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Opening Access 97 MDB in Access 2010

Opening Access 97 MDB in Access 2010
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I have a very old Access mdb file (Access 97 I think) but I can't open it due to insufficient permissions.

Now my understanding is that I need the original mdw file, which I don't have. What I do have is the original user name and password for admin account access to the database.

I know in earlier version of Access I could use the /user and /pwd switched to enter the admin credentials but how do I get into this database using Access 2010.

I have the discs somewhere for Access 97 but I doubt it will even install on Windows 7 64 bit.
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Opening Access 2000 file in Access 2010

Opening Access 2000 file in Access 2010 Icon
I have problem with opening my (10 years) old MDB file in Access 2010. I can open it in MS Access 2003 without any problem, but in Access 2010 I have to enter user name and password before opening. But I haven't ever set it, so I don't know it.

Any idea how to solve it

Change Access 2003 mdb workgroup using Access 2010

Change Access 2003 mdb workgroup using Access 2010 Icon
I just upgraded to Access 2010 from 2003. With 2003, I was able to open protected mdb files using Workgroup Administrator and joining (changing) the workgroup. This was done BEFORE opening the mdb file.

I can't do this with Access 2010 - there's no option to change a workgroup.

I scoured the internet for an answer. The closest one suggested creating a shortcut and having the target point to the Access application, then the mdb file, then use a "wrkgrp" command to point to the workgroup file (all this in one space-divided string). The answer related to Access 2007, and it doesn't work in 2010 (unless I'm doing something wrong).

.mdb under Access 2010

.mdb under Access 2010 Icon
I have a rather complex database in Access 2003, .mdb format. I understand the conversion to 2010 (similar to 2007) can be tedious.

I further understand that it is possible to run in .mdb format under Access 2010.

I would like to hear expert opinions ( I am most definitely NOT an Access professional), on the advisability of doing that: what features I would not be able to use, or if it is even worth leaving the coccoon of

Compatibility of mdb Format Over Ms Access 2010, Office 2010

Compatibility of mdb Format Over Ms Access 2010, Office 2010 Icon
While adding any simple command button (having code)on Microsoft form created in MS Access 2003(mdb) and try to save it in MS Access 2010 in same db format (mdb), I am getting the following error

"This form or report contains changes that are incompatible with the current database format. The form or report was not saved."

This way I am not able to add any control on mdb format using MS Access 2010. Could anyone help me out how it can be possible

Opening Report Crashes Access 2003

Opening Report Crashes Access 2003 Icon
In a nutshell, whenever I try to open a report in Access 2003, all of Access crashes and offers to send an error summary to Microsoft. The report was created using Access 2010 in .mdb format.

The weird thing is that the query the report is based on IS working just fine, so I think it must be something to do with the report's format.

Are reports created in 2010 usually backwards compatible with 2003 assuming create them in .mdb format?

Run multiple version of Access

Run multiple version of Access Icon
We have access 97 and we are migrating to access 2010 run-time. Is there a way to have access 2010 only take file associations over .accdb and keep .mdb associated with access97 while we convert over? I'm attempting to role access 2010 run time via group policy(Active directory) and script the whole associations thing. But the problem is every time I get the associations right, as soon as you launch access 2010 it re-registers itself for .mdb files. Very Very frustrating

Encrypting a field

Encrypting a field Icon
I have an split Access database (mdb) that has just been moved to Access 2010 but kept as an mdb. In the main table there is a field that holds a Social Security Number. The new head of IT is concerned that this field has just been sitting out there on the network (rightly so) and wants to encrypt it. I have no experience with working with it at that level. Can anyone tell me if it is possible in either Access 2003 or Access 2010, mdb or accdb to do this? If so, can you tell me how? The field is not an ID field and only shows up on the form and possibly on a report

mdb wont open with double click

mdb wont open with double click Icon
My new system will not open an MDB file from Windows Explorer when someone else has it open unless I open Access first. If the file is not open, a double-click on the file icon will open it without problems.

If the file is open by another user, my machine apparently does not open it (Access does not show up in Task Manager) but it adds my machine name to the open LDB file!

I have already tried dis-associating MDB with Access, then shutting down, and then re-associating the MDB file types with Access. It did not solve the matter.

The file is in Access 2003: I just got a new system running Windows 7 and Office 2010 today. This same issue came up previously with a co-worker with her Windows XP-Pro machine suddenly stopped opening MDBs that someone else had open unless Access was started first.

Using *.mdb within Access 2007/2010 over the long run.....

Using *.mdb within Access 2007/2010 over the long run..... Icon
I have a 2003 *.mdb that I have user-level security on. I just managed to tweak the password shortcut so that it'll open in Access 2010(2007). I've tested it some and the user-level security seems to be in tact.

My Question: Have any of you had a longer-term experience with using an *.MDB inside the Access 2010/2007? Wondering if there may be some issues down the road I am not thinking of/testing.

We have 13 users who have been read-only users and 2 who have had full data access while working under ver 2003. However, now I.T. is wanting to know if they can push out 2010 on all machines and remove version

.mdb v. .accdb

.mdb v. .accdb Icon
I've just upgraded from Access 2003 to 2010. At the time I was not aware that the file format had changed from .mdb to .accdb. At first I could not open my .mdb files in Access 2010 but found that if I enabled all macros in Access I could open the .mdb files and save them however, they still save as .mdb files and I continue to only be able to open them with all macros enabled. I understand this is a potential security threat and would like to disable macros but unfortunately can't view my files if I do. Am I missing something, doing something wrong or just out of luck