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Numbering Entries in a Report or Form

Numbering Entries in a Report or Form
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How to display a sequential numbering sequence on forms and reports in a Microsoft Access database.
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Calculating the missing number

Calculating the missing number Icon
I searched the archives and can't quite obtain the answer I am looking for.

I have a table that allows for unlimited entries, but it needs to have at least 2 entries per Person (already connected relationally in a one-to-many). I need a calculated control for the form that can state how many more entries the Person needs by counting the number of entries that are already in the table.

For example, PersonA has 1 entry and the control would state that 1 more is needed. However, Person B has 3 entries and the control would simply be blank.

I plan to use the control in both a form and also a report.

How to customize the numbering in a query?

How to customize the numbering in a query? Icon
I want to customize the numbering in a query. In other word, I want to make customized numbering in a column in query but as formatted below: 001

ColumnHistory to display on report

ColumnHistory to display on report Icon
I am using this code to track and display historical entries entered into a "Comments" field everytime a user adds comments to a record. The field is a memo field with Append Only property set to Yes.

This code works fine when used as an unbound field on a form, but I keep getting an #Error when displaying it on a Report. My intent is to have the historical entries display on a report as well.

The report source is a query, so it is only returning the last entry made. Is there a better way to save historical entries with a date/time stamp for a record?

Code used:

Reporting Issue: Combine query

Reporting Issue: Combine query Icon
I have a report that combines 3 queries based on three tables which have one primary key in common (NCR Num). The only issue is that when I combine them together and run the report, I am getting ALL the entries from the tables, instead of just the entries that are associated with that one common primarykey value (NCR Num).

Relationships: Shows the three tables and how they relate

Report Layout: Shows how I have done up the report in design layout

Report Results: Shows the extra values that I do not want. Ex. This is the report for NCR 19 but I am getting information for NCR 20 and 21 in the Problem Section and NCR Employee Section

Data Entry Form: Just shows the data entry for that feeds entries into all three tables.

numbering results of query on form

numbering results of query on form Icon
I have a query that returns total scores in descending order. I present that on a form but I want my form to show the scoring position
1. ABC Company 100
2. DEF Company 90
3. GHI Company 80

How can I number each line on the form WITHOUT writing the results of the query to a temporary table. I want to avoid temporary tables as I want the user to update tick boxes on this form based on scores.

How do I get the form to count the number of rows and assign numbering. Is it something I can assign within the query rather than the form?

Auto Numbering in Ms-Access

Auto Numbering in Ms-Access Icon
Auto numbering is a handy little feature that will search out the next consecutive or random number for you, and as the name suggests, it does it automatically. It then adds that number into the field where the data type is set to 'AutoNumber'.
When talking about Microsoft Access, auto numbering should only be used when you want to create a primary key, but don't want it to have any real significance to it, other than the fact that it is unique.

Auto Numbering 2 fields in an append query

Auto Numbering 2 fields in an append query Icon
I would like to import excel data and append it to an existing DB. In the past all data has been entered from the keyboard. Now a lot of what I get is in a form I can convert to an excel spreadsheet.

The difficulty I have is that there are 2 tables involved. One creates a auto batch number for a group of entries the other an auto number for each of the group entries. There is of course common data between the two tables and the link is an operator number.

Searching the lounge and the web the best I can work out is not to include the auto number fields in theappend query is there anything else I should know or do.

Reset page numbering for each record in a table

Reset page numbering for each record in a table Icon
I have a report in Access 2010 that will produce printed output for each record (row) of information in a table. Each row can have more than 200 fields (columns), so one record may take a few pages to print.

My question is; is there a way to have the page numbering start over with each new record?
For example record 1 may have Page 1 of 2 and Page 2 of 2. while record 2 may have Page 1 of 3, Page 2 of 3 and Page 3 of 3, record 3 may have just Page 1 of 1, etc.

Sorting within acFormDS

Sorting within acFormDS Icon
I have a form thatour service volunteers can use to log their service hours. Entries are usualy made weekly and management uses the data to report monthly. I provide a "View Log"button so, as the month progresses, our volunteers can view the log entries and confirm they have entered all their weekly times.
The entries open in DataSheet view in chronological - input - order. Is there a way to set a sorting parameter within the 'DoCmd' so all entries from each volunteer can be grouped together?

Sub Report's Size

Sub Report's Size Icon
I have a sub report which has different number of records depending upon the Account No. in the Main Report. I want the sub report to be resizable to reflect all the relevant entries. How to do so?