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Prevent edit and delete after printing a form

Prevent edit and delete after printing a form
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please I need an urgent help
I want my order details form, after printing to prevent deletion and edit.
I got this vba code to use, when I used it, it closed up all the forms including the ones I have not printed.
Normally I print immediately the order is made.
I dont know what to put ,"" <> ""

If Nz([OrderDate],"") <> "" Then 'there's a value there so the orders been printed
Me.AllowEdits = False
Me.AllowDeletions = False
Me.AllowEdits = True
Me.AllowDeletions = True
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Prevent Printing

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We have procedure forms which require QA approval before they are allowed to be used in the shop.

I need to find a way to prevent printing of a form unless a certain box (QA approval) is checked. The checkbox is on a subform to the main form.

Finding correct form event to Refresh upon and prevent #Deleted

Finding correct form event to Refresh upon and prevent #Deleted Icon
My application has read-only multi-record list forms, and add/edit dialog forms to provide edit capabilities.
When the list form launches an add/edit form, it remains open, merely opens the add/edit form which is a modal dialog box.

I am having a difficult time finding an event which will fire when the add/edit dialog form closes and the list form regains focus. I need to preform a Refresh to update the UI and prevent seeing #Deleted when an edit has been made.

I have tried Activate / GotFocus / Dirty event. None have worked thus far. Of course, pressing F5 refreshes that list form.. I would simply like to have the application automatically do that.

Records remaining on the form

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When I fill out the form and click the button to add the record, it works fine. However, when I exit the form or access completely and then go back into the form, the last values that were enter show up on the form/screen.

If I delete each field to clear the screen, it also deletes it from the table. This also happens when I go to my search form.

How do I prevent this from occurring. If the screen automatically clears, it will also delete from the table ? In the search form, I have a clear search button that clears all the search values in the form header, but not the detail.

Again, if I clear the detail, will it delete the record from the table ? And how do I prevent the search form from being edited once data isdisplayed ?

I am almost there but these are minor quirks that I cannot figure out.

Can I create a command button that allows users to edit records on a form?

Can I create a command button that allows users to edit records on a form? Icon
And I would like to be able to edit records on a form with a click command in access 2010. I want to prevent any user from just typing within the text boxes on the form without clicking a command edit button first.

Can this be done? If so, how can this be done? Would you have any sample code to attach to the editing button, to do this interesting problem.

delete one record by from

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I have 3 table.and every table have to relation.
2.i do QRY for 3 table link in from
3.i make from form for add, edit , and delete

my Qustion
1.when I delete in from but table not delete?
** I'm enforce and cascade delete related but can't delete it
in step 1 can't delete it I will do step 2
2.i make new button in code VBA

Private Sub Command123_Click()
DoCmd.RunSQL "Delete * from tbl_com"
End Sub

it delete all record in table

I want delete 1 record in from and intable

Cannot edit data in forms but can in tables

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I created a database where I can only edit the data in tables. In the forms I created I can see the data but cannot edit the data.

I am using 2007 that I have set so the file can be opened in 2003. The data was imported to create tables from two Excel spread sheets using the wizard. The tables are linked together and the combined data is shown in a report. This all works without a problem.

Now I need to edit the data, so I created several forms all of which I cannot add, delete or edit the data.

I saw under the User and Group Permissions that under table all the permissions have checks but under form read, update insert and delete are all greyed out and I am unable to change this.

Prevent edit or delete data or records from a table

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It is possible to prevent editing or deleting data or records from a table in Access 2003, for example by introducing a password for these actions or a other solution ?
I found in security parameters of Access 2003 the options to create new users and/or groups and to set the permissions for these. I have created a "limited" user and group and I seted for these only "Read" options for tables, queries, forms, but this user can edit/remove the records and data from tables

Create a split form

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A split form is a new feature in Microsoft Office Access 2007 that gives you two views of your data at the same time — a Form view and a Datasheet view. The two views are connected to the same data source and are synchronized with each other at all times. Selecting a field in one part of the form selects the same field in the other part of the form. You can add, edit, or delete data from either part (provided the record source is updateable and you have not configured the form to prevent these actions).

Edit Record Form - Brief Question

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I set up a form that allows me to view and edit records in a single table, the record I want to view is brought up using a combo box. When I first open the form however it displays the first record in the table, and if at all possible I would like to prevent this and start with the form completely clear.

I am sure this can be done, I am very new to Access and am not sure what settings I would have to change to make this happen. Any help in moving towards the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

form will not allow deletions

form will not allow deletions Icon
I have a form which displays in continuous view. I want the users to be able to delete records from this form, but not edit them. the form's settings are as shown:

Record Selectors are also enabled. The individual fields are enabled and not locked. But when a delete is attempted, a message pops up "The command or action 'delete record' isn't available at this time."