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Question access 2010 macro & open form

Question access 2010 macro & open form
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I'm trying to open a new form via double-click on a cell of a sub-form.

I want the form that is opened via the double click to display the record of the line that I double-clicked.

It works fine with this code:

Private Sub ID_DblClick(Cancel As Integer) DoCmd.OpenForm "F_New_Non_Hedged_Share_Class", , , "[ID] = " & Me!ID End Sub

However, since I'm trying not too much vba code, i'd like to setup that kind of thing via access 2010 macro.

So I have:
Open Form
Form Name: F_New_Non_Hedged_Share_Class
View: Form
Where condition:
Data Mode:
Windows Mode: Normal

Question: I'm assuming that I need to update the "where condition", but what should I put? I tried different things, ie. [ID]=[ID], etc - but without success

fyi: the dbl click is not on the ID field of the sub-form but an other field. I'm assuming this doesn't change anything
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Using access 2010

I can code for hours, create forms, queries, what ever I want.

I worked on this application all day without issue. Open & closed it maybe 30 times.

I was just finishing up and all I did was create a autoexe macro to open a specified form when starting up.

Now I get a message saying that access has experienced a problem and needs to close.

It will ask me if I want to compact & repair and try to open again but I get the same error on any backup.

This has happened on every application I have written this week. (actually this same one 3 times)

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A macro was present in the old version that didn't import in, but it still tries to run it but I cannot find where it is actually being called.

Also, the form constantly prompts for a value from a form that is in no way associated with the imported form.

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Imported a form from Access 2003, macro tries to run that isn't in this version, can't find where it's calling it
Form keeps promptimg for a value from a separate form that has nothing to do with the current form

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Office 2010 Developer Training Course > Access 2010 > Building Solutions with Access 2010 Lab using the Contacts Web Database template.

I'm at Exercise 4: Creating a Data Macro and for whatever reason my macro is not working at all.

I created the macro and confirmed it matched to the guide and I had no errors when I saved it, so that has to count for something.

The macro is suppose to be invoked when the 'Status' variable is "Offer Outstanding" more than once in the database.

Yet I can select it multiple times without any instances of the macro displaying any warning message as it should.

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I have done a lot of research on this and have yet to be successful. I am pretty familiar with access, and and very familiar with word mail merge, but due to the frequency of needing tocreate these letters I am hoping to streamline the process to the click of a button each time.

The issue is that the form I have open in access is populated with the data is opened using a "find Group" query, that has a criteria "Like "*" & [Group Name or Keywords?] & "*"" for group name.

I can create a macro to open the mail merge doc, however, when I try to create the mail merge doc to open the "find Group" query is empty and I cannot include any fields.

I have even gone so far as to experimented with including report type field calls to access the form directly (eg =[Forms]![Find Groups]![Group Name]) and nothing.

I am about read to throw my computer off the bridge and join a nice Amish community.