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How to take a screenshot

How to take a screenshot
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Is there a way to take a screenshot with vba? (Ideally of just the active form). I want to send it as an email attachment.
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How to drive the table shown in the screenshot from a given table?

How to drive the table shown in the screenshot from a given table? Icon
How to drive the table shown in the screenshot from a given table?
Please, have a look on the screenshot in which you find the given data and the required table. Is there a way in access to obtain the required table (shown in the screenshot) AUTOMATICALLY

Insert object to command button

Insert object to command button Icon
learning on the side of my desk, not too sure if this is the correct board but -

Where necessary, I use Powerpoint to paste screen shots, and name the presentation file to correspond to the record id.

What I need is two buttons a link / insert button and a view screenshot button.

Essentially, I need to be able to press the insert button and it will bring up the insert hyperlink dialogue, upon selecting the file to be linked, I need the hyperlink to be stored in the corresponding hyperlink field on the table with the second "view screenshot" button associated to this same field so pressing this button will load powerpoint and the subsequent screenshot.

Can this be done, if so please can someone give me a hand

Query filter search

Query filter search Icon
I have a form used to search through customer records. 'F_Booking Customer Search' (See screenshot) and the query behind it 'Q_Booking Customer Search' (also see screenshot) which filters down customer details based on the more information the user enters into the search fields. When the form first opens it should show all customer records.

The query is refreshed on every key stroke entered into any of the search boxes, as with the screenshot I've tried to show this . . . 'sh' has been typed in so far and returned all records in the surname column beginning with 'sh', then if the user were to type something into the forename search box that would then further filter the information.

This works except it only includes fields that have any data in. So if I have a customer that has all fields with data in except say 'Forename' then it won't show that record at all.

I tried to over come this with this in the query : =IIf(IsNull([Forms]![F_Booking Customer Search].[TxtForename])," ",(Like "*" & [Forms]![F_Booking Customer Search].[TxtForename] & "*"))
but sadly this just didn't return any records at all.

I'm having a mental block and can't work out what to do next?

Screenshot Tour: What’s New in Office 2016

Screenshot Tour: What’s New in Office 2016 Icon
Today marks the release of Microsoft Office 2016. We’ve tested some of the more notable, cool new features and enhancements, which we’ll show you here in our standard How-To Geek style screenshot tour with lots of pictures. The Office 2016 suite is free through the Windows Store, but that version is limited. The full Office desktop app suite is required to gain access to all the features and functionality. If you maintain an active subscription to Office 365, you’ll get the upgrade to Office 2016 at no charge. You’ll also need a Microsoft account and a OneDrive account to take full advantage of what Office 2016 offers.

VBA code to update tables through check box?

VBA code to update tables through check box? Icon
I have this form in my database.

I need to figure out how to write the code for a button at the bottom of the checkboxes so that when clicked.

1) the check boxes that are selected will update in the master table, delete out of the audit table, and remain the same in the replica table

2) the check boxes that are not selected will still have the current field data and will not make a change to the tblMaster but will revert tblMasterReplica back to what it was prior to the change

- I have a form to change view the records out of the tblMaster that is locked from editing. This is used by the other non-Admin users.

- I have another form that can be used to submit a change request to one of the records (looks like the display form except it is not locked).

This information is then moved into tblMasterReplica (does not show in the view form). It is also displayed in the audit table to show who made the change, what time it was made, & whatit was changed from and changed too (new record is on top of the other in table).

- The audit form is what is displayed on the "Updated" column in the screenshot and the tblMaster is what is displayed in the "Current" column of the screenshot.

- The screenshot is only one tab from the form, I used the tab control because there are about 65 fields for each record.

Appending multiple rows into one (Shopping Cart data)

Appending multiple rows into one (Shopping Cart data) Icon
I'm importing orders into Access 2002, the csv file is from eBay. I've stumbled into a problem with orders with 2 or more different products for each sale.

I've attached a picture so it's easier to understand my problem.
As you can see, rows 3-5 and 20-25 contain multiple products.
Once this file is imported into access, each row gets its own record, what I want is for orders like this to be appended to just one record in access

EG, I have fields Product Name 1, Qty1, Product Name 2, Qty2, Product Name 3, Qty3, etc in my database, so .

row 4 "Item Title" & "Quantity" in the screenshot would be appended to "Product Name 1" & "Qty1" in my database on the same record.
row 5 "Item Title" & "Quantity" in the screenshot would be appended to "Product Name 2" & "Qty2" in my database on the same record.

And so on.
The only unique identifier is the first column in the screenshot "Sales Record", rows 3 to 5 and 20 to 25 have the same Sales Record

sum iif error

sum iif error Icon
I Try to put in a control source from a report the expresion


but doesn't work
I receive the message
[IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/User/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot-1.png[/IMG]The expression you entered contain a invalid syntax

Id_tip and Supr are numeric field in the record source of the report (query)

Any ideea? Seems to be a simple error

Sending reports

Sending reports Icon
I have created a button on one of my forms to send a report to an email recipient. It has worked quite well in the past but something has changed and it wont work anymore. There is an attachment of a screenshot of the error. Im running access 2003 and xp-pro

Query Creation

Query Creation Icon
I am a relative noob with queries, so this will probably be a simple fix:

In my database (which I attached a screenshot of below), I want to take any records which are of the purchased status in the Status_printer table and create a query so that they shouw up in the purchases table. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can do this

Button macro's.

Button macro's. Icon
I want to make a button that adds a new record when I click it, But not just on the very last record, I want the new record to be spaced with a record in between.

I have no experience with the programming language and I am very new to Microsoft Access.

If you have trouble understanding what I mean I could upload my database / screenshot to help you.