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'handle' command

'handle' command
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I have inherited a club record system from a deceased member which I am trying to unpick. I have managed most of it but there is a command which I am unfamiliar with. On the Switchboard he has a series of buttons which call various forms, reports and macros using a command called '=HandleButtonClick(4)' where the number represents that button on the list. Is this a VBA command? Is there a way to discover where in the code is this instruction
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Using an event to change color of text.

Using an event to change color of text. Icon
Im looking to give the users of a form some visual cues indicating in what order combo boxes need to be clicked. Even though the order is a straight forward top to bottom sequence, I believe in going the extra mile.

So say the object is a label and is named lblCategory. Is there a VB command that will change the label's text color? Then Its just a matter of me putting that command into the proper event in the corresponding combo boxes, which I can handle.

Pointers for Inventory for Inventory DB

Pointers for Inventory for Inventory DB Icon
I'm creating a DB to handle inventory and ordering for a restaurant and wanted some advice really on what things I might need to look out for , common newbie mistakes in an inventory DB etc.

I am already unsure how to handle some things though. particulary with the prices and value of my items

I have products in stock which I will need to enter as an initial inventory. Now some of these may have been purchased at different prices but I'm prepared to enter them at a single price per product for simplicity sake.

The confusion I have is how do I handle in the design the changing prices of products. for example chicken, is something I buy a large amount of about 3 times per week and the price changes most days , so the value of the chicken I have in stock needs to reflect this somehow.

Password Command button on a switchboard

Password Command button on a switchboard Icon
I created a command button that will not open unless a password is put in. For some reason my command box is gone. I can still see the previous command button instructions in VB, but I can't get figure out how to re-attach the command to the button.

parameter.add - How do you handle null or empty values?

parameter.add - How do you handle null or empty values? Icon
Can you tell me how to handle processing when parameter.add adds a parameter in which the value is null or empty?

In my code I add this parameter:

I thought that String = Nothing gives them a default value.

As a quick fix so I can import the data I made sure if any parameter was null I would pass it a single space character but is that the best way to handle that scenario?

Command List Question

Command List Question Icon
I've been searching the net & MS's site for about an hour and can't find what I'm looking for. Maybe I'm not phrasing it right or something - please help! ^_^

All I want is a list of the commands under the Run Command option that explains what each command does. I can't find stuff in my manuals or through the office assistant. Does this exist anywhere

Creating a Class to Handle Access Form Control Events

Creating a Class to Handle Access Form Control Events Icon
I'm trying to create a Class which will handle multiple Control Events in Access. This is to save the repetition of typing out many lines of identical code.

Advice on best way to handle data

Advice on best way to handle data Icon
I have a database that has several forms and table to track Research Studies and Patients. I would like to be able to add new research trials from a form that I guess would then create a new table? I am not sure if that it the best way to handle this.

I have table called "ElementsLibrary" and in this table is where I put all the parts of an actual exam. So on a form I would like to be to select the elements from the library that are going to used for the research study (each trial uses some of the same "elements" but there is always new elements being added to the library which are individual to the specific research trial).

I have searched for 2 days to try and find a solution but have had no luck, I did read several post on other sites where people were told not to have a command button create a new table. So I am lost.

I am open to any suggestions on the best way to tackle this situation

add record with data from form and VBA ??

add record with data from form and VBA ?? Icon
I can figure out a work around but would prefer to learn how to handle this correctly.

I want to add a new record through a form and when the user has completed the fields they can click on the Add command button. When this happens I would like to add data to two fields not included on the form.

I want to add the current date and also a status of "Ready" to another field. This would happen without user interaction but when the record is being added.

I have tried an update tablename and set field value but could not get the syntax correctly or something because I kept getting an error.

For this example let's say the table is TableName and the date field is AddDate and the status field is Status.

I also want to add code to the command button that saves the record and then closes. I have that code that works but should I update the two fields before saving therecord or use the save record command first and then update the two fields ?

Use a command button to start an action or a series of actions

Use a command button to start an action or a series of actions Icon
You use a command button on a form to start an action or a set of actions. For example, you can create a command button that opens another form. To make a command button perform an action, you write a macro or event procedure and attach it to the command button's On Click property. You can also embed a macro directly into the On Click property of the command button. This makes it possible to copy the button to other forms without losing the functionality of the button.
What do you want to do?
* Add a command button to a form by using a wizard
* Create a command button by dragging a macro to a form
* Create a command button without using a wizard
* Customize a command button

How to handle unknown number of variables?

How to handle unknown number of variables? Icon
Forum, Access 2000

I am working with sending emails to customers on their loan account balances.

Have sorted out an email to cover a Loan which by definition is One Record.

Now I want to email a Customer Balance which may have more then one Loan Record.

How do you handle this scenario in vba as you can't just load the code with heaps of variables just in case they are needed.

Is this where you use an Array

I am testing Arrays with some success and a little failure but of course, how do you handle the data in the email message as again, it can have a variable number of lines/records.
Using ReDim Arrayname(intLower To intUpper) to set the Array size to suit the record number - Is this how you would do it?

I could use a table to hold the data but then we still have the issue of the email text / body