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how to click "Yes" in a macro.....

how to click "Yes" in a macro.....
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I have a number of queries set up in a macro, however some ask for approval before finishing, i.e. append xx records. How can I have that automatically approve and continue to the next query
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Error message when trying to use a custom macro

Error message when trying to use a custom macro Icon
It is my understanding that a custom macro was built to pull text data from a file and import it into Access in the appropriate fields. This macro no longer works and will return the following error message:

"License information for this component not found. You do not have an appropriate license to use this functionality in design mode."

It only gives an option to click OK. When you do it shows a box called "Action Failed" that lists the macro name, condition, action name, and arguments with three button to click on the right of the box: "Step" "Halt" and "Continue". It appears that only the "Halt" button is available to be clicked.

Also, we're not sure if the macro currently exists.

Does this sound like an issue with the Access license or whatever license the macro might have? We're trying to decide if it's possible to restore the functionality of the macro.

Use a macro to show the form name in a msgbox

Use a macro to show the form name in a msgbox Icon
I want to build a macro which shows in a MsgBox the name of the form from which this macro is started (the macro runs when a click a button on the form). So I tried the build a "MessageBox" macro and set its "Message" parameter to but the msgbox returns exactly "Me.Name" instead of the form name.

Well, I must admit that I am not surprised but can anyone helpme how to reference the property from within a macro?

Single Macro for 600 buttons?

Single Macro for 600 buttons? Icon
I have a form with upwards of 600 buttons whose captions are sequential numbers. When I click any particular button, I need the underlying table to register a yes/no, AND I want the button to change color (text or background). I can figure this all out easily if I set up a macro for each button, but I would like to use just one macro and have it pull the caption, which matches the underlying field it should change.

For instance, for the "5" button, when I click it, I want the "5" field in the underlying table to change to YES - when I click the "22" button, I want the "22" field to change to YES.can this be done with a single macro or VB script

Access Quit Command not working in Macro

Access Quit Command not working in Macro Icon
Im trying to get a macro to run on access. I tried to do the command quit to close Access after the macro runs, but it doesnt work it gives me the error: The Command or action Quit isnt available now.
* You may be in a read-only database or an unconverted database from an earlier version of Microsoft Office Access
*The type of object the action applies to isnt currently select or isnt in the active view.
I made sure the database is in a trusted location and checked all the security settings. I am using access2007.

On last note- If I double click the macro it works, if I click on "Run Macro" or right click and select "Run Macro" it does not work

Macro to open form to a particular record

Macro to open form to a particular record Icon
I have two forms: "Employees" & "Employee Badge".

I want to create a button in "Employees" form and press it, so that "Employee Badge" form opens displaying only the record that was on the "Employees" form at the time I pressed the button.

I have created a macro to do this. The "Action" of this macro is "OpenForm".

Can someone please tell me what I need to put in the "Where Condition" of the macro?
Or is that "something" entered in "Filter Name" of the macro?

2 things - SetWarnings? and Running a saved Import

2 things - SetWarnings? and Running a saved Import Icon
I'm using Access 2007 and two things I used to know how to do I have either forgotten or can no longer find.

From within a macro I used to "setwarnings" to off so I wouldnt keep having to click "yes" or "ok" - is there a different way of doing this from within a macro?

Secondly, I want to run a saved import from within the macro - any ideas?

Cant believe either of those is too hard

Need to create a macro to click YES for me

Need to create a macro to click YES for me Icon
I use an access form to send some 600 emails with a SNP format report as an attachment. Problem is I get the outlook prompt "a program is trying to automatically send on your behalf"

Can someone help with creating a macro to simply click yes.

Problem is I do not think clicking yes is possible, but I've heard this command would be help:

Application.SendKeys ("%s")

Im not that knowledable with macros or vba scripting unfortunately

Populate Date field (CurrentDate + 30) in table if blank

Populate Date field (CurrentDate + 30) in table if blank Icon
I have a "Print" button on a Form called "Invoices" that has embedded macros on the click event I want to replace with VB code due to the limitation in Macro. Currently this Macro does the following

1. Opens and runs a query called "SubtotalUpdate"
2. Opens and runs a query called "InvoiceTotalAppend"
3. Opens and populates a Report called "Invoices" with the DueDate from "Invoices" table before printing.

This is what I want to add to the existing macro all converted to VB

4. If the DueDate field is blank in the "Invoices" table I want the date saved in that blank field in the table as (Current date + 30 days) before executing option 3. The format of the date should be mm/dd/yyyy. Can I replace this macro with a VB code. Can you please help with the code on Click

Pause macro to get user input?

Pause macro to get user input? Icon
I need to pause an Access macro to get the user to have a "second chance" - i.e. "Are you sure? Y or N" dialog with control buttons to click for yes or no response. The problem is, I can't figure out how to stop the macro from continuing while the dialog is pending.

I know that I can always have the call to the dialog then start a new macro from the buttons, but I want an "all purpose" dialog. sort of a free standing function that can be inserted into several different macros for diff purposes instead of each having its own form and secondary macros.

PS - it has to be backward compatible to Access

Macro Setting

Macro Setting Icon
I am setting up a macro and in it the is a "make a table" query that would require the user to click on "yes". Is there a way that popups don't appear and yes is the default?