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how to make the text clickable in ms access?

how to make the text clickable in ms access?
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Is there anyone here have an idea how to make the text clickable (and will open a new form)
for example


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"Clickable" title in report

"Clickable" title in report Icon
In a Report, is there any way to embed a hyperlink within a text box that is pulling data from a field other than the field that a hyperlink is stored in? For example, my current report hasa textbox (txtTitle), and then beneath it another textbox that displays a clickable hyperlink, so the Report ends up looking like:

Drop Down Help Menu

Drop Down Help Menu Icon
I'm creating a form that functions as a help menu. The basic idea is a form that will have click able text boxes each with the name of a specific help issue.

A few issues.

1) The help form will be based on a table. The table has two entries, helpItem and helpDisplay. I would like the form to be created each time the db is opened, it should remove the earlier clickable commands.

step through the table and create a clickable command for each helpItem in the table.

2) Upon clicking command the form should display the helpDisplay associated with the helpItem, underneath the command. Clicking the command again should collapse the text.

Making text a hyperlink

Making text a hyperlink Icon
What I have is a form in Access that has a command button on it that when clicked it opens a new outlook mail message with text already inserted into it. Part of the text is:

Please visit the Facilities Operations page for more information.

How could I possibly go about making the words " Facilities Operations " a clickable hyperlink in the the mail message?

Form Field open Default mail client

Form Field open Default mail client Icon
Access 2003

I have a field on my database that is for email address.

When I display that field on a form I would like it to be a Mailto: link and open up the users default mail client (assuming they use a local client and not web based email).

The field is self in the table is set to "hyperlink"

Is this form by form coding (In other words can I have it clickable on some forms and not on others?). I guess I could just lock the field on the forms I do not want it clickable

Make Table Format

Make Table Format Icon
Can you create a blank make table where the columns are formatted to date rather than text. Does a make table default to text when no data is in it? I want my make table to not have to be manually changed every time I have no data in it. I have also trying to append into the make table, and it still converts everything into text

MS Access 2003 Hyperlink to Intranet file

MS Access 2003 Hyperlink to Intranet file Icon
Our IT department have a call logging facility where IT calls are logged, each call is assigned a unique number which is e-mailed to the user logging the call. The main part of the URL doesnot change only the unique number (last 5 digits).

I want to be able to key these last five digits into a text box on my form and have the main part of the URL + these 5 digits appear as a clickable hyperlink on the same form.

The hyperlink when clicked will open IE and the relevant page/data.

Access Cannot Find Form

Access Cannot Find Form Icon
I have a continuous subform (BooksFullSubCC) that is located on a tab in the main form (BooksFull). In BooksFullSubCC, there is a text box in the footer that sums up all the amounts of credit card charges to make a total with =Sum([Amount]).

For some reason, I cannot pass the value from the text box to VBA or another text box on the main form because Access "cannot find the form"

Private Sub TabCtl93_Change()
Dim Amount As Currency

Amount = Nz(CCur(Forms!BooksFullSubCC!CCchargesTotal))

Me!CCFees = Amount * 0.015
End Sub

Its really simple - Access should take the amount from the text box (CCchargesTotal) on the subform and then put it the result of some simple math into a text box on the other form.

I get
"Run-time error '2450':

Microsoft Access cannot find the referenced form 'BooksFullSubCC'."

I've checked the spelling, everything. I even tried to make a text box on the main form with control source =[Forms]![BooksFullSubCC]![CCchargesTotal] but that didn't work either.

Import Text File In Access 2010

Import Text File In Access 2010 Icon
Access 2010 include a feature of importing raw text data in to tables, this could be very helpful when you are just writing down numbers, text, etc in text editors because they are easy and simple to use. This post will elaborate how to import and organize Text document in to Access 2010.

Wrap text in Access

Wrap text in Access Icon
How do you wrap text in Access? It’s a question we hear quite frequently on It may surprise you to learn that in most places where text is displayed in Access, text wrapping is on by default. The key is making sure there is enough room for the text to wrap. The process for doing that depends on what kind of object you’re working with.

Access 2003 - code to change selected text in a field, to a different style?

Access 2003 - code to change selected text in a field, to a different style? Icon
I've had a search and it is probable this question has been asked/answered before but I can't find it (not sure how it would be described or listed).

In Access 2003, is it possible through code to make selected text in a field to appear in italics - leaving the remaining text unchanged in appearance?

For example, the text field contains several paragraphs but where it includes a reference to legislation - eg "Property Act" - these two words need to appear in italics, while therest of the text (before/after) is unchanged in appearance.