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Launch an application from Access

Launch an application from Access
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How can I launch an application from an Access 2003/XP/2000/97 database?
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Very First Step In Launching an Application?

Very First Step In Launching an Application? Icon
I just recently upgraded from Access 97 to 2007. Our department inherited and application program programmed in Access (user interface for extracting specific data) that was programmed by somebody else using lots of VBA code.

There are only 2 things suprisingly that are not functioning 100%. What I would like to know is what is the first command that happens when I double click the application to launch it. One issue I have is a form is launched that I always have to close out before I can use the application properly.

I want to see if I can either remove that pesky form from lauching or moving it down later in the sequence so I don't have to close it everytime.

Also, I placed the application and supporting files in the "Trusted Location", but I am still asked to "enable" the file before I can launch it.

I have about 3% knowlege of VBA programming BTW

Opening a file with default application

Opening a file with default application Icon
How does one launch for instance an Adobe Acrobat PDF file from within Access using VBA code?

I would like something that would also be used to launch all other known file types, such as TXT, JPG, DOC etc.

Package file creation

Package file creation Icon
I am using Ms access 2.0 database management application. I have created tables, queries, modules, forms, reports, macros.
How to create setup.exe so that user can install and launch the application by clicking on setup.exe.

launch access db using vbs

launch access db using vbs Icon
I use the following to start up our db

sDBFullPath = sPath & sFrontEnd
Set appAccess = CreateObject("Access.Application")
appAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase sDBFullPath
appAccess.visible = True
appAccess.DoCmd.RunCommand 10 'Maximize MS Access

This has always worked, but now some new users are being deployed using the runtime version rather than the full blown version. Is there a way to modify it so it works with runtime sinceruntime cannot CreateObject("Access.Application")?

Create Windows menu toolbar in Access 2007

Create Windows menu toolbar in Access 2007 Icon
I'm building some forms for an Access 2007 database and need to try and find a way of having all these forms called from the same environment, so in other words have a top menu as youwould in Word or Excel or another standard Windows / Office application, so you could have File -> Print, Exit, or Edit -> Copy, Cut, Paste, or Clients -> Add New, Amend and so on.

There doesn't seem to be a way I can do this in Access 2007, is this true?

I don't want to have lots of completely independent forms in my application, ideally they should all exist and be placed in the same environment so that all the user has to do is click theicon to launch the application, and do everything they need to do from within that, using the navigation menu at the top.

How to launch and application or file from a command button

How to launch and application or file from a command button Icon
I just created a new db using Microsoft's Contact List db as a template. I have modified the fields and imported all my data, now I just need to tweak it to make it more functional.

One thing I am looking at doing is putting command buttons on my forms to launch various apps, websites, and email templates. Seems simple enough but there isnt an option for these in the commmand button wizard so I assume some coding is involved

HOW DO I: Add or Launch Report from a Form?

HOW DO I: Add or Launch Report from a Form? Icon
I have an Access 2003 form and I have created a Report.
I cannot figure out how to put the Report or a way to launch it on my Form.

I need to pass a Date to the Report.
I have a Date Picker and Launch button on my Form.
I just can't find the control for a Report

Open a pdf file from Access

Open a pdf file from Access Icon
I have an application that requires User help. I want to use PDF files for this purpose as the help information contains both text and graphics so I don't want to get into the Microsoft help thing which is too complex for this application.

Is there a best way to launch the User's default PDF viewer by pointing at the file and doing the equivalent of double-clicking

Launch Notepad from Access

Launch Notepad from Access Icon
How can I launch Notepad from an Access 2003/XP/2000/97 database?

Launch URL from code

Launch URL from code Icon
I'd like to launch a URL from code and
paste the contents of the clipboard into
the field currently displaying the cursor.

I already have the text string on the
clipboard, I just can't seem to find any
methods that carry out a paste function.

I'm assuming I can Dim an application
object like IE and pass the URL