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Link PDF files

Link PDF files
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What would be the best way to link pdf files in an Access database form?

For each record there could be more then one pdf file. I would like to automate the process as much as possible. The pdf file would exist on a network drive and the user would need to go to their record in Access and then link the pdf files.

I started but am having problems with Access not opening the pdf file, it will open word files but not pdf,
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Importing PDF file into Access

Importing PDF file into Access Icon
I am running Access 2007. On my switchboard I would like to create a link to a stand alone PDF file located in a folder outside of the database. If I go to the External Data tab in Access it allows me to link to many different types of external files (text, HTML, XML, etc.). But I don't see any way to create a simple link on the switchboard that will open the PDF file. Is such a link possible to be made

Link PDF on form

Link PDF on form Icon
I have some PDFs named like "PB_(ID).pdf" in a fix directory like / (root).
I have a DB in the same directory and the ID of my data is equal the pdf document.
My question is how can I create a dinamic link in the form to view a PDF file? Like this: I find an client for your ID: 12345. In the form with more details from "12345" I have a button that is a link to PB_12345.pdf. I know that I can make one by one, but I have a lot of IDs

Report Hot Link in PDF

Report Hot Link in PDF Icon
I have a need to add to add some hot links to websites in Access reports. I've inserted a logo in a report and set it's Hyperlink Address. In Preview mode the report hot link works great. However, I need to output the report to pdf (I'm currently using the PDF/XML addin from Microsoft).

So far I've not been able to make the pdf recognize the logo as a hot link. The pdf willrecognize a URL string as a hot link.

Hyperlinking in Access 2000 to .pdf

Hyperlinking in Access 2000 to .pdf Icon
In my job I am linking .pdf files to an access database (Windows 7, MS Access 2000). I have already done thousands, and it is an ongoing project.

My issue is that in linking I open the “Insert Hyperlink” window, click on the “File” button, which opens a “Link to File” window. The default that is in the box “Files of type” is Office Files.

For every link I have to change it to “All Files (*.*)” and it would save me so much time for the default to be “All Files (*.*)”. Is there any way tochange the default for this?

automated PDF file from reports

automated PDF file from reports Icon
We have many reports we manually save to PDF files and then print. This can take hours just saving to PDF and printing.

Once a report opens we touch our PDF icon on our tool bar(I believe this was downloaded). Then it saves to PDF as if it was printing( I guess this is the norm since we have PDF printer setup.

I would like to save(pdf format) and print theses reports automatically(button) on form.
The name I would like the pdf to be is(reportname-datestamp).

I'm having issues because of the PDF format

Displaying PDF files using VBA in access 2003

Displaying PDF files using VBA in access 2003 Icon
with code to open externally saved PDF files from a button on an access formn using VBA.

My pdfs are located in a folder on the c: drive

eg. c:/jobpacks/a/alfreton/yyy.pdf
/b/barnsley/xxx.pdf etc

All I want to do is open them and display them on the screen, I would then like to email them as an attachment

Buttons links to multiple pdf files

Buttons links to multiple pdf files Icon
I am building a database for my department that is made up of all the Suppliers our company has. I just have one simple table where the information is being pulled from onto a form that the employees can read and find the information they are looking for.

However, there are 3 links I want every record to display that are unique to that supplier.

These links are PDFs that we have scanned into our system and are sitting in a share folder. Right now I have the buttons hyperlinking to the folder instead of linking it to the actual PDF because for me right now it is a static thing and every record in the form will link to the same place.

Is there a way where I can make these buttons supplier specific and have them link to a different PDF for every record/supplier.

merging PDF files

merging PDF files Icon
I am using PDFCreator to print reports to files which works fine. Is there a way to merge the files into one (1) pdf file? I am using VB code to do this

Printing linked files (word, pdf etc)

Printing linked files (word, pdf etc) Icon
In order to open files with a cmd button: [code]

This works fine, and I can choose a relative link (relative to the database) or a direct link (c:\folder\file.docx).

I would like to proceed a bit, and also print the linked files from a button, and preferably without opening the files, Or perhaps, as Windows when right-clicking on af file and click Print (opening the file, print it, and close it again).

Split Database Hyperlink Fix?

Split Database Hyperlink Fix? Icon
I inherited an unsplit DB at work. It's been running very, very slowly lately. I have now split the database into a front end and backend. but I noticed the hyperlinks are broken.

Our item master table had a link field that, on click, would open up the PDF drawing files on the system. Unfortunately, the links appear to be setup as "\Drawings\.pdf". Instead of "\\\Database\Drawings\.pdf"