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Message Box (MsgBox) Postion X/Y

Message Box (MsgBox) Postion X/Y
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Is there a way to define the screen position of a message box?
Or would I have to create a form of my own to act as the Message Box
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MsgBox Macro Action

MsgBox Macro Action Icon
You can use the MsgBox action to display a message box containing a warning or an informational message. For example, you can use the MsgBox action with validation macros. When a control or record fails a validation condition in the macro, a message box can display an error message and provide instructions about the kind of data that should be entered.

MsgBox Placement

MsgBox Placement Icon
Is there a way to control where a message box displays on a form? I have 3 list boxes and want the MsgBox to display over a specific list box

MsgBox before you can check the box

MsgBox before you can check the box Icon
I want to make an MsgBox popup when I click on a check box with a message - if the two controls are not filled you cant check this box if they are filled then nothing happens an the box is checked

How to have Multi Choice Message Box

How to have Multi Choice Message Box Icon
Forum, access 2000
I can't get my head around what to look for on this issue.

I want a display of Report Choices and which ever is clicked will be acted on.

For one report, simple MsgBox yes/no but 2 or three reports? to stack the message boxes would be painful to the operator.

How do you have a box appear that has multi choices?

Should have paid more attention to the lecturer 10 years ago!
I have a 850 page text book but of course, what to look for. MsgBox doesn't cover Options such as this

Alterations to MsgBox command

Alterations to MsgBox command Icon

To keep the Keyboard to floor interface and ID Ten T errors at a minimum I am using a message box to confirm a deletion selection. Is there anyway or is it possible to change the font, color and cause some words to flicker in the message box

Macro Msgbox

Macro Msgbox Icon
I need some urgent help.

I need to create a pop-up text box that requires me to display the data of a certain field.

for example, I have a form that allows me to update these particulars:

- name
- address

and after manually typing in the details, I would have to click on a command button that creates this pop-up msgbox that displays "hello, (name)! you live at (address)."

i've applied the macro msgbox function. however I was stuck for a long time at the message part! how can I put name and address field into the actual pop-up box

How to Fix the button postion in the form

How to Fix the button postion in the form Icon
I have a form which has scrollbars.and I have a button also.

I want to fix the button postion . means on scrolling button should not move only form shouls be move

Clear Form

Clear Form Icon
I have a from that will allow users to create new individuals with specs for name, ID, DOB etc. However if the individual's ID is already in use a message box will appear and prevent the user from creating a new file or overwriting the existing one.

If IsNull(txtID) Then
MsgBox "Please enter Customer's ID"
If DLookup("ID", "tblA", txtID) > 0 Then
MsgBox " Customer ID already exists" & vbNewLine & " " & vbNewLine & "A duplicate record cannot be created"

The code accurately premits the duplication of the record but the message continues to show even when the ID is changed to something else. Is there anyway the form can be 'reset' to clear everything out? After the message box appears and ok is selected the old data still appears on the form. I'll adjust the ID to something else but the message still appears.

Bold formatting for MsgBox

Bold formatting for MsgBox Icon
I have multiple message boxes on some forms. I want to be able to make a line bold. Is there any way to do this with the MsgBox() function in VBA? I don't want to make these message boxes seperate pop-up forms. Does anyone know how I could code bold formattting into a MsgBox

Msg Box & Word document

Msg Box & Word document Icon
I am wokring with an Orders database. What I have is in certain instances certain products choices by the user will prompt a pop-up Msg box to appear.

What I want to do is have a printout of the Msgbox sent automatically to the printers when it pops up.

I have created an instance of Word, open a new doc, populate key fields in the Doc (i.e. Cust Name, Order#)

What I would like to do is print the text of the message box without having to retype the message for each product ( I have quite a few and some are lengthy)