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lock down a database

lock down a database
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From my previous question Pat Hartman gave me a solution and a good sugestion, that is LOCK DOWN THE DATABASE, the question now is . HOW I CAN DO THAT!, somebody has an idea?
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Access Locking other users out

Access Locking other users out Icon
We have numerious databases we use and have found that there are some computers that when they open a database up and without accessing anything in it will lock out everone else but if other users open the data base up they dont lock eveyone else out.

We run a variety of operating systems on our comps but there is no consistancy when you look at the comps concerned.

The version database is 2000

If a user that dose not lock the database up opens it first then the user that locks it up other users can then also open it up

Hi, guys How to Lock the access coding?

Hi, guys How to Lock the access coding? Icon
I have create the database and this is my first database. I have make some codes and operations in it and I want to lock the code. because the I don't want to make the changes in it. Please anybody tell me how I can do this?

Completely Lock Database?

Completely Lock Database? Icon
I've designed a database system that I recently put into use. It's used by about twenty people. Now, I have security features linking it to LDAP on the login screen to prevent people from accessing it, but if someone were to know that by holding shift they can bypass this startup page, then get into the options of the database and unhide the navigation pane and restore all menu buttons, they could start editting data in the back end tables.

So, what I'm wondering is, is there any way to fully lock down an Access (2007) database. This would only allow the user to view forms and reports. They cannot access anything else, nor can they get into an options menu to eliminate the protection. I have a seperate copy of the database (accdb) that I use for editing, and lock down when I replace the older one, so it's no issue for me if I cannot "Unlock" the database.

Multi User Access Database 2010 couldn't lock file error

Multi User Access Database 2010 couldn't lock file error Icon
The db is split, BE and FE. I have 3 admins who have no problem accessing the database and 2 users who can access the db but intermittently.

Users can access the db with no errors when the other 3 admins are not running the file.
But once the admins are running the db, the 2 users cannot access even from the FE.

The error message that comes out is usually error 3045 and couldn't lock file.

I have done the following:
1. Set the folder permissions of the users to full control to allow read,execute,delete everything.
2. Had the last owner/pc of the BE lock file (.laccdb) to delete the lock file (but was unsuccessful because the lock file just couldn't be deleted, I believe this is where the problem is).

Automatically Lock Fields

Automatically Lock Fields Icon
I would like to be able to lock specific fields once a certain lookup status has been selected. It's an employee database and employees of a certain type should not have certain info entered. What would be the best way to do this?

Field lock after entering data

Field lock after entering data Icon
I have a form that I need to lock the field (text box) after I enter the data (and unlock it if I need to update the data). I don't want to lock the entire record since other data in the form is changed periodically. It would be nice if it could lock during a save function.

Lock a record

Lock a record Icon
I have created a payroll using access 2007. is there an option to lock only one specific record rather than the whole table.

For example, if John is no longer an emplyee I want to lock it and never be able to unlock it again

Closing connections to an Access 2003 database to close lock file.

Closing connections to an Access 2003 database to close lock file. Icon
I found the software LDBView on another thread and I see that have various "ghost" users that's keeping the lock file active on the server and I've been unable to get rid of the lock file. Apparently,

There's five users with my computer name and I've tried re-closing Access to rebooting my PC but nothing happens.

lock link tabe

lock link tabe Icon
I created a database by access 2007. Finally, I want to lock my accdb file that so nobody can't link table my accdb file by other accdb file . how I can lock | link table and link query?

Author of Database

Author of Database Icon
I have been in the same dept doing the same job for 3yrs now and have a boss that gives me everything under the sun to do while she chases after her kids. Today she has not even been online but for 20 minutes. She is always bombarding me with work she is to be doing. I just found out that she has been taking credit for the complex databases, forms and VB coding I have done and want to find a way to lock me as the author giving her the inability to change it. I am not sure how to do that. She has been taking what I create when I send it and then making a new blank DB and then just copying and pasting everything to make it look like she did it. I comment in my VB code but found out she has been changing the comments to show she created it. Needless to say I am rather P.O.ed but I know there has to be a way to lock it. I cannot lock it so she and other users cannot use it or update things. I just want it known that I was the original author and I created it all.