The Type table categorizes the type of relationship between the person/company in the People table and (presumably) the user/company keeping the database (relationships such as: Friend, Family, Professional, Auto, Hospital, Art Supply, etc).

**In the description for the Types table, there is a statement that says "The Types table is commonly referred to as a lookup table."**

My question is this: Is a Lookup Field the same thing as a lookup table, as described?

Unwanted Lookups automatically added to Forms

Unwanted Lookups automatically added to Forms Icon
I'm a beginner in Access and just completed a 3 day class. Was doing fine until a few days ago. I created a table in a new database, and put in a lookup in one of the fields of the table. Realizing that I should have done this in the corresponding form instead, I tried to delete it.

When I created the form, the control for that table field had the up/down lookup arrows on the control, even though there was no list to look up.

Could not delete it. I started over with a new database and got the same results.
Now - every single form I try to create, either in existing databases or new ones, has the lookup arrows on every control of a text field. I am not adding lookups to the tables or the forms.The forms have no lists of data to look up, just the arrows.

How do I get rid of this? I have done several dozen tests and keep getting the same results.

Why creating lookup fields

Why creating lookup fields Icon
I am a bit confused as to why creating lookup fields in my table is such a bad idea. I read "Access: The Missing Manual" as an introduction to Access. I found it very helpful but I did not find in it any admonision against this practice