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How to create pop up reminders

How to create pop up reminders
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I need to know how I can create pop up reminders based on if a query has data or not. I need this reminder to show when the database is opened if the query has any data in the fields.
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Calendar Entries

Calendar Entries Icon
I need to create a database for a call centre. In this database, I need to be able to create a "calendar form" in which I can add / edit and delete entries

It must look similar to Outlook's calendar where you can dbl click and enter "to-do tasks, and memo's into the calendar"

It must also be able to print each days tasks, for the day, week, month,etc and able to have 'reminders' which pop up for reminders...

Reminders/Appointments/logins etc.

Reminders/Appointments/logins etc. Icon
Basically I have the following issues to resolve;

1. A reminder system. A constant recurring reminder, the time period of which can be adjusted by the user to suit the situation of the client. I.e. for a hot lead, the user would choose "one week" reminders, and then if this lead went cold, they could change this in a form to "three month" reminders.

Values could either be based on the 1st contact date entry, or the actual date of modification by user.

2. Whether the best way to do this is linking in to outlook or by creating a login form for each user, with pop up alerts for each client?

3. I wish to create a sales in progress form that will auto-complete fields from the "vendors" table, and the "clients" table, plus also add a couple more data entry boxes (such as agreed price), all of which would save as a record in the "Sales in Progress" table.

Access to Outlook Calendar for Alert or Alarm Message Reminders

Access to Outlook Calendar for Alert or Alarm Message Reminders Icon
I'm using MS XP. Can a Date I enter into my Access db automatically be sent to MS Outlook Calendar so I receive a pop-up message reminding me of the appointment? If so, how?

pop-up that asks a question

pop-up that asks a question Icon
I would like to create pop-ups that respond to options that are chosen. For | example, I have a form with a drop down for yes/no.
want to be able give the user as option to chose whether radiation was | completed or not. I know how to connect the main form to a subform and have | the subform pop up, but I don't want the whole subform to pop-up -- only one |

Access duplicate records pop up

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I need to add a pop up message to prevent duplicate records. I was able to create a simple pop up (see below) which works; but I need the dlookup to check an additional field before it pops up.

So in total I need the dlookup for 1. ID (done), and 2. From (this is the Date in the Form).

Can not close pop up form after second pop was opened

Can not close pop up form after second pop was opened Icon
I have a pop up form which opens another pop up form.
I wish to close them both afterwards.

I open the second pop up with acdialog and after that I placed
a docmd command to close the form.

I get the error: "The action can not be carried out while processing form or report 2285".

How can I solve it ?

Custom Ribbon for Pop Up Form

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I have a custom ribbon attached to my main menu. I decided to change it to a pop-up form and the custom ribbon doesn't display. Is there something special about the ribbon for pop-ups, or is it not possible to create a custom ribbon for a pop-up form.

Pop up won't stop popping up

Pop up won't stop popping up Icon
I created a form and initially though I would want it to be a pop up form, so I set the Pop Up property to yes. After testing it for a bit I decided it would be better as a tabbed form so I set the pop up property to No, but the form still pop's up when I open it. I've closed the db and reopened it, checked the property settings all to no avail. Anyone have any thoughts? Access

Reminders In Outlook - almost working

Reminders In Outlook - almost working Icon
I am using the following code to send reminders to outllook using acess:

Function AddOutLookTask() Dim appOutLook As Outlook.Application Dim taskOutLook As Outlook.TaskItem Set appOutLook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") Set taskOutLook = appOutLook.CreateItem(olTaskItem) With taskOutLook .Subject = "This is the subject of my task" .Body = "This is the body of my task." .ReminderSet = True .ReminderTime = DateAdd("n", 2, Now) ' Set to remind us 2 ' minutes from now. .DueDate = DateAdd("n", 5, Now) ' Set the due date to ' 5 minutes from now. .ReminderPlaySound = True 'add the path to a .wav file on your computer. .ReminderSoundFile = "C:\Win95\media\ding.wav" .Save End With End Function

This is working fine, however, I would like to be able to change this code so that the SUBJECT, BODY, AND DATE AND TIME of the task / reminder comes from data entered in the Reminders Form, how would I do this

Using ListBox value as "Body of outlook task"

Using ListBox value as "Body of outlook task" Icon
Using ListBox value as "Body of outlook task"

I have inserted an "add outlook reminder" button to my database, this is working perfectly. Now, I would like the "body" of the outlook task to get its data from a list box on my reminders form

it is currently getting the "body" from a text box on the reminders form, which works fine, but instead of the user entering the body, I would like the body to populate from alistbox (not a selected item in the list box, just every record in the listbox)