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Grid on a Form

Grid on a Form
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I am a retired Visual FoxPro programmer. I have been asked to create a membership application using MSAccess. I would like to replicate a form which I found very useful in VFP. It consists of a grid containing name and address of a member with detail fields below. The user scrolls through the list of names and addresses to identify an individual then clicks on their record. The detail fields are then populated with data held on that individual. I cannot find how to do it in the books I have read, they all seem to concentrate on the master/detail scenario. I would be grateful for any help, even if it is only 'can't be done'.
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Substitute for Excel grid in access

Substitute for Excel grid in access Icon
We are changing an official form from excel to access. The old form had a grid with 14 rows X 3 columns. Access reports do not need to "print" a grid at all but we want to keep the OLD LOOK.

How can I fiddle with the access report to make a permanent grid with 14 rows in which only a few of them have data?

form positioning

form positioning Icon
does anyone know how you can adjust the position of a form when it loads?

I assumed it could be done using the 'grid x' and 'grid y' property however no matter what value I input the form always opens up in the same place.

Maybe I have a contradicting property selected somewhere which is preventing the grid reference property from taking effect

How to remove the grid from the form design view ?

How to remove the grid from the form design view ? Icon
In the form design view,I click at the design tab, the grid line section was disabled.

How can I enable it so that I can remove the grid from my form design view ?

Form background grid size

Form background grid size Icon
Access 2007: On a form, in design mode, the background grid dot spacing is too large. How do I change it to a smaller dot pattern?

Form delay

Form delay Icon
I am struggling with a slight form delay. When it opens on the OnOpen event, I am populating a grid. This takes about 3 to 5 seconds but, the it also takes the form the same time to open. What I need to do is get the form to open then populate the grid.

Can I make the form open first then populate?

Pre populate rows in sub form

Pre populate rows in sub form Icon
development and I need to work on a issue.
We have a form with product details and a subform in the form of a grid where we need to enter some cash values. The sub-form has 3 columns in the grid.
I want that when a new product record is shown the subform is shown with 30 rows with the first column having values 1-30 and the corresponding columns blank which can be edited later.

Attached is a screenshot of what my form looks like

Using filtered form data as record source for report

Using filtered form data as record source for report Icon
I have a split form in an Access 2007 database where the data grid shows the records from a query. The user can filter any combination of fields from the the drop down headers. I have a command button above the data grid that opens a report with the same query as its record source. I'm trying to figure out how to pass the filtered data to the report so it will show only those records that the user is seeing in the data grid of the split form.

Drawing a grid on a Report

Drawing a grid on a Report Icon
I have a report based on a Crosstab query. Both the Query and the Report work just fine. They have 2 row headers on the left side of the table and a variable number of PivotField headers.

I've been asked to have the Report's table in a grid when printed. Normally I would just use line segments to draw this grid. BUT, the number of PivotFields varies from Report to Report, so I'm having difficulty getting the grid to work. My supervisor wants the grid to end with the LAST COLUMN. I'd like to know:

a) What is the best way to compute how many Pivotfields a Query will have?

b) How should I approach the drawing of the grid?

I'm not experienced enough at coding to know how to handle this properly.

Grouping of controls in form to perform common operations

Grouping of controls in form to perform common  operations Icon
Let us say I have 9 text boxes on a form ( grid of 3 x 3).

Can I assign say textbox3 to 3 different groups
Row as the 1st group to which it belongs ,
Column as the 2nd group to which it belongs ,
The entire grid as the third group to which it belongs

to allow based on value of text box 3,
operations to be performed
on either
the entire row group
the entire column group
the entire grid.

Hope have put across my query properly

BMP image add to form, grid appears on it

BMP image add to form, grid appears on it Icon
When I look at the attached image in photoshop as a bmp, its perfect. When I add it to an Access form, it has a grid on it. Is this usual or unusual for a bmp? I have added it by an image control.