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Moving backend database

Moving backend database
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I have successfully split our database. In changing the location of the backend (_be) database (using a copy), then re-linking in the frontend (_fe) to the new _be location, there is no issue.

But if I rename the _be in the original location (which really should be deleted -- but glad I didn't yet), my front-end will not even come up (it shows the template page for newdatabases).

If I rename the _be database in the original location (which should not be involved anymore) to its correct name, the front end comes up, and tables show they are still correctly pointing to the new location.

I need to know how the original _be database from which I copied for the move, could have any relationship to my _fe pointing to the new location.

This is all I need to be complete my split, since I will be moving the split database off my pc into a server environment, now that I have installed Bob Larson's tool to enable auto-updates (a great piece of work).
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Got a problem with Moving into SQL

Got a problem with Moving into SQL Icon
I have moved the backend of the database in SQL using the access wizard which seemed to work ok.

I have tried to link the frontend of the database onto the backend/SQL which I have followed the guide on MS (I hope is right ),

1st have I done it right by only moving the backend into SQL, 2nd when I have linked the frontend to the backend in SQL, I try to open one of the forms and it does not work, when I try and open the table in the frontend I get a message with says"ODBC - Call Failed" and when it opens it only has 63 recordes and not the 4500 which it should have and every field has #Name?

Using Backend database to slow

Using Backend database to slow Icon
I have a problem where the backend data is just way to slow to work with so I am trying to come up with a plan for working around it.

I was thinking about just copying the backend data to the users mydocuments folder and have the program access the data there but when changes were made then update the backend database.

Then update the local copy with the new id from the backend to the local version so the ID's and whatnot are controlled by the backend.

When the user opens the program after closing then it would just pull the backend data to the local machine again overwriting it.

I am grasping at straws here

Frontend Compact Backend

Frontend Compact Backend Icon
I have a database that is split and is set to make a backup copy of itself when it is started. This database loads multiple spreadsheets into a temporary table in the backend, summarizes the data via queries, and appends the summarized data to permanent tables.

Before the database is closed, I would like the user to be able to compact the backend of the database. Is itpossible to compact the backend of a database from the frontend? Or is this something that just needs to be done manually?

Location of backend database

Location of backend database Icon
I want to split my database into backend and frontend databases. I understand that the backend database needs to be placed in a shared location. I would like to know whether there are any restriction on the type of storage location for the backend database.

Must it be on a shared network location in a Windows environment? Can it be placed on some FTP server?

Reconnecting a split DB after moving one of the files?

Reconnecting a split DB after moving one of the files? Icon
I notice that if I move the backend database file, the front-end is unable to connect to it, and does not offer a prompt to locate the file. Is there any convenient way to help the front end DB relocate the backend DB file

Frontend showing data, backend not updating

Frontend showing data, backend not updating Icon
I have a very strange problem.

I have a backend-database on a network disk shared by 6 users. All users have a frontend client wich they use to administer the datebase. Everything in the frontend looks ok and they can query the latest data. However if I open up the backend database tables nothing has been updated since the middle of december. If I make a copy of the backend I can open it up and create new posts with ID-numbers that has already been taken by the frontend.

Ofcourse I have doublechecked that the clients are connected to the right backend file (there's only on backend file in the directory). Its all very strange and confusing, anyone with a good idea whats going on

Macro to load form not working after database split

Macro to load form not working after database split Icon
Have a database that works just fine before running the database splitter. Once the database is split the macros to load a form will not run when you select the command button. It will only work for two users. These two users do have full control of the folder where the database frontend and backend are stored. I did give certain users and groups full control as well but the macros will still not load the form.
No error messages are displayed. I did update the links but it did not make a difference.
Both the frontend and backend are located on the server but I also tried moving the frontend to the local computer and it did not make a difference

duplicating backend

duplicating backend Icon
I am modifying the existing database.
I today created a copy of both front and back end.
When I made changes in the copy of backend table definition,
They also reflected in the database in use.

Could someone please help with creating a duplicate backend where
I should be able to make changes without effecting the actual database in use and also test the changes using the front end.

Splitting a database: where should I put the backend of this database?

Splitting a database: where should I put the backend of this database? Icon
Application is about data entry for each of their users - Now, where should I put the backend of this database? the only trusted location I see is under C:\Documents and Settings\umair.khan\MyDocuments\Trusted\EUCApplica tions should I put the backend here? if so, how should I put the front end on everyones desktop so they can access it without getting the warning

How to show data in Access Form

How to show data in Access Form Icon
I have created Access database as a frontend application and another database as a Backend Database (all the databases are password protected). All tables and queries are stored in Backend Database.

My problem is that I need to create a form (Combo filters) with sub-form (List of the columns). I don't know how to show the data in this form / sub-form from backend database,