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Prohibit change on SOME fields after record is created

Prohibit change on SOME fields after record is created
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in Access 97, can particular fields (not all) on a form be locked so that the data (once entered) cannot be changed.
I tried to lock the field, but upon locking you can't even enter NEW data.
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Create record for each new record

Create record for each new record Icon
I've created two related tables, that have a one-on-one relationship:

Now I would like that when I create a new record in tblProductions,
that automatically a new record with the same ID will be created in

Till now, this does not happen, and I guess it is because mostly none of
the fields of tblPlanning are filled in (except for ID, of course). However,
even if the fields are empty I would still like to have a record for every ID


CREATE INDEX Statement Icon
Learn how to creates a new index on an existing table. To prohibit duplicate values in the indexed field or fields of different records, use the UNIQUE reserved word.

After a field is changed another must be changed as well

After a field is changed another must be changed as well Icon
I have a form with various fields.
I would like that if I change one of the text fields (it does not matter to what I change it to, just simply change it) another field must also be changed, otherwise the record will not be updated

So eg. if I change the Comment field, I would need to change the Date field as well, otherwise I cant move to the next record

Making existing record active on a form

Making existing record active on a form Icon
I've created several linked tables to store information related to medical visits with the visit numbers as key fields. On the form I've created, the user can free-text in the visit number and the system performs a check on the database to see if it already exists (completed on the AfterUpdate Event).

I've created a check field (varCount) to verify if the record already exists so I know it's finding the information, but it won't change focus to the existing record.

Form does not update after event

Form does not update after event Icon
I created a form to display all fields for a record where I created a combo box to select a record. The problem is that after selecting a record from the combo box all other fileds will display correctly however if I go to another record adn return to the same it does not update all other fields

Creating a new record

Creating a new record Icon
I am looking for suggestions on how to code this:

I have a table that contains some base information used in pricing parts for various customers. (table SetupData)
Everytime there is a price increase or change of terms I add a new record to the table and move my 'current record' flag (Yes/No) to the new one.

In one instance this change only requires a date and percentage changed and I want to progamatically add the record.
This means, copy of last 'current record' data into the new record, update the date and % fields in the new record to ones provided on a form, and then change the 'current record' flag to this new record.

Using a Recordset seems the best way to .AddNew but how can I copy the last current record into it

Fields in form are staying highlighted when a new record is started

Fields in form are staying highlighted when a new record is started Icon
I have a few fields that have the a Macro for On Change event that will change the back color. When I start a new record or switch back and forth between records the back color of the field does not return to the default.

Also if I close the form and reopen it those same fields still have the back color changed. Is there a way to fix this?

Create a duplicate record

Create a duplicate record Icon
I have been asked by a client of mine to create an option that creates a duplicate record in a table. Once the duplicate record is created, they want the initial record locked (uneditable) so the new data can be revised. There are actually many sub-records (or related records in other tables) that must also be copied. The table has more that 50 fields in it so I don't want to use a recordset method (unless I must). I have also considered the INSERT INTO command but I am not sure how to change the value of the primary key (by code) to enable this method.

Am I on the right path or is there an easier way?

Record is too large. (Error 3047).

Record is too large. (Error 3047). Icon
I am creating a Access 2007 db based on a questionnaire with long text answers. I received this message and managed to delete the offending record and change some of the text fields to memo fields.

I have received the error again, but I am a bit stuck this time. It looks like a number of my records are too large and unfortunately they have child records, so I can't just delete them. I can't change the records as I just get the same message again and I can't change more text fields to memo fields as I get the same message.

Is there any way round this? Would it help to split the main table into 2 smaller tables?

View data in the form

View data in the form Icon
I have created a table called Candidates, on which I have designed a data entry form called candidates1. This form will accept candidates information in fields of candidates table. Primary key is set on registration number [reg_no] which is a text box in form.

I have also created a save button which saves the information of a single candidate on given table andmoves to next empty record.

When I want to edit any entered record then I need to view of previous saved info of specific record in a form by just entering registration key. The problem I am facing is that, when I enter a saved value of registration key, form doesn't show remaining fields of this records and it also doesn't apply any change.