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Import MS Access Database To Excel 2010 Using MS Query

Import MS Access Database To Excel 2010 Using MS Query
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Microsoft Query is one of the most popular techniques to import data from external data sources into your Excel sheet. It offers a very flexible way of importing data such that if the data changes in the source database then you can also get the latest updates in your excel sheet by just refreshing your spreadsheet.
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Import Worksheet From Excel 2010

Import Worksheet From Excel 2010 Icon
You can share data between Access 2010 and Excel 2010 in many ways. Excel worksheet consists of cells that are organized into columns and rows, Access recognize them as fields and records. Access 2010 provides an easy way to import Excel worksheets, this post will explain in detail how to import worksheet in Access from Excel 2010.

Importing data from excel spreadsheet

Importing data from excel spreadsheet Icon
These questions are regarding general situations for consolidating data into an Access database. Some data is contained in a database that has been created (or is in the process of being created) and other data was previously recorded in an Excel spreadsheet. I am trying to consolidate by importing the data from the Excel spreadsheet into the database.

First of all, I should be able to import it into the current Access table(s), correct? Since Access data is normalized into different tables and data in Excel are not, would I import appropriate columns into each individual Access table? Would I have to make the Excel spreadsheet have the same columns and be in the same order as the table(s) in Access? Or can I just import it as is on Excel and Access can figure it out? Also, the Excel spreadsheet does not contain the information that was captured on the later version of Access.

Secondly, are there extra steps/precautions to take when importing data from an Excel spreadsheet into an Access database designed with autonumbers? The Excel spreadsheet does not contain an autonumber. However, an autonumber will be required when this information is imported into Access. Do I have Access select the primary key in the table so that it can recognize this imported data or would I have to run a query afterwards to assign an autonumber?

Excel to Access 2010 Data Import Errors

Excel to Access 2010 Data Import Errors Icon
I have tried many ways that I found on the web to solve this issue: when I import my Excel 2010 spreadsheet to Access 2010, the date field is coming back with type conversion failure on the date field.

The spreadsheet has 59,000 rows. How can I quickly resolve this problem? I have tried changing the Excel file to a csv file and it comes back with even more errors.

Excel Import - The SearchKey was not found in any record

Excel Import - The SearchKey was not found in any record Icon
I'm using the Import Wizard in A2010 to import data from an Excel 2010 worksheet. There are 64 columns and 27,700 rows. The procedure throws the error above and halts the import. Any ideawhat this means and how to get around it?

Link from Excel to Access problems

Link from Excel to Access problems Icon
I have created a link from Excel to Access and import my data to Excel from a query.

This all works fine, however when I close down Excel and then try and try and run the query in Access, I get the following message "The Microsoft Office Access database engine cannot open or write to the file "name of query here".

It is already opened and exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data.

I've never had the message before and has only presented itself after making the connection between Excel and Access.

I do not have any other Excel or Access files opened.

Importing from excel into a multi-select list box

Importing from excel into a multi-select list box Icon
Using Access 2010 (and Excel 2010)

I am trying to convert an old DOS based DB into Access and I can't figure out how to import data into a multi-select list box. Every time I try something it just add another field of choice.

that is if I want to import A , B and C into the field, it allows me to do this, but creates a new entry int he list as A, B, C. I want it to check the boxes for A, B and C. What Ineed to know is how to set up the data in the Excel spreadsheet and how to import into the table field that is the multi-select list box.

VBA Code to import Excel File

VBA Code to import Excel File Icon
Can anyone please supply me with some code which enables the user to import an excel file by clicking a button on the mail form, he is prompted for the file location and file name via thestandard import functionality selections.

The functionality will also need to use a saved import routine I created earlier.

I'm using Access 2010, but this will need to be compatible with 2007 as well

Access 2010 issue

Access 2010 issue Icon
I'm testing in Access 2010 a database that was created in Access 2003. I came across an error that neither I nor the person that created the database understand. The error message is "subscript out of range".

At first we thought it was the extra three columns that were in the most recent monthly file that were not in the file that she tested. She had set up a template to import the data into and so we added the three columns that weren't there before.

Still got the error. Next I thought I should save it in Excel 2010 since the original file was in Excel 2003.

But upon saving the file in Excel 2010, there was another strange error message having to do with a saved name range. So, we deleted that but I keep getting the same message "subscript out of range".

copy 2 Excel columns into an Access table

copy 2 Excel columns into an Access table Icon
I have 2 columns in an Excel 2010. I need to select each column starting in row 10 (Column A and H). I need to select data until the first blank row (can't select entire column).

I need to import these 2 columns into an Access table (2010).

I'm working on a method, but it feels like maybe I'm overthinking it. I've created a macro in Excel to copy column A & H to a new Excel workbook. Then I'm doing an import into Excel. Is there a way to do this directly through Access (without the Excel Macro)?

Lost import spec

Lost import spec Icon
I have a database that I recently converted from 2003 to 2010 by creating a new database and importing everyting. I had an import spec in the old database that I used to pull in somecustomer text files and reformat however it didn't import into the new one.

Where do I look in the old one for the import spec so I can import into the new one.