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How do I update Inventory in Access

How do I update Inventory in Access
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I have a form where the user enters the item purchased and the quantity - I want that quantity entered in the customer invoice to be deducted from the Quantity_On_Hand field in the Inventory table. What would be the best way to accomplish this? I assume I would need to enter an expression in the after update on the quantity in the customer invoice? What I have tried so far has accomplished nothing but errors
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Count Distinct in Access

Count Distinct in Access Icon
I'm trying to do a select count distinct values for a table. Reading a few sites on google, I know that access does not support this. The database is for a library inventory system. I have 2 tables: Book_Copy and Inventory. Book_Copy has the columns (Copy_ID, Book_ID Checkout Date, Check In Date and Due Date, Status). The inventory table has columns: Inventory ID, Book _ID and Available Copies. I am trying to update the Inventory table, Available copies column based on the status (checked in) in the Book_Copy table. I have tried to write an update query trying different ways but all I end up getting is syntax errors. Any help would be appreciated. This is what I have tried:
UPDATE Inventory
SET Inventory.Available_Copies = (SELECT COUNT (*) AS Count from (Select DISTINCT BOOK_ID from BOOK_COPY where Book_Copy.Status_abbrv = 'CI');

Accessing my inventory remotely

Accessing my inventory remotely Icon
I have a simple Inventory application (developed using Access 2000) which is stand alone. That is the changes to the inventory can be done only on a single PC.
Now, I need to make it available from different geographical locations i.e. via internet. However, it will be accessed from one location/one user at a time. My inventory application requires Access 2000 to run.
Is there any way that I can upload Access 2000, my inventory application and associated folders to a remote 24/7 Server and access it at will. What is the simplest way to do this

retail and wholsale in a ms access 2007 database

retail and wholsale in a ms access 2007 database Icon
please is it possible to have a store inventory, retail inventory ,wholesale inventory separately in ms access database?
the sale point will be one it will just reflect where the item is coming from.
for example someone comes to buy from wholesale, it deducts from the inventory in wholesale, if the person comes to buy from retail it deducts from the inventory in retail
at the end of the year if we want the stock taking, it does the individual inventory and totals all the inventory together
would be glad if any help is rendered

Inventory Form that adds/subtracts from current inventory number in table

Inventory Form that adds/subtracts from current inventory number in table Icon
I am currently trying to create an inventory database that includes a form that will update the inventory numbers last updated in the database. Rather than having one row constantly being updated in the table, I would like to keep track of what has come in and out of the warehouse and when.

So far, I have the fields on my form and am able to update the next record by entering in numbers, but I'm not sure how to use what I enter into the fields (based on a dropdown of inbound/outbound) to either subtract from or add to the last updated record in the table.

How to make an Update Query

How to make an Update Query Icon
I'm trying to create an update query. I have an inventory table that contains the type of inventory. One of my inventory types is "Copy Machine". I want to create an update query that changes "Copy Machine" to "Copier", but I am really struggling

Running an inventory query

Running an inventory query Icon
My job is using Access 2003. I want to be able to take a weekly inventory of products. I figured out how to use a query to print a list of products that should be reordered based upon minimum sotkc level - current level = reorder quantity. I am trying to figure out how to track the usage of a product. Can I make that query note the current date and inventory level and update some table each time. So I could look at an item and see each week how many of that item was ordered?

Access Well Customized Inventory management Database

Access Well Customized Inventory management Database Icon
I'm currently looking to hire someone with very well known microsoft access programming.
I need someone to program an automatic inventory system to with with my ecommerce webstore and other selling locations.

I also have an question before starting. Does this person needs to locally program the inventory database from scratch at my local computer, or is he able to do it somehow online and add it to my access.

Simple Inventory

Simple Inventory Icon
I'm trying to use a query to show my current inventory. I produce chili and have ingredients and when ever I use an ingredient I would like it to be removed from my inventory and whatever I created will be added to my inventory or query.

Update Record using Combo Box To Navigate

Update Record using Combo Box To Navigate Icon
I currently have a table with three fields (Brand, Service, Inventory).

Brand is a primary key, it can only show in the table once. However, I'll need users to go into the table and update the service and inventory numbers every month.

What I envision is a form in which Brand is a combo box, the user can pick their brands and then the Service and Inventory fields change to whatever in in the table currently. The userscan then update those values, hit a button, and the changes are stored in the table.

I've already tried doing this and what happens is on the first record, I try changing the brand, and the first records brand changes to the one I picked and it is saved in the table (like Ineed to make brand a locked field).

Inventory: add/remove stock qty from table

Inventory: add/remove stock qty from table Icon
I hope someone can help me - I haven't touched Access in years and I have been "volunteered" by my employer to write a basic inventory system. I am using Pendragon forms along with the now obsolete Handspring Visor equipped with scanner to scan barcodes and collect data.

What I can't seem to wrap my head around is performing a record lookup from the scanned data (I have a table with scanned data to add to inventory (tblAddInventory), a table with scanned data to remove from inventory (tblRemoveInventory) and a master table with all ofmy warehouse inventory (tblWarehouseMain) and performing a calculation on the records to add - or subtract - stock, depending on what table the data comes from.

I am (er, rather used to be) comfortable with VB.

I have tried to create an update query as well as some basic code via control on a form, but I'm finding myself at a loss. Anyone willing to take a shot at helping or pointing me in the right direction?