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How do youget access to suggest an entry from previously entered field data likeExcel

How do youget access to suggest an entry from previously entered field data likeExcel
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How do you get Access to suggest an entry (value) from previously entered field data as you type like MS Excel?

I have Windows XP sp3 with Excel 2007.
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Building double data entry database

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I am needing to create a double entry database.

Data will be entered in an access form initially and then the same data will be re-entered again in access using a separate form.

I am needing to have a pop up message appears that alerts the second data entry individual that the current field entered did not match the initial record entry. I also was wanting to highlight the records and fields that did not match the initial data entered.

My first thought is to use the macro tools.but I am not sure if this is the right direction. I am new to using Access in the manner and appreciate any help or advice which can be given.

Using data entered on a form to update previous records

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I am using a form to populate a table. It's in data entry mode. What I want to be able to do is search for the primary key and have the previously entered data appear on the screenso I can update the previously entered data.

For example: I enter 3 new products on my form that populates my inventory table. Once I've entered the basic data, I now want to go back, search for the first product I entered, have the data I entered appear on my form and update its status to "Shipped".

This would of course update the status in the table. I will need to go back a few times to update the status and I wantto avoid having to go into the table to do this.

Can I use the data entry form to also update previous information? If so, how?

Remembering previously enetered data

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How can I make a field in a table remember previously entered data and recall it as a list when someone starts typing in the field using a form?

Form Not Holding Data

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I am building a database with a form used for data entry. When I open the form, enter data, then exit out of it, the next time I enter the form all the data I previously entered is gone. It is stored in the table no problem, but I also want it to be displayed in the form. All the previous databases I have built have displayed the data within the form regardless of whether or not I have entered and exited it. Any clues on how to get the form to display all the data, not just the data that I entered during this one instance

Validate After Lost Focus

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I have a form that allows users to enter invoice numbers into an invoice number field that is stored in an invoice table. There is a validation rule that prohibits entry of invoice numbers that have been previously entered.

This is an accounts payable operation and the invoice numbers come from our vendors. The purpose of this application is to track incoming invoices.

The form works but the user has to populate other data in every field before Access tests if the data is valid. What I would like is for Access to test if the data is valid as soon as the invoice number field losses the focus.

Working with QueryDefs and ADO...

Working with QueryDefs and ADO... Icon
I think I moved up a notch from novice, I have created all my tables and forms, but now I need to make sure that data entered has not been previously entered after the user entered the information. I have tried the DLookup function but it only works on one field or can you use it to check for more than one field in the syntax.

I have read up on DOA and ADO, but I am a little confused, can someone please help to get me started.

1. I would like to use the Examine Data function to retrieve the data using a select statement.

2. Not sure how to start.

Lock control after data entry

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I'm running Access 2003 on a WinXp machine. On a form I created, I need to have a control(field) locked after data is entered in it. But also able to have data entered in the same control-field when scrolling to the next record(page). Any ideas on VB scripting would be greatly appreciated,

Requery after data in entered in subform field

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I have built a Customer/Invoices/Payments database that keeps track of company profit. I have a mainform with a single record subform to enter data into a table and another subform to view data from a query.

This subform entry will effect the data in the query once it is entered , so what I would like to do is enter the data, save and requery to have the other subform's query update with the new information before I close the mainform.

I need to be able to see the change in that query before I leave, The last field to enter is a number field - what event can I use to tell access that I'm finished with my entry, save and requery all the under lying tables and queries?

Require Data Entry with a Microsoft Access Macro

Require Data Entry with a Microsoft Access Macro Icon
If you are using a Microsoft Access database application for data entry you will want to ensure the quality of the data that is being entered. Validating data in Microsoft Access allows you to check data whilst it is being entered into the database, and there are various ways of performing these actions.
You don't want to be trying to ship an order to a company that does not have address details associated with it. If you don't have a contact name associated either, you can't even call to find the data. Creating a Microsoft Access macro to require data entry into certain fields will prompt the database user to complete this vital information. This will in turn deem your data to be more accurate and useful to all database users.

Data validation warning vs error

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We have a form with a couple of data entry fields that are similar, but one is used much more often than the second. Occasionally a value is entered into the second by mistake. Since sometimes it is OK to enter data into this field, I cannot put a validation rule on it to limit what is entered, but I would like to have a warning pop up that says something like "Are you sure you meant to enter data into this field?".

We're using Access