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Open pdf document read only

Open pdf document read only
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Is there a way to set a pdf document to read only when opening it? I have the following code that opens a pdf, but I also want to prevent the user from changing it in any way. No deletions, additions, substitutions or edits of any kind. I'd rather not use Hyperlink or Atachment data types either.

Private Sub OpenPrint_Click() Dim PDFPartPrint As String Dim AdobeProgramPath As String Dim RetVal As Integer AdobeProgramPath = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe " 'Hard coded program executable path! PDFPartPrint = (AdobeProgramPath & Forms![frmCustomers]![Child4].Form![Part Drawing Path]) ' Combined Program executable path and part drawing path! 'MsgBox (PDFPartPrint) RetVal = Shell(PDFPartPrint, vbNormalFocus) End Sub
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Make changes to a PDF file

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Portable Document Format (PDF) is a common format for sharing final versions of documents. Most PDF files are similar to read-only; they can be read but not changed.

Ole server error

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My Dears,

I have a Access database which I have a record where I attached a .pdf document.
Everything is going smovely until I open the document. When I close the .pdf document give me this error:

WebControl() Access 2010 - save url in database

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I have a form with a webcontrol where I need to save the url/document ex. a pdf-file in my database as an attachment.

When I ex. make a google search and find a pdf document - I can open it inside the control - no problem. and the PDF reader save functions opens too.

But I need to save the document in my database og local ex. pdf-file

Opening PDF attachments in VB from my Access Data Base

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What I would like is for the entire field of attachments to read 'Open' and then click on that word open and it will open the PDF that is attached.


LastName | FirstName | OPEN | Date | Notes | etc

I would just like to click the word OPEN and have the PDF associated with that contact open.

Linking Scanned Documents (pdf)

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My employer would like for a document that has been scanned on the network scanner to appear in client file.

Lets assume the file will be in PDF format in a specified folder and that the first 4 charters in the document will be the unique client ID followed by the description of the type of document. Something like 3980 Offer Letter.pdf

Can I have access evaluate that folder and only display those files that are have to do with that client in a form where only that client information appears? Also if the user clicks on the file it needs to open.

Is this possible and if so can someone give me an article or advice of what I can do to make this work.

Maybe I am going down the wrong path and there is another way to accomplish this.

I thought of hyperlinks but not sure if that would be virtual

Save a Word Document as a PDF

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I was asked in a forum how to print/save a word document as a PDF from within Access. Below is a simple procedure to do exactly that using Late Binding (so no reference libraries are required)...

How to handle a PDF file

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I've already made an access application that does the work I expect it to do.
Now I want to make things a little faster.

I now receive by email a PDF form (or file) filled in by a customer. I open it with Acrobat Reader and then manually enter the information contained in the PDF file into a new record in my database.

Now I would like my application to read that file and fill in a new record by itself.

Would somebody know how to do this or at least put me in the good direction

Inserting a pdf or word document into report

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I have a mulitple page report. I need to insert into it PDf or Word documents. I cannot find a way to import these within the report tools.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can do this. Basically we are are wanting to put certificates within the document.

Displaying PDF files using VBA in access 2003

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with code to open externally saved PDF files from a button on an access formn using VBA.

My pdfs are located in a folder on the c: drive

eg. c:/jobpacks/a/alfreton/yyy.pdf
/b/barnsley/xxx.pdf etc

All I want to do is open them and display them on the screen, I would then like to email them as an attachment

Long Binary Data (type) to PDF in table

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Access 2007) using VBA I need to convert "Long binary data" type to pdf "Adobe Acrobat Document" in an OLE Object Access table.

If I drop/drag the document into the table I get the "Adobe Acrobat Document" type that allows me to double click to open.

If I copy the same file using VBA, the "Long binary data" type doesn't allow me to open with double click.

Any ideas how to convert the file to a PDF format during, before, or after I copy the file to the table? I don't see any way to cast the file to be an OLE Object of PDF type. Any help - great appreciated.

Code snippet.
Dim curDatabase As DAO.Database
Dim MyTrackingTable As DAO.Recordset

Set curDatabase = CurrentDb()
Set MyTrackingTable = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("TrackingTableName")

MyTrackingTable("Report") = PathToFile + "DaileyReport.pdf"