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Getting page headers on my report.

Getting page headers on my report.
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I'm trying to create a report in Access 2010. I used the report wizard. I am grouping on a date and am sorting on two other fields. There are fields in the page header and page footerareas of the report and there is a field (the date) in the grouping area.

The page headers show on the first page of the report but they do not show on all other pages. The page footers only show on the very last page of the report and they show page 1 of 1. There is two months of detail data in the report and it is approximately 200 pages in length.

What I'd like to see on the report is that when the grouping date changes the report goes to a new page.

Where do I need to be looking in order to solve this issue?
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Report Headers/Design

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1. I have a report with 23 columns. The columns contains 3 or 4 digit numbers. The Column Headers (in Page Header Sec) are wider than the numeric data in the columns. How can I display the column headers in a way to be long enough to be descriptive yet not waste space on the report - so ideally it may fit on One page.

2. I have footer sums in the Report Footer. Can I display the footer sums with out displaying the Column Headers in the Page Header Section.

Merging 3 Reports

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I am trying to merge 3 reports together. I have tried the following: - all 3 reports as sub reports in one master report. problem here is that I lose my headers in one of the reports. another problem is that one of the fields will not allow me to do a group expression =1 in a sub report to show headers in a sub report. I get the error: MULTI-level group by clause is not allowed in a subquery.

- taking the 1 report that I cannot do a group expression and make that into a main report then add the other 2 reports as subreports in the Header, or Details, or Page Footer and of course the headers from the main report shows up on all pages.

In Crystal or Cognos reporting they have a function to add page groups sections for your subreports so it treats each section as a new report/new page in one. Does access have this functionality?

I have access 2007

Page Header of Sub Report not showing in Main Report

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I have 3 sub reports that I will be placing in the Report Footer. Each sub report has page headers for their section. When I placed the 1st sub report on the main report and ran it, it shows the data but not the page header. The main report has no page header.

This worked when the report was in version 2003. Is it a 2010 issue or do I need to do something different?

Memo in Report causing blank pages/other issues

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I have multiple headers in my access 2007 report. I have all of the contents of the DETAIL section set to Yes for Can Grow and Can Shrink. One of the fields in this section is a memo field- sometimes containing a lot of text.

I've tried setting the Keep Together option to Yes for the DETAIL section. This causes the first page of my report to have all of the necessary headers, On the following page, all of the contents (including the memo) appear and accurately wrap to the next page when necessary.

Gouping In Sub Reports Leaving Windowed Headings

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Access 2007

I have a report with seven sub reports within the detail section of the main report. Non of the sub reports is inside another sub report.

The main report has report headers and footers turned off. The main report has a page header and a page footer. Each sub report has its headers and footers (report and page) turned off.

Each sub report starts with a group heading which has been set to keep headings and the first detail record together. Its Keep Together and Repeat Sections properties have been set to yes.

Each group heading contains a banner label and column labels. Each detail section contains text boxes bound to fields in the data source for the sub report.

Unfortunately, if there is enough room for the heading section of any of the sub reports at the bottom of a page but not enough room for the first detail record Access still prints the group heading contents without the first data detail record.

Group Headers Not Repeating in a Report

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I have a report in which I am using VBA script to hide rows with null values. When I add this script, some of my group headers are not repeating at the top of every page of the report even though the "Repeat Section" field in the Format Tab is set to "Yes." If I remove the VBA script, all of my headings repeat at the top of each page as I'dlike, but then blank lines, of course, appear for those rows that have null values which is not what I want either.

Headers not showing on print

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I've done a little searching and 'googling' but didn't find what I'm looking for.

I've set up my reports with a report header and page header. They are both set to display always. Yet when I print my report out they aren't showing. I have some other grouping set up with some header options on those that are printing. My report footer is printing just fine.

The only thing that I saw that might relate is the possibility of having too many headers.Some sort of limit? Not sure what's happening.

Page header columns not correct in different versions

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I'm testing a db I created using Access 2003. Ii's an .mdb file type. The page headers in the report in Access 2002, cut some of the labels column.

In Access 2007, the column label is split. I.e HST would show H and ST on the next page.

It does look fine in Access 2003. Can this be True, Don't expect the Report Page header to be the same on different versions of Access?

Headers that span more than a page

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I created a report that will create inventory tags for locations in my warehouse. Each header is a loaction with detail listing of inventory. Sometimes the detail of the inventory can span 2 to 3 pages.

Is there a way whether through formatting or VBA that if the location header is more than one page the header could have a note that says something like continued or page 1of 2?

Align Page Header Text to Bottom

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Is there a way to have the page headers in a report to align to the bottom instead of the top. Some of my names are longer than others so they wrap but I would like the vertical alignment to be at the bottom instead of the top.