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getting #size error in print preview

getting #size error in print preview
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I have a daily report of appointments that I want to print regardless if there are appointments or not.

I set the control source on the [Appointment Date] field to say: IIf([Appointment Date] isNull,[Appointment Date])

This displays great in Report View, but in Print Preview I get a #size! error in that field.
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Best practice for print preview and print a report

Best practice for print preview and print a report Icon
Typically when you print something, you get a print preview (with focus) and then print dialog to print to a printer of choice. How can you accomplish this ni Access 2007? I can go straight to print, and I can preview (unfocused tab) or preview as popup, then magnify/demagnify with mouse and click ribbon print button.

Print Preview for Forms

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I have a database with a Switchboard and a number of forms, etc. When I open a form and search for a particular set of data I can print it with the print button that I have installed on the form, but if I go to the print preview it shows the first line of data in the table and that is what prints from the print preview. How can I direct the print preview to follow what is on the form

Print vs. Print Preview

Print vs. Print Preview Icon
I am adding a report to an Access 2007 Db that will end up being a Runtime version. On the switchboard (actually a form I'm using as my switchboard) I have a button to print this report.

Here's the problem. When I click the button to print the report, it opens the report in "Print Preview", but I'm seeing a blank report and a Print window. if I click on "Print", the report prints AND I get to see the Print Preview.

However, if I click on "Cancel", I am allowed to see the Print Preview, but have then lost theability to Print.

What I was hoping was that the Print Preview would open so my users might decide if they wish to print or cancel.

Print a report without displaying print preview

Print a report without displaying print preview Icon
I have several forms which have a print button (created with the command button wizard, report operations, print report, then relevant report is chosen to print). This works great, and prints the relevant report for the the associated record, however when you click the print button it also displays the print preview and doesn't close it again. This means that until the preview is closed the same thing keeps printing when the button is clicked.

but I've managed to looked in the button's properties, and it's created a macro - runcommand, print. When you click on that line there is a description called view from which you can choose either print, design, preview, layout etc, I've tried changing it to all of the other options, but the only one that makes the report work is preview.

Multiple Print Previews at One Time

Multiple Print Previews at One Time Icon
I have a database with several places an operator may request print previews. Currently, if an operator runs a print preview (my VBA code is docmd.OpenReport "Report Name", acPreview), the report opens in preview mode and the operator may view it.

However, if the operator leaves the preview on the screen and selects another tab and requests another print preview with the same report name, but different selection criteria, the first preview remains unchanged and the second one doesn't appear.

I would like it to open in a separate window so the operator may toggle between the preview windows to see both reports.

Print Preview with a Runtime DB

Print Preview with a Runtime DB Icon
I have created a report in a ".accdb" database. I open the report with an OpenReport macro with the View set to Print Preview. When I run the report the Print Preview tab opens and the Print icon is active and displayed in the right corner.
When I convert the db to Runtime (.accdr) and run the report, the Print icon is greyed out and I have to click the Office Button and select Print in order to print the report.
Is there any way to get the Print Icon active in Print Preview in a RunTime database?

Preview and print a report

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This article explains how to preview and print a report that was created with or opened in Microsoft Office Access 2007. This article also provides basic information about how to change commonly used print settings, such as the margins and the number of columns on a printed page.
What do you want to do?
* Preview a report
* Print a report quickly
* Print select pages from a report
* Change the page setup
* Select print options
* Print a report about your database

Access button to print report instead of opening it in print preview

Access button to print report instead of opening it in print preview Icon
I currently have a button that opens a report in a print preview. I'd like to change this button to just print (by passing having to click print and then close the print preview). The current button does this:

Private Sub Command842_Click()
Dim stDocName As String
stDocName = "rptWarrantyCard"
DoCmd.OpenReport stDocName, acViewPreview, , "[wo_id] = " & Me.wo_id
End Sub

Is there an easy way to print and bypass the preview, such as changing it to DoCmd.PrintReport? I'm not much of a coder, so I don't know the syntax

Printing Report on opening print preview without dialog box

Printing Report on opening print preview without dialog box Icon
I was wondering if it were possible to print a report after it opens in print preview but without the dialog box (and here's the kicker) while a form sub is still running. I figured out DoCmd.PrintOut will print without the dialog box but it wont run while Access is still running a sub from a form. (It gives a Run-time error 2585: This action can't be carried out while processing a form or report event.) The other thing I tried was putting RunCommand acCmdPrint after the open report line but that results in the unwanted print dialog box. Is there anyway to achieve this? I need the report to load in Print Preview as there is script in the onload bit of the report that needs to run in order for it to be printed correctly

Report View/Print Preview (sub report) Problem

Report View/Print Preview (sub report) Problem Icon
I have a report that has several sub reports. It could be possible that sometimes the sub report(s) returns with no records, which is fine. When viewing the report in report view, the subreport is displayed with no records (this is what I want) but when viewed in print preview, it's not there and it is causing calculation problems in my main report.

I run calculations from the sub reports to get a cost estimate on the main report and when the report is not displayed in print preview, it returns "#Error". I need what is displayed in the report view to actually print.

Or find how I can run my calculations if it doesn't load in print preview and printed.

The report is called rpt_TDY_Summary.