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Mail Merge: Clickable Hyperlink

Mail Merge: Clickable Hyperlink
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I would like clickable hyperlink on mail merge to actually work. In my access 2003 database the field that corresponds to the Hyperlink is named VideoLink1 and I have made it a Hyperlink type field. However, when I insert the field within a MS word Hyperlink field brackets shown like this:


Then merge new document, I am able to see its shown as a hyperlink ie. blue font BUT when the pointer hovers over it, the javascript note as it should says CTRL + Click to follow link and I do that, ctrl and click but the link does not open. Just to make it clear the my links are correct.
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I have recently changed my email field in access 2010 to a hyperlink. However, now when I go to mail-merge in Word 2010 it won't send because its not reading the email address correctly

Mail Merge macro

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so I have made a mail merge for my database and it works fine and im happy with it. Now I just need to create a macro so I can create a button on my switch board which allows me to access the mail merge and the send it to the recipitent automatially. The mail merge is formed by a query

"Clickable" title in report

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In a Report, is there any way to embed a hyperlink within a text box that is pulling data from a field other than the field that a hyperlink is stored in? For example, my current report hasa textbox (txtTitle), and then beneath it another textbox that displays a clickable hyperlink, so the Report ends up looking like:

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I've just created a button that uses the RunApp macro to open up a mail merge for our database. Is it possbile through some VBA code to jump to an exact record in the mail merge? So, for example, if I'm on AccountNumber 29 and click the Mail Merge button, the mail merge will open up on AccountNumber 29. Is this possible at all

Making text a hyperlink

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What I have is a form in Access that has a command button on it that when clicked it opens a new outlook mail message with text already inserted into it. Part of the text is:

Please visit the Facilities Operations page for more information.

How could I possibly go about making the words " Facilities Operations " a clickable hyperlink in the the mail message?

Form Field open Default mail client

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Access 2003

I have a field on my database that is for email address.

When I display that field on a form I would like it to be a Mailto: link and open up the users default mail client (assuming they use a local client and not web based email).

The field is self in the table is set to "hyperlink"

Is this form by form coding (In other words can I have it clickable on some forms and not on others?). I guess I could just lock the field on the forms I do not want it clickable

Odd behaviour in email mailmerge from Word

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I have an an Access database which allows the user to select data to be available for mail merging via Word 2007. It selects the required data into a temporary table which word connects to via an ODBC connection.

This works fine for standard mail merge (letters, envelopes, labels) I have been asked by the charity I created it for to also use it for mailmerging into emails. The data in the temporary table contains an email address (as a hyperlink) and when that hyperlink is clicked it opens up the default client as expected.

In the mail merge process, at the end stage when the emails are sent to Outlook it fails because what is sent as the address is (for an actual address of [LINK]) [@email]#mailto:[@email]# which Outlook does not recognise. Iwould have expected the address sent only to be like mailto:[@email]#

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This is the first time I am trying to do mail merge from access.

Actually I have a query and I have designed the letter template in Ms word.
Now I want to filter the query based on the data passed from the access form and merge the filtered data in Ms words mail merge

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I plan on doing a mail merge which will include the case id(s) from the data collected with this query. There are clients who have more than one case id but I only want to send them one letter that lists both cases and I’m not sure how to do that.

Is it something I do within this query, another query or the mail merge document itself.

Mail Merge MultiValue ComboBox

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I am using Albert Kallal's Mail Merge Module and I LOVE it. Everything is working as normal except for one thing. I have a multi-value combo box where the user can pick multiple space numbers, the data is being written to the correct table and when I use Alberts Merge the SpaceNumbers option is listed under the Insert Merge Fields. When I choose the SpaceNumbers andMerge a document that field is empty.