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How do I create a stand alone application with Access

How do I create a stand alone application with Access
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I want to create a stand alone application with Access, but do not know how to go about doing that. I have the Microsoft Office 2000 Developer version along with the MSDN files associated with it.

It will be used by any number of people so it needs to be able to be open with multi user in mind.
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Producing a stand-alone Access Program

Producing a stand-alone Access Program Icon
Is it possible to compile an Access 2010 program into a stand-alone which could be run on a computer without Access?

Ms Access database application

Ms Access database application Icon
Can I create database application using only MS Access.
If yes please tell me tutorial how can I achieve this.
I like my application to have buttons,password fields for entering in the application etc .

If this is not possible creating application using only MS Access please tell me tutorial for achieving this using C++.

Please tutorials to have 20 pages

Data Access Objects

Data Access Objects Icon
The core of Microsoft Access and an important part of Visual Basic (the stand-alone application development environment) is the Microsoft Jet database engine. The relational DBMS functionality of Access comes from the Jet engine; Access itself merely provides a convenient interface to the database engine.

Basics for Building Access 2007 Runtime-Based Solutions

Basics for Building Access 2007 Runtime-Based Solutions Icon
Find out how to prepare your application for use with the Microsoft Office Access 2007 Runtime. If you are creating an application that runs in an Access Runtime environment, you must carefully consider how to provide an interface for the user. You must also consider the fact that some users may own the correct version of Access and run the application in a full Access environment. Take care to test your application under both environments to make sure it properly balances usability in the Access Runtime environment with code security in a full Access environment.
After you create and test your application, you can use the Package Solution Wizard that is included in the Access 2007 Developer Extensions to create a final version that you can deploy to end users.

Stored Procedure in MS Access 2007

Stored Procedure in MS Access 2007 Icon
I am using MS Access 2007 and VS 2010. I want to develop an application with back end as MS Access. But I want to create stored procedures in MS Access.

Is it possible to create in MS Access or I have to hard-code the necessary queries in my application. If possible please send how to create and maintain it in MS Access. stand alone login stand alone login Icon
I'm still new in I want to develop a stand alone program using login with microsoft access database.?

Query through multiple tables

Query through multiple tables Icon
My project is set up so that I have several tables with different TV sizes (ie 20 inch, 22 inch, . 60 inch) Each contain roughly the same types of info - like each have a TV Model no. and aproduct number with few containing specific info that only that TV would have, like a special part to the TV.

So what I want to do is relate these many TV TABLEs to the STAND TABLE that they would be using. I have like 10 different tables of TV sizes and 1 stand list. The TV TABLEs are related to the stand list by TV model. Sounds easy enough right?

But my problem is this- how do I make a query where I am able to just put in TV Model and it will search throught the tables and put out the necessary info - lets say I want TV Model, related Stand, and Product Number outputed.

Create and customize a web app in Access 2013

Create and customize a web app in Access 2013 Icon
Access 2013 features a new application model that enables subject matter experts to quickly create web-based applications. Included with Access are a set of templates that you can use to jump start creating your application.

Access 97 executables and other versions of Access

Access 97 executables and other versions of Access Icon
I have a few questions regarding Access 97 and other versions of Access as we don't have time to develop .net versions of our Access 97 databases and some of our users are moving to other versions of Office/Access - I work for a local authority hence we tend to be very slow in moving to newer technology!

We've tried converting our Access 97 databases (lots of front end forms) into Access 2000 but they fail and we don't want to install two versions of Access due to having our applications delivered via Novell to the user (PC's are locked down).

Do we need to purchase anything to produce stand alone executables which could be used on any pc regardless of which version of Access is installed instead of using mdb/mde files?

Would stand alone executables have all the functionality of mdb/mde files?

Would this overcome the Office XXX version problem?

Will newer versions of Windows become an issue (we're on a mixture of 2000 and XP at the moment)?

Are there any issues with going down this route

How to create a query which updates a table?

How to create a query which updates a table? Icon
my problem is that I want to create a query and then have a table which effectively always shows the results of the query. The reason for this is I want to access the results from another application, and this application can only read tables, not queries.

I tried a combination of an update query to amend records which have changed and a delete query to delete records for projects which have been marked as cancelled in the source table, but I can't find out how to create an amend query which only adds records that aren't already in the destination table.

The alternative is to use a create table query. but when I run this and it replaces the destination table with a new one, it also breaks the link between the access database at the third-party application, which renders the document in that application corrupt, meaning I have to create it again from scratch