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Merging multiple rows into one row with several columns

Merging multiple rows into one row with several columns
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In a long-term project to update a legacy system we need to create a duplicate output file (output) of the old system, using values made by the new system (input).

This means the following;

1. Several rows from output have to be combined into one row with several added columns in input.
2. Criteria for 'merging' rows are based on the values of several columns in input, if these all match the row can be merged.
3. When there are over 4 identical rows in input for one merge, the data from any of these rows is fine. Result in output is limited to 3 extra columns.
4. A final row in output needs to display the true amount of rows in input.

I've added a simplified and shortened example of the two files in question as an attachment to this posting.

My first instinct, based solely on experience with excel macro's; 1. Concatenate the rows that need to be identical for the merger. Save in temporary row.
2. Create a new table. For each row check if the value in the temporary row has been used before, then write the value in the proper column and update the counter.
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