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Linked Table Manager

Linked Table Manager
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When I select Linked Table Manager from the Tools --> Database Utilities menu option, Access crashes. At first this happened with a database that I copied and put into a new location. Thinking that it might have something to do with the existing links I tried it with a newly created blank database. Same problem. Before Access crashes it looks like it's trying to install something. Am I missing some add-in or installation option from this particular computer maybe ? By the way this is a Citrix server that this problem is occuring on.
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How to locate linked tables automatically.

How to locate linked tables automatically. Icon
I have an MS Access database that has a linked table. For various reasons the location where the database and linked table is stored changes. Is there a way to store the linked table so thatI don't have to go in and update the location in the linked table manager? Like can the linked table be in the same folder as the accde file and it find the links?

Linked table manager in Access 2010

Linked table manager in Access 2010 Icon
I am trying to find the linked table manager is access 2010. I found the following instructions for 2003:

On the Tools menu, point to Database Utilities, and then click Linked Table Manager.

In Access 2010 this path is not available. Where can I find this utility

Linked Table Manager Missing

Linked Table Manager Missing Icon
I migrated a 2003 Access app to 2010. However, now when I click on Linked Table Manager nothing happens. Needless to say I can't link to my back end file with all the tables in it.

New table in be missing in Linked Table Manager

New table in be missing in Linked Table Manager Icon
I am working in Access 2007.

I added a table in the be and now need to link it to the fe. When I launch the Linked Table Manager, it doesn't show up in the list. Am I missing a step?

can't save password in linked table manager

can't save password in linked table manager Icon
I'm use Access 2010. I have a problem can't figure out how to save the password in linked table manager 2010. My users are asked to reenter the password every time they open the application.

The 2003 Linked Table Manager had a "Save Password" check box, but it is missing from the 2010 version.

How to get a new table in BE to link

How to get a new table in BE to link Icon
I have added a new table to my BE but I can not get the table to show as being Linked.
Linked Table Manager doesn't seem to do anything. All tables show as Table: Linked Access except the one new one which just shows as Table

Appreciate any advice.

LockNavigationPane Action Disables Linked Table Manager

LockNavigationPane Action Disables Linked Table Manager Icon
The title pretty much says it all. I am attempting to lock the navigation pane in order to keep users from accessing certain objects so I have an AutoExec macro that disables certain categories and then sets the LockNavigationPane action to true. However, I've noticed that as soon as the macro runs Access grays out the Linked Table Manager. I've confirmed it is the LockNavigationPane action that causes this by running just that one action in the macro and, sure enough, no Linked Table Manager.

This doens't make sense to me, and google hasn't been any help so far. Has anyone encountered this or found a way around it

Linked Table to Exchange Public Folder Mail items

Linked Table to Exchange Public Folder Mail items Icon
We have created a simple database in order to managed a small team working on a help desk.

A critical way this operates is by having a mail enabled public folder in exchange. When we create the linked table in the Access Database for one user the linked table pulls in the mail items and we are able to view the items in a form view to carry out actions without issues.

We have a problem though when this database is shared and opened by another user, as the linked table is static to the user it was setup with. A second user receives and error referring to MAPI information not available. I know why this is as when I look at the Linked table manager I see the local path to a temp file on the originals users PC.

Is there a way I can create the linked table to the exchange public folder in a way that allows us to share the database with multiple users? Does the linked table manager have to link through Outlook or can it be done in the back ground with stored credentials

Linked in Table

Linked in Table Icon
We have an access database which was created ages ago and the creator no longer works here.

It is one mdb (Unit.mdb) with a linked in table to another mdb (UnitBE.mdb), however if we move the linked in table it will then fail (cannot find .\UnitBE.mdb). However I cannot find out how to amend the linked in table path.

The "Linked in table" manager is greyed out

Trouble with split database

Trouble with split database Icon
I added a new table to my frontend database, forgetting that it was split. I then copied the table into my backend database and tried to use the Linked Table Manager to refresh the links. I've had trouble with the Linked Table Manager before, as it never seems to work as expected.

I was never able to get the tables linked, so eventually the only thing I could see to do was try resplitting the database using the Wizard. After all, This worked really smoothly, except it apparently allowed me to effortlessly wipe out all the data in my backend database. If nothing else, I want to post a warning to others that this thing is a menace.

My next step was to restore my backend from yesterday's backup by copying it over the old corrupted backend, and using the Linked Table Manager to refresh the links. Maybe it wasn't necessary to refresh the links, but my applications seems to be working again.

I still don't know how to add the new table to my backend database. This is another subject not addressed in any of my reference books. And now, the table is missing from the frontend too, though it is still listed as an object. When I try to open it, I get the error message that the Access db engine cannot find the input table.