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How to change http:// to mailto: in hyperlink

How to change http:// to mailto: in hyperlink
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I did it! I cant believe it!
I was trying to fix the problem of the hyperlink issue, changing it from http:// to mailto: if you want to send email by outlook do the following:

1. Temporarily change the datatype of your field to TEXT
2. Run the following update statement (changing the table name and field
name appropriately):

UPDATE HyperLinks SET HyperLinks.EmailAddress = "#Mailto:" &

3. Change the datatype of y our field back to Hyperlink.

I did it and worked
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I have an an Access database which allows the user to select data to be available for mail merging via Word 2007. It selects the required data into a temporary table which word connects to via an ODBC connection.

This works fine for standard mail merge (letters, envelopes, labels) I have been asked by the charity I created it for to also use it for mailmerging into emails. The data in the temporary table contains an email address (as a hyperlink) and when that hyperlink is clicked it opens up the default client as expected.

In the mail merge process, at the end stage when the emails are sent to Outlook it fails because what is sent as the address is (for an actual address of [LINK]) [@email]#mailto:[@email]# which Outlook does not recognise. Iwould have expected the address sent only to be like mailto:[@email]#

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Write("" & RecordSet.Fields("webadd") & "")

Nothing shows up from the database with this. The data in the database is text.

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Every time I import a query containing email addresses from Access into Excel, I end up with a "rider" on each email that looks like this: "[@email]#mailto:[@email]#". I tried to overcome the problem by making a new table with the email field changed from hyperlink to text, but the result was the same as above. Does anyone know why this happens and how to prevent it?

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Is it possible to browse to a file add it as a hyperlink and then click ok and then using the afterupdate event change the text to display to just the filename rather than doing it manually.

Second question can I take a query with a field which is text and a field which is hyperlink and have a calculated field which displays as the text but is the same hyperlink that the hyperlink field is.

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I am new to Vb and I am trying to get a field in my table to open up as a hyperlink once it is clicked. I have the following code:

Private Sub lblReference_Click()
Dim strLinkUrl As String
Dim strPath As String
Dim strName As String

strName = lblReference.Text
strPath = ""
strLinkUrl = strPath & strName

Me.lblReference.Hyperlink.Address = strLinkUrl
End Sub

the data lblReference text field is a 5 digit number e.g. 12345 so I want to be able to go to the following address when I click on the lblReference field:

however when I try to I get the following error:

run time error: '7980' the HyperlinkAddress or HyperlinkSubAddress property is read-only for this hyperlink.

can anyone advise me in simple terms what I am doing wrong and what I am supposed to be doing please