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Horizontal Scroll Bar in List Box not showing

Horizontal Scroll Bar in List Box not showing
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I have added a ListBox to a popup form which is intended to display the most recent records added via the form. The problem lies within the fact that there are over 20 columns, all of which are meant to be displayed, yet the horizontal scroll bar which I expected to help me with this is missing.

From the reading I have done, it appears that if the sum of the widths of all the columns exceed that of the listbox, a scroll bar will automatically appear. This has, however, not happened.

Could anyone suggest any reasons for this, or how I can resolve this?
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I have a master form with two sub forms.

The scroll bar property of the two sub forms is identical, it is set to "both" but one sub form shows a vertical and horizontal scroll bar, and the other sub form shows only has a horizontal scroll bar?

There is enough vertical/horizontal data so each form should be showing both scroll bars

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I use a subform on a mainform as a type of menu selection. I want to keep the subform in the middle of the screen when the mainform horizontal scroll bar is moved.

Is there an event on the horizontal scroll bar I can use? What method is used to move a subform on a main form?

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I'm having two issues with scroll bars.

I've Main Form (frmMain) which is just showing two combo boxes to filter results of the sub form. In the main form (frmMain), I've continuous sub form (fsubSchool).
In sub form (fsubSchool), records are showing as Tabular form.

Scroll bars are active on both forms (frmMain & fsubSchool)

Ok the issue is that, When I'm on the main form, and I move through records of the sub form, the horizontal and vertical scroll bar of the main for does not move accordingly. Due to this when I move through records of the sub form using Tab key on keyboard, I've to manually scroll through horizontal bar to see on which record I'm currently on.

2nd issue is that, the scroll bars movement (scrolling) is not so accurate, how to make it real that it should only appear when it's needed & should scroll smoothly.

I hope you got my point.

please guide me how to fix both issues.
waiting anxiously for kind

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In a form I have 3 list boxes, based on the same table.
I like to use only one of them to scroll (using the scroll bar or the mouse wheel) and the others two must scroll (automatic) synchronous. in all list boxes, at the same time.

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Does anyone have a code to be able to scroll through a Combo Box or List Box with the arrow keys without having to open the list. I can scroll up and down if I open the list no problem but I'd like to be able to just start typing the value and scroll if possible.

Basically I have some values that start off with similar wording, for example my list has:

Plumbing Service
Plumbing Commercial
HVAC Service
HVAC Commercial

I'd like to be able to just start typing Plumb.and then use the arrow key to select the value. I tried some different macros but it only works when the entire drop down is showing

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In my form properties I have my scroll bars visible but when I go to form view they are not there. There is space the width of the scroll bars but no scroll bar

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I have a subform that is a datasheet. The vertical scroll bar does not display a bottom arrow. In fact when I scroll down through about 2000 records, to get to the bottom, I drag the slider off the form and it still keeps scrolling. Dragging the slider to the bottom of the visible scroll bar only takes me half way through the records. Using Access 2003.

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I am working on a searchable form (left side is for entering criteria and right side is for displaying records matching criteria). The width of the form currently exceeds my screen so I see a horizontal scrollbar on the bottom. I would like to add a command button that when clicked will cause the scrollbar to move to the right. Can anyone assist

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Got a small problem with my text box. There is enough text in the text box that a vertical scroll bar has appeared. My mouse wheel will scroll other parts of access, but not the text box in form view.

I know that Microsoft disabled Mouse Wheel in form view for record changing, but it's a bit of a nuisance not being able to scroll a text field.

Is there an option I can change? Or can anybody contribute some clever VB code to fix it

Scrollbar/Slider Bar on a Continuous Form

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I am using the Microsoft Forms Scrollbar 2.0 ActiveX object. I have embedded it in a continuous form. I have connected the on updated event to populate a bound text box. So far so good. Problem is my scrollbar, which appears on every visible row, moves in unison. If I scroll on the first record, all the rest of the scrollbars scroll. only the text box on the first record updates though. If I scroll on the 2nd record, the same thing, they all move, but only that record updates. So functionally it is doing what I want it to do, but cosmetically it looks crazy to see all those scroll bars moving. It is also confusing to the user.

I tried binding the scroll bar to a Control Source, but Access would allow a bound ActiveX control on a continuous form.

Does anyone have a suggestion? I'm willing to consider anything from a fix to starting from scratch, whichever is the simplest and the quickest.