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how to write code in VBA to insert data to table from form?

how to write code in VBA to insert data to table from form?
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I have a table that has (ID,Name,****,.). I want ot insert record to that table from a designed form. my form has (txtname,txtsex,.) as field in table. so when I click button on form, I want it insert all of textboxt value on form to the table. I'm using ms access 2010.
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VBA search code

VBA search code Icon
Having a little trouble with some VBA code designed to grab a number from a form (MRN) then use this data to find the corresponding data in a table making a small change to that record (changing a checkbox to true).

The table opens but only the first record is updated. The code works well as a standard VBA search code on another form.

Error when viewing the form in design view or closing the form

Error when viewing the form in design view or closing the form Icon
I am created a form to add row of data to a table (Access 2007). The form has been completed and tested and seems to be working perfectly in terms of adding row of data to a table and updating also works fine.

However, the problem I am facing is that when I try to edit the form (design view) or close the form, it gives an error:

ODBC --call failed

Cannot Insert the value NULL into the column. Column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails. The statement has been terminated.

When this error starts to appear, I am unable to view the form in design view or save it. But I am able to make entries to the table.

I am using this VBA code for the 'Add Record' button:

VBA Code on Form

VBA Code on Form Icon
I am trying to write a VBA access code that will help with displaying an error message to user trying to input new record into table, if 4 fields contain identical data. I have beenworking on this for 2 days straight now, and NOTHING seems to stop that record from inputing into the table.

Table Name: tblAwardsLog
4 fields: LastName , FirstName , Recommended , DateInitiated

All fields are TEXT fields. even DateInitiated

I have this Awards Log almost to where I want it, but just can't seem to get this one thing to work right.

Populating an Access table from a text file

Populating an Access table from a text file Icon
A text file has data in a format like the below:
I guess I can read this using some VBA code posted at | [LINK] and | [LINK], add an Instr function to it so that when I read the text file, I know when to | insert the data properly in the table.

1. Is there another way I can directly import the data into an Access 2007 table without VBA code? I know Access allows import from data, but my data is not as formatted as I want so the data might end up being in the table in a way such as:

Editing in Form Controls

Editing in Form Controls Icon
I have total 15 controls text box and combo box on my form.
I want to know in which control user edit data and I want to insert only edited controls data in other table. how can I write insert query

Exporting Data from Microsoft Access with VBA Code

Exporting Data from Microsoft Access with VBA Code Icon
Access gives you two ways to export data, visually by going to File Export and then selecting an export format from a dialog box or by using VBA code. In this article we will be looking at how to export Access data using VBA code, since even a beginner can use the visual interface to export data. Using VBA code requires some ability to write code and also a basic understanding of the target applications object model.So why code? Because it offers you a wider choice of formats to export data to. It supports all the formats that is available in the dialog box as well as a whole host of others such as Microsoft Outlook contacts, appointments or a Word document .

Unbound Data Entry Form

Unbound Data Entry Form Icon
I am using an unbound form for data entry purposes. I am using an unbound form as I have some VBA code which checks that mandatory fields are filled in first.

This works fine where all the fields are text boxes (I.e. not combos or list boxes) but the problem I'm having is that the parent table "tblContracts" has 4 lookup tables (which are used for combos with various fields on the form) and these are numeric fields which link between the tables (I.e. In the parent table the field would be SupplierID whick links to the child table SupplierID field) In the form obviously it displays the actual name rather than the index numerical value when the user clicks the dropdown menu. The issue (I think?) is that the VBA code I have is trying to insert a numerical value (The ID field value) rather than the text which is displayed in the dropdown menu. How can I get round this?

INSERT data if it doesn't exist

INSERT data if it doesn't exist Icon
I have three tables Patient , Scheduling and Tracking tables

Patient table has ( MRN, Name ) Where MRN is Primary Key.
Scheduling table has ( ID, MRN, StudyID ) WHERE ID ( Autonumber) is primary key.
Tracking table has ( ID, MRN, StudyID ) WHERE ID ( Autonumber) is primary key.

The relationship between Patient table and the Scheduling table is one to many relationship.Similarly, the relationship between Patient table and the Tracking is table is one to many relationship. Because there can be any number of health studies for a patient.

The form Scheduling shows the MRN and StudyID and when I hit save the MRN and STUDYID saves in the Scheduling table but the same data should be inserted into Tracking table if the same combination does not exist.

For example: Scheduling table has the following data:
1234 1
1234 2

and so when I open the form it will show MRN as 1234 and StudyID as 2 or 1 depending on my previous form selection of the study ID.

Assume if initially the Tracking table has only following data: MRN STUDYID 1234 1

and if it doesn't have
1234 2

Then when I save the form scheduling with MRN = 1234 and Studyid = 2

The Tracking table should also automatically have the following data: MRN STUDYID
1234 1
1234 2

Basically I like to write a VBA code behind the form Scheduling where it should save the data in the table Tracking if the data ( MRN and STUDYID) does not exist.

Accessusei and VBA

Accessusei and VBA Icon
I have a project using 3 tables and a form with a few combo boxes that read records from 1 table, the user selects the item from the list, (there are about 5 combo boxes on the form) and then writes the information from the form to a main table.

So far I can create the forms and combo boxes but the selected items are not written to the main table.

Do I really need vba to write the data from combo boxes to a table from a form or am I missing something.

VBA table population

VBA table population Icon
This is my first post and I am relatively new to VBA but not to programming in general.I have a small table that I successfully created a small search function for and now I am trying to find a way to add records to the table.

As of right now I have a main form with 2 buttons, one for the search and one for the add. The form for the add is finished except for the VBA in the back end. The fields in the add form correspond to the fields in the table but I can't figure out how to go about getting new records into the table.

Is it an SQL INSERT statement? Or is there a built in function in VBA thatwill allow me to do this?