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Make a text box grow or shrink as you resize a form

Make a text box grow or shrink as you resize a form
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When you resize a form, why not take full advantage of the available space? In Access 2007, you can use the anchoring feature to make a control stretch down and across as you make the form bigger, and then shrink as you make the form smaller. Experiment with the available stretching and anchoring options to get the effect you want.
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Make controls stretch, shrink, or move as you resize a form

Make controls stretch, shrink, or move as you resize a form Icon
By default, the controls on a form stay anchored to the upper-left corner of the form, and do not resize when you resize the form. To change this behavior, you can use the Anchoring command. For example, you can configure a text box so that it stretches down and to the right as the form becomes larger. This lets you see more text in the control.

Text box resize horizontally

Text box resize horizontally Icon
Is there a way to have a text box that will resize itself horizontally depending on the size of the data? The can grow property allows it to grow vertically which I don't want. If there isnot an easy way to do it I would imagine there would be a way to do it with VBcode.

detail.height not to shrink after accommodate a large text box

detail.height not to shrink after accommodate a large text box Icon
Have set detail.height in OnOpen event of report. Have set Detail to can grow/can shrink. Have set text boxes in Detail section to can grow/can shrink. Have set detail.height in OnFormat event of detail section.

However, after the first time the detail section needs to grow (which it does OK) it does not shrink back for other records displayed in Detail section. LIne height is changing as it should,but not Detail section height.

Text is cut in memo datatype textbox in Report

Text is cut in memo datatype textbox in Report Icon
Here's another issue with Access 2007. I have a subform that have two group headers; Branch_Name and Commit_ID. The Detail of the subform have four columns; Section (Text), Date Completed(Date), Action Progress (Memo), Action Location (Memo).

The issue that I am having right now is that text that is in the Action Progress field is being cut. I set the Can Grow, Can Shrink of the text box and the Detail as YES and it did not solve the problem.

Then, I set Can Grow, Can Shrink of the text box as YES and NO, respectively, and the Detail as YES for both cases, and it did not solve the problem either.

Text Box Calculations Failing - #Name?

Text Box Calculations Failing - #Name? Icon
I have a text box that calculates a subform and up until today it work perfectly!

I have not modified the subform or anything else. This is my calculation: =[Child562].[Form]![txtItemValueCalculation]

If I move or resize the text box and then select View Form it works, but once I close the database and reopen it, it does not work.

The text box shows the following error in it:

Variable width text box

Variable width text box Icon
I'm using Access 2010. Is there a property to make the width of a text box grow to whatever the length of the text? I know about the Can Grow property, but that only controls the height of the text box.

I'm trying to make a sub-report to list the contents of a field separated by commas, such as: Abcd, 12345678901234567890, 1234567890.

Basically, I want the contents of that field displayed in a sentence-type fashion, separated by commas.

I've tried a 5 column report that goes Across the page, but the length of our data varies from 4 characters, to about 100 characters. A list of all the data is what I'd like to get.

Gridlines that can grow

Gridlines that can grow Icon
I have 10 fields in a report, all with thin solid lines around each field to form a grid (similar to an Excel spreadsheet). Most of the fields will never grow as the data is something simple (date, yes/no etc), however a couple fields are allowed to grow depending on how much text is in them.

The fields are able to "grow" however the "grid" loses it's formating when one fields grows and the others stay the same.I have set all the fields to grow, didn't work. I though maybe by grouping all the field together they would be forced to grow to the largest field but there doesn't seem to be an option for this?

Access Form troubles

Access Form troubles Icon
I am having problems with form design in access2007.

My control source is "Patients Detail Form"
My control is MedicareNo.

In design view I create a form using Form Design, I add in a text box and under Properties, Control Source, I add the following
=[Patient Details Table]![MedicareNo]

When I go to Form View,

I thought I could get around the problem by selecting Form (on create tab), and letting Access make the form automatically, which it did, and when I went to Form View, I was able to put in data without getting the #Name? error. However, when I went back to change the design of the form :
I tried to make a text box smaller, and all the text boxes in the form adjusted, I was not able to select only one for resize.

I was able to move text boxes up and down (to change the order), but was not able to move text boxes next to each other (

grow text box horizontally

grow text box horizontally Icon
I have a report where I need to insert a currency value into a sentence. Right now, I have a label that says "Please submit the commission amount of " then a text box that shows the amount, then another label with "to the following address." The problem is, depending on the amount of the commission, there is either not enough room for the entire amount to show, or there is toomuch extra space in the sentence to make it look right.

I know there is the "Can Grow" property, but that only seem to work vertically, not horizontally. Is there another way I could dothis?

Can grow and white spaces

Can grow and white spaces Icon
I have a report that has can grow set to yes, but when it does grow. the other fields in the row don't grow. Instead they leave an empty white space under them