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Inventory/Asset tracking database.

Inventory/Asset tracking database.
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I am not sure if excel will do this or maybe an access database. At home I have 2007 and work has 97, so there is our first issue.

I have been asked to provide a simply 'database' for the uniform lady, so she can do away with paper and keep a better track of what is going on in her uniform store. not the organisation. As they are tight as a fishes backside.

She wants to record detail like what current stock she has, when she receives new stock, she can add it and when a staff member asks for new uniform, she can record what has been asked for against the employee's record and again. and the current stock adjusts.

In total there are only about 80 people in the company, but the company supplies 30 \- items, which can be broken down into 4 major categories Mens, Ladies, unisex and safety gear, ofcourse all come in a variety of sizing.

a section for current stock and then a record for each employee with the requested the new uniform, what date it was issued and what uniform was issued.

What would be a better platform to use Excel or Access. At this stage I don't know which way to turn. Maybe you know of something that has been designed, built and available.
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Help asset tracking database

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I'm developing a simple asset tracking database. The assets I want to include are Laptops, workstations, and printers. I want to be able to know the exact location of the asset, be able to change the status of an asset and any other important information. I think it's also important to keep track of the asset location changes.
It is also important to be able to make queries by department, by type of asset.

Here is a screenshot of the tables I tought I can create. I have knowledge in Database development but this is my first real project. I don't know what other table I should consider !

Table Design for Assets Inventory with Multiple Asset Type/Asset Attribute Combos

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I need to set up a database for tracking fishing supplies inventory. The problem is that for each type of asset (rods, reels, jigs, hooks, etc.) there are different combinations ofattributes that need to be entered.

Eventually I would like to be able to create a form for adding new assets to the database, but am having trouble structuring my tables in a way that allows me to create the form that I want.

The form that I envision would pop-up and give me the option to type the new assets name in a text box, and select the asset type from a combo box. After these are filled out, there will bea "next" button that moves me to a new pop-up form.

This new pop-up form will allow me to enter specific data about the asset I have just entered. The dilemma is that when I select "Rods" for asset type, I should be able to enter specificdata that would not apply to a selection for "Reels." I am having a lot of trouble designing my tables to give me this kind of freedom in my forms.

Simple inventory tracking database.

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And a very beginning Access user. I'm working on a project to create a simple inventory tracking database. I have created tables as follows.

Is this a good design for inventory database?

Quick Filter Field - MS Access "Asset Tracking Database"

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I am working from the MS Access "Asset Tracking" database template. Using the "Asset List" form (I renamed it Equipment List). I have populated the table with my data. I have also switched out, renamed and added some new fields to the equipment (formerly asset) table.

The filter quick search macro no longer works. It says:

"The ApplyFilter action requires either the Filter Name or Where Condition Argument is set"

tracking and receiving inventory in multiple locations

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Heres what I need:
The company I work for has inventory at our physical location (our shop) and we also have inventory on trucks. I need to track the inventory in the shop and trucks so that when items get below a certain preset level I can run a report to find out how many of each part I need in each location.

Create purchase orders and receive the inventory to whichever location I need it at. I would like to at some point be able to track where the parts are going.

Inventory Database, Local Network Only

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I am working with a company and want to get into making database's and inventory list but I want to be able to automate it. this is what I am looking to do:

1. Setup deposit ( This is where everything gets entered if they get shipment of new items and automatic adds to inventory database )
2. Inventory database ( this is where all items are stored and organized, with pictures of items and add to invoice type feature )
3. Invoice ( this is where items are placed when they are sold and are removed from inventory database )

Thank you guys for your help and this place looks great for me to startthank you.

Tables for Different Types of Inventory

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I am currently creating a database for a diamond/jewelry shop. There are very different characteristics for diamonds compared to finished jewelry and mounts. It seems to me that it makes the most sense to keep them in separate tables (as you can see from the diagram.)

The relationship between ID/Primary Keys and Secondary Keys seems awkward the way I have it. This database will be used for tracking inventory in the shop and invoicing customers.

Business-Based Functions

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An asset is an object of value. It could be a person, a car, a piece of jewelry, a refrigerator. Anything that has a value is an asset. In the accounting world, an asset is a piece of/or property whose life span can be projected, estimated, or evaluated. As days, months or years go by, the value of such an asset degrade.

Database to track inventory in company cars

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I have built a database for my company (a small electrical contracting firm) using various access 2007 templates. At the moment it contains customer contact details, employee details, a tendering/job pipeline tracking leads and jobs won, a warehouse register tracking our tools in/outs and a vehicle details which tracks the expenses on our company cars. I want to add to the vehicles portion a way to track the materials in each car so that we know when to reorder stock. Each van contains the same stock/amounts but I want to be able to generate orders for each van when stock reaches a min. level for that particular car. I was thinking a table of inventory but I'm not sure how to allocate it to each car with their own min/max system (maybe a stock location table?). Not sure what transaction tables/queries would be needed to perform this task.

Microsoft Access User Interface Sample: In-House Inventory Tracking

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In-House inventory use. Designed to manage the components of machines and also machines themselves produced by my company.