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Forms and SubForms

Forms and SubForms
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I have a Form that is a list of dates, and a subForm that is all the projects worked on for a given date, with the hours for each.
I would like to have a field on my main form that is the total hours on a given date, and I would like this field updated whenever the hours for a project on that date is updated. I have tried some VBA code in the "After Update" box on the subForm, but that does not seam to be working.
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Connect two subforms

Connect two subforms Icon
I have a forms with 2 subforms, one for the business, one for the employee. The subforms are into a third form. I need to link the 2 subforms. How

subforms in unbound forms

subforms in unbound forms Icon
I have unbound forms name: Project_List, in it there is two subforms bound in a query. Is there a way to link the two subforms, so that when I click a record on the first subforms. it filters a related records.

Let's say in field name: Doc_Name when I click a record from this field, access will filter related date in the 2nd subforms.

Editing in a subform within a report

Editing in a subform within a report Icon
I've definitely been trying to do some stuff that Access wasn't exactly engineered to do, but I'm pretty sure Access was meant to have subforms in reports. Yet for some reason, I can't edit the data in any of my subforms within a certain report.

It's complex, but the subforms are enabled, the forms within them are unbound (no outer-join issues) and enabled. The subforms are hidden and made visible based on user events in a subreport.

The funny thing is, I could swear I used these forms before. And now I can't type in them.

I'm at a complete loss and frustrated with the lack of specifics about using subforms in reports on the internet. Anybody have

Prevent subforms in access from loading before main forms

Prevent subforms in access from loading before main forms Icon
We use subforms in Access a lot around here. Sometimes, we may have upwards of 5 or 6 subforms per form. Adding that many can be a real drag on performance if you’re not careful. This is part one of two posts on the topic. Ben will talk about disabling the loading of subforms on startup in our next post.

subforms update ALL records at once

subforms update ALL records at once Icon
I have a set of tables that are accessed by forms and subforms. A couple of the subforms seem to update ALL of the records in the relevant table when data is entered, while other subforms correctly update only the viewed record
Ideas on where to start debugging this would be greatly appreciated!

Sectional and Tabbed Forms, Subforms, Subreports

Sectional and Tabbed Forms, Subforms, Subreports Icon
Databases are made of various objects and it is not unusual for one of these objects to contain various fields. If you try to create a form for such an object, you may encounter a space problem. Even if you decide to reduce the amount of information on a table, because you still need to follow your customer's goal, you may not have this complete liberty. Therefore, instead of deleting necessary fields, you can use one of the various alternatives offered by Microsoft Access.
TOC: Sectional Forms, Tabbed Forms, Subforms and Subreports, Subforms and Subreport Design.

Access 2007, all subforms read-only

Access 2007, all subforms read-only Icon
I've converted an application from Access 2003 to Access 2007. Everything was looking good until I tried editing some data from a subform and discovered that all forms, when displayed as a subform, are read-only.

I tried the old version and all of the subforms work fine and I even converted the old version again and all of the subforms are working -- but I've done a lot of work on first conversion so would like to not need to start over, if possible.

This is not an issue with joins or read-only queries because some of the forms being used as a subform that are read-only are linked directly to a table. Also if a form is placed as a subform on another form, but is not linked to the master form at all, editing works. I checked the obvious (allow edits, enabled, locked, etc.)

Is there a new option in 2007 that affects subforms -- like is there an option somewhere that sets all subforms to read-only? Forms/subforms that were working no longer do so

Subforms constantly refresh

Subforms constantly refresh Icon
I am having trouble with subforms constantly refreshing. I am building a form with a timesheet (first subform) and a sortable project list (second subform); each of the subforms is a continuous by default. However when both of these forms are on the form they start constantly refreshing. I commented out all the code on both subforms and the main form but it still does this. There are no macros either.

Does anyone know how I could fix this? As I said this doesn't seem to happen when only one of the subforms exists on the form, but I really need both to make this at all user friendly.

Edit: Forgot to specify this is in Access

saving data on a form to another form (or table?)

saving data on a form to another form (or table?) Icon
- I am developing this database, I have created all the tables and the forms. I created the forms with subforms - the original sheet has several different selections per section - so I used subforms for each section. What I'd like to do now is save all the information entered into the form (and subforms) either to another form or to a table so the data can be viewed on screen or printed.

Form event to detect switch between forms and subforms

Form event to detect switch between forms and subforms Icon
I have a form with lots of subforms and sub-subforms. Is there an event that fires when I move from one subform to another