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Open form based on date field criteria

Open form based on date field criteria
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I'm designing a database for my company and am attempting to create a calendar-like form for scheduling and whatnot. I want the user to be able to double click a specific calendar date and have a form pop up with all the items scheduled for that day.

However, I'm having trouble using a date as a criteria for the pop up form. This is what I have so far:
Unfortunately the form loads blank, because the date criteria doesn't pass anything.
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Opening one form based on 2 criteria in another form

Opening one form based on 2 criteria in another form Icon
I have a general form that contains patient information. In this form I can | scroll through different exam dates for a particular patient. I need to be |
able to open a second form (for editing) based on two criteria, patient ID | and exam visit date.

I have used open args before to open a form when only one criteria was being | passed, howeverm, I can't figure this one out.

Query criteria based on a form field

Query criteria based on a form field Icon
I am trying to open a report from a form using data from a field on the form as the criteria for the report query. I will try to explain.

I can get the report to open when the form field reads a single criteria like "Cross Country". My problem comes when I try to get the report to open when the field says Varsity Soccer or JV Soccer.

If I put *soccer* directly in the query criteria the report opens. If I put *soccer* in the form field and then get the query to read the criteria from the form, the report will not open.

I have also tried "Varsity soccer or JV soccer" in the field and it still does not work.

What other wording can I use to get all the Varsity soccer and JV soccer names to open in the report? Or what other approach should I use?

Sub Form Disappears When I add new field

Sub Form Disappears When I add new field Icon
1. I have a main form, single form, where you select criteria. Meal name, Meal ID, Start Date and End date.

2. You click the button Find Meals which only has the code me.refresh.

3. The sub form is based on a select query that reads the criteria off the main form and refreshes the sub form (continuous form) with the correct data. See Pic 1.

4. The select query is based on one table. See Pic 2.

I add one additional field from the table to the query. I then add the field to the sub form.

When I reopen the main form the sub form has disappeared from the screen. I select the same criteria in the parent form and click the button and nothing shows up. See Pic 3.

Filtering a Report

Filtering a Report Icon
I will never again put ACCESS on my resume.serves me right for lying…

I am currently lost with what should be the easiest thing.

I have a report, based on a query, that is opened through an "open report" button on a form. This form also includes 2 filter criteria: "client" and "date" The appropriate criteria is setup on the query so that when I fill in these blanks, the report opens up nice and filtered.


What if I ONLY want to filter by ONE of these criteria, e.g date, leaving the other one blank? And vice versa? or what If I want to leave both blank, and just open the report with no filters? Is there a way to do this?

I tried having two buttons to open two duplicate reports, one with and one without filters. This is most likely not the most efficient way, but it works. However, it only works with one filter. I need 2, possibly more.

One more thing. The DATE criteria is entered by specifying a start date and an end date. So if I want to look up the records for March, I'd select the first and the last day of march.Ideally, but not necessary, I would like to have 2 dropdown lists, one with the 12 months and one with a list of years, and filter it that way.

How To Open A Subform Based On A Criteria

How To Open A Subform Based On A Criteria Icon
Basics: I'm running a SQL server 2008 R2 back end with an Access 2007 Front end.

I need to find a way of opening up a main form and one of several possible sub forms depending on a criteria. A more literal way of putting it is
I'm trying to, based on an on click open up a form and also open up a sub form within that form based on state. We have a main table and several other tables that contain information based on state. The main form will be based on the main
table and holds our ID# and State. What I need to do is be able to open a states
table in the sub form based on what state is listed in our main table.

there a query I can create that will do this using Joins between all the different state tables?

Examples of query criteria

Examples of query criteria Icon
When you want to limit the results of a query based on the values in a field, you use query criteria. A query criterion is an expression that Access compares to query field values to determine whether to include the record that contains each value.
In this topic:
* Introduction to query criteria
* Criteria for Text, Memo, and Hyperlink fields
* Criteria for Number, Currency, and AutoNumber fields
* Criteria for Date/Time fields
* Criteria for other fields

show blank in the date selection field

show blank in the date selection field Icon
I have a date field on the form which is to be used as an optional selection criteria. How would I display this date field with a blank value when I open the form?

Date and Time Criteria from a Control on a Form

Date and Time Criteria from a Control on a Form Icon
If you want to change the criteria argument for an operation based on a user's decision, you can specify that the criteria comes from a control on a form. For example, you could specify that the criteria argument comes from a list box containing order dates from an Orders table.

problem with date criteria

problem with date criteria Icon
I have a query in which I add a number of days to a given date. This gives the "next date due" for the particular function. In the criteria of the expression field, I have entered "between[start date] and [end date].

When I open this report, it prompts me to enter the dates I want to see reported. However, it doesn't limit the results to those dates or to the current year.

Can I change a FONT based on condition?

Can I change a FONT based on condition? Icon
I have two different date fields. One for the date due, and one for the received date.

What I want to do is this.

If the Received Date is past the Due Date, I want the received date to be RED.

I don't need it to do this in the table, just in the report, which is based on a query. Can I put a criteria formula in the Query for that field?