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Programming the BackEnd path

Programming the BackEnd path
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I'm developing a FrontEnd/BackEnd application for a school.

Naturally the path to their version of the BackEnd is different to the path on my development laptop.

How do I tell the FrontEnd where to look for the BackEnd? If I just give them my copy of Front + Back, then the Linked table manager is looking a path that only exists on my machine.
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Problems accessing a split database

Problems accessing a split database Icon
I have successfully split my database (frontend/backend) and have the backend stored on a sharepoint for my team to use. One thing I noticed we all had to do is map the same drive letter to the network path where the backend is stored. Since I initally split the db on my pc using drive W, the db now requires everyone else to use the same drive letter.

So everyone maps a W drive for the path where the backend resides, and has a local copy of the front end. 3 of us can pull it up fine and we can have multiple instances running with no problems. One user however, gets the error: "W:\ is not a valid path. Make sure the path name is spelled correctly and that you are connected to the server on which the file resides." I have verified that this user does indeed have drive W mapped to the correct location, but he still gets the error.

Access 2010 Runtime - Link to backend database

Access 2010 Runtime - Link to backend database Icon
and having trouble sourcing information that makes sense.

I have a database that is split into a front and back end.

The back end is to reside on a shared network location (yet to be determined but we'll call it \\SERVER\DBSHARE for now).

The front end will be installed on the client workstations.

The Client workstations have mixed versions of Access 03 and Access 07 but all have the Access Runtime 2010 installed.

The problem is when you open the front end it spits an error out saying it can't locate the backend. As this is the Runtime version there is no Link manager to set the path.

I'm assuming (and this may be wrong) that there is a way, somewhere be it the package manager, code, pathfile to be able to say something like "Path to Backend is \\SERVER\DBSHARE\be.accdb"

Does anyone know if there is some way to set the path so that the backend can be linked when using Access Runtime

Backend folder vs. frontend database

Backend folder vs. frontend database Icon
If I have an MS Access frontend that connects to an MS Access backend, is there a way to hide/permission block the pathway to the backend's folder but still allow access via the frontend db?

Right now I can't dedicate a server to a more "secure" form of DB or anything like that so I'm stuck with MS Access for now. say, a link table path and then navigating to that folder and getting access to backend information. What might be some solutions to this?

re-linking backend on shared folder

re-linking backend on shared folder Icon
I have several front ends on different computers connected to a single backend on a shared folder on one of the computers. All is fine untill I update the front ends and then have to manually re-link each one with the backend. Since I am modifying the front end on my own machine and then copying it to the other machines, the path to the back end will not be the same.

Is there a way I could have a small text file or excel file in the same folder as the front end that has the location of the backend and use it to somehow to relink the tables?

When I change backend password.Frontend wont open

When I change backend password.Frontend wont open Icon
I have a passed down access 2003 database. That if I change the backend password. I get an error message that the previous owner set up. But I'm new to programming and can't fiqure this out. I cant leave the database with the old password because other users that have left the dept have this old pw and thus have access to my backend

Split db and have backend on local PC

Split db and have backend on local PC Icon
I want to split my db for other reason than to share with tons of people and I need the backend on the local machine with the front end but in a different directory. The db front and backend will be
distributed as a packaged solution to a singler user. The user will install the access runtime as well as the db's.
When I try to split the db called My Jewelry Project and place the backend in a folder called My Jewelry Data using this address //My Document/My Jewelry Data/JeweryData.accdb
it will not find the location.even though the folder exists.

I've tried ~/bla bla bla | and ~//bla bla bla and these links do not work either.

So how do I split a db and have the backend on the same computer with a relative path?

Using Backend database to slow

Using Backend database to slow Icon
I have a problem where the backend data is just way to slow to work with so I am trying to come up with a plan for working around it.

I was thinking about just copying the backend data to the users mydocuments folder and have the program access the data there but when changes were made then update the backend database.

Then update the local copy with the new id from the backend to the local version so the ID's and whatnot are controlled by the backend.

When the user opens the program after closing then it would just pull the backend data to the local machine again overwriting it.

I am grasping at straws here

Unsecured Backend

Unsecured Backend Icon
I am using Access 2007. I have developed a database that will be used in a workgroup environment by 3-4 computers. I will have no access to this network. All the PCs on this network uses Access 2007.

The database will be placed in a shared folder on one of the PCs. I will need to split the database. But because I am not on this network and can not connect to this sharedfolder, how can I split the database on my computer with the proper Network Path of the shared folder and then give them a copy of the backend and front end instead of giving them thedatabase as is and then guide them to split it?

Also, the users will have to have Read/Write access to this folder in order to used the backend of the database. I can convert the frontend to ACCDE, but not the backend. If the users can connect to this folder with Read/Write access, they will have access to an unsecured backend.

Unless I don't know any better, how does this splitting provide and security for the data?

Importing backend automatically with VBA

Importing backend automatically with VBA Icon
For a database being used in different offices, I want to provide a config page within the DB App itself so that the user can specify a custom path for the database backend for linking.

I've been messing around with it and am able to link to a backend, if I specify in vba the table names from the back end. I'd rather not do this.

I'm also able to load the backend (importing it, it seems) through VBA. If I check the tables for a connect status, it says it's zero, which is what I get if the tables are not linked.

What I want to do is use VBA to link every table in the backend without having to know the names of the tables.

If I try to do a for loop for each after loading the database with :

'Set wrkAcc = CreateWorkspace("", "admin", "", dbUseJet)
'Set dbs = wrkAcc.OpenDatabase("C:\testdatabase_be.accdb")

It doesn't seem to want to work. I suppose I need a way to get each table name before linking all the tables with code such as

Not a valid path

Not a valid path Icon
to fix a path.
I got an Access DB and try to open it but is showed "not a valid path, Error 3044"
I know I need to change the path, but where I can find wrong path and fix it? Seems I didn't see anywhre that have a path.