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Passing variables to a Word Doc.

Passing variables to a Word Doc.
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I am trying for the 1st time to pass Access variables to a Word document. I used this as a starting point It seem fairly straight forward. I made a little db with one table - one record - and I am attempting to have it pass the data and open a Word document. Without success. Attached are files that show the works. My Access DB My instructions on how to with the marco code I am trying to use The Word document I am going to Screen shots of the failure
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Open OLE Word Doc (and GoTo Bookmark in Doc)

Open OLE Word Doc (and GoTo Bookmark in Doc) Icon
I have a small Word doc (43kb) embedded(?) (not linked) as a record in an OLE field. I have a button on a form (record source = table containing Word doc), when clicked I want to open the Word doc.

Question 1:
What is the button's "on click" vba code to open this word doc?

Question 2:
I'd like to jump to a predefined bookmark in this Word doc. Can vba code do this?

Macro to export to word?

Macro to export to word? Icon
I have an access table that has 2 columns. I need each line exported to a seperate word document. Column A and Column B (where A goes on top of word doc and B near the bottom of the word doc).

I will have about 2000 lines that need to go to seperate word doc

Password Protect Word Doc Through VBA

Password Protect Word Doc Through VBA Icon
I have a word doc in the same folder as my access application. At the click of a button I want the access application to password protect my word doc without opening it (atleast not visible to the user)

Consider my word doc name as "MyWord.doc"
Password as "testPass

Passing Parameter from Excel TO Access

Passing Parameter from Excel TO Access Icon
I have an Excel form that from one texbox will open a word doc. Once the word doc is opened, it runs a mail merge and asks for an input parameter from the access query it is based off of. My question is, How can I pass the value from the Excel form to the parameter window that will display once the word doc has opened?

I know I could re-write the query to accommodate to this, but this is a large scale project, I would have to re-write probably over 1,000 queries, and I don't want to have to do that. And the same situation with, I know I can use Excel to run the SQL behind the query, which that might be a viable option, but would like to steer away from it at this current time since the actual SQL varies depending on certian criteria it is never 100% the same

Generating a Word Document

Generating a Word Document Icon
Is there any way to turn an access report into a word doc.

I can do a .rtf, but I lose graphical images, such as logos.

I can do a pdf, but then I can't edit it.

I tried a snp file, and that doesnt seem editable in word either.

I was trying to generate a text file, and use this to mail merge into a standard word doc - but that seemed a bit fiddly.

I don't really want to try and open and then edit a word doc from within access.

So, I just wondered if there was an easy? VBA method

Merge multiple Word-documents into one using Access

Merge multiple Word-documents into one using Access Icon
How can I best go about merging existing Word-documents into one, from within Access?

A list of Word-documents exists in the DB, and I need to create one Word-file.

This file contains the List of contents, based on which documents were selected by the user, some other db-generated data, and of course the documents themselves.

The question is about the generalt tactic (the programming mines/explosions I will get to when I have an idea as to how to procede : should I in Access create a new Word-doc object, add my db-generated data, and then the contents of each Word-doc on the list? Should I just create the Word-doc with db-generated data only, and somehow programmatically append the other relevant files? Or just dump a Report to a Word doc, and then append the rest?

Any suggestions? Just a few thoughts on the sensible approach would be nice, the coding part I think I can deal with

maro to open word doc

maro to open word doc Icon
Can someone help me with a macro? I have only been working on access databases for a couple of weeks now but learning fast. I would like to use a macro to open a word doc. I can open the doc with the following code( Application.FollowHyperlink "C:\Template.doc") . I need to do this with a macro so that I can link this event to a button click that also does a make table query.

Scaling Word OLE object in Access Report

Scaling Word OLE object in Access Report Icon
I have a complex report that, for each header record, must print a highly formatted word doc, then is followed with many subreports generated from my db.

The header record word doc is variable in size, ranging from a few paragraphs, to multiple pages.

I can link or embed the appropriate Word Doc to each of my header records as an OLE field on the header record. But when I embed the OLE field on my MS Access Report, The report control does not "scale" to show the Word doc in its original size, length, etc.

Instead, the entire doc content "sclaes down" to the fixed control size that I have drawn on myreport.

run macro on word doc closing

run macro on word doc closing Icon
Is it possible to run a macro in access 2010 on close event of a word doc. I want to run an update query when I have sent some email. I want to first make sure I send the emails and the when I have finished close the word doc and then open query [QueryName].

close word > setfocus max access

close word > setfocus max access Icon
When connecting to a word file using odbc, the word message "opening this document will run .sql" is hidden from the user. Is there a way to have the messagebox from word popup over access? So far the only way I have been able to view the message is to minimize access - I can do this with code. After the word doc merges to a new doc and is closed, how can I setfocus to access and maximize it again