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open form based on combobox

open form based on combobox
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please, I have two forms "form1" and "form2", on form one I have cascading combobox called "cbo27", what I am trying to do is after update of "cbo27" than this will open form2 and place the contents of "cbo27" into a textbox called "isodwgno
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Open form to specific record based on combobox

Open form to specific record based on combobox Icon
Here is what I want to do.have a combobox that only displays records on a table where field = 0. got I want to be able to click on record in combobox and have it open up the form to that specific record.

So far I have combobox with.

SELECT tblLoad.LoadID, tblLoad.LoadDate, tblLoad.AutoclaveID, tblLoad.LoadNumber, tblLoad.[Cycle Complete] FROM tblLoad WHERE (((tblLoad.[Cycle Complete])=0));

Bound Column is 1

This works to limit records shown in combbox.yea!
Now I can't figure out how to open form to that particular record.have tried several things in afterupdate of combobox.but no luck

updating a control

updating a control Icon
I have a form which has a combobox. Next to the combo is a button. when the button is hit it will open another form for data entry.

if the combobox is empty, then the button will open a form and start a new record

if the combobox has a value in it, then the button will open a form to the correct record (corrosponding to the combobox value)

the form that the button opens modifies the table that the combobox data
is picked from.

all of this works as expected. now for the question :

when the user returns to the original form, how do I get the combobox to 'update' the available values from the table that the other form just modified? ( I prefer to not do this as I close the other form, but rather put some code in to update the combobox when the original form regains focus ) for example, if the user creates a new record, and then closes the form, the combobox does not have the new record as a choice.

something like

on event gainfocus : me.mycombobox.rebuild your list

forced position of combobox

forced position of combobox Icon
I have a form frmUnits working well with a combobox based on MyID. When I open frmUnits by a macro from another form frm2 where I have a field Textbox10 with let´s say having value 45 and in a macro says "Open frmUnit where MyID = the value in Textbox 10 in frm2 this will go OK. The frmUnit then shows me the post with MyID = 45.

But then I can't use my combobox for changing to onother post in frmUnit because the frmUnit is locked to just MyID = 45 even if I can change the value in my combobox.

How to release the frmUnit combobox not changing the one and only MyID = 45 showed post ?

Query based on ComboBox selection

Query based on ComboBox selection Icon
I'm trying to create a query that will run based on what is selected in the combobox. I have a main form which holds the subform with the combobox. I want a button to open the query. The query field references the combobox with [forms]![subFrmName]![cboName].

My problem with this comes when I press the button and I get a message box titled "Enter Parameter Value" with my field reference line Forms!subFrmName!cboName with a text box underneath.

Am I doing something wrong? I've checked the subform name and combobox name multiple times and it appears that I'm referencing them correctly.

Filter on Load Report Based on A Form ComboBox

Filter on Load Report Based on A Form ComboBox Icon
Form Name: popup; Combo1 is the name of the Combobox I want to pass information to my report on load to filter the report output. Query report is based on: Open Issues. Report Name: Active Issues by Physician (field I want to filter is Provider Name)

I have the form built and here is the code behind the cmd button set OnClick:

ComboBox not listing multiple columns

ComboBox not listing multiple columns Icon
I have a combo box based off a query. I want to add a second column to the combobox, so I went and added the field that I want added to the query that the combobox is based on. But when I went to go create a new ComboBox, it is not showing all the fields from the query it is based on! Why is this?

populate a combobox based on a textbox in a form

populate a combobox based on a textbox in a form Icon
I have seen combobox based on combobox and textbox based on combobox, but I need a combobox to populate from a textbox. In my example I have a number of sales orders and each sales order has multiple unique serial numbers attached to it.

So I want to be able to type in a sales order number on a form and have it populate a combobox on that form with the serial numbers attached toit.

Three Comboboxes Synchronized

Three Comboboxes Synchronized Icon
Have three comboboxes in "ProductRegister" form
1) Products Category
2) Products
3) Packing

1. Select the category from the first combobox,
If the category is not available update the category table by enterting the category in the combobox

2. Based on the selection of the category combobox the products will be displayed in the products combobox.
Again if the product is not available update the products table

3. Based on the products combobox the packing will be displayed in the third combobox.

I was able to get the data in the second combobox based on the selection in the first combobox. But not going to the third one. Also to add a new item if not available.

Filter subForm comboBox based on main form combobox selection - SAMPLE ATTACHED

Filter subForm comboBox based on main form combobox selection - SAMPLE ATTACHED Icon
Here is my problem. I am trying to filter a combobox on a subform based on a combobox on my main form. I am successfully able to do this with two combo boxes on the same mainform but not with one on the mainform and one on the subform. I have attached a sample database with the tables, queries, and forms associated with this issue.

I have read numerous topics on this site relating to this topic and I have tried all the responses but I just keeping getting lost in the middle of the

Combobox showing ID, can't find fix

Combobox showing ID, can't find fix Icon
I have 2 forms under a heading of System Edits. Create New Record and Verify Open Records.

They are used for tracking any system changes. I create a new record and have a combobox to select which user made the change. The form contains an editable side for new record entry and a locked side to show the verify info.
This updates the tbl_systemEdits.

I have a query based on this table that only shows if a verified date is null. The Verify Open Records is based on this query so that a different user can verify the edits. I have a combobox on the verify section to select a user, which should populate back to the New Record form but all I can get it to list is the Record ID, not the user name